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@TMDILH Little Icon This website is dedicated to my daughter who was stolen away by her mother from me, her family, her extended family, relatives, all friends and neighbours. Essentially the mother Dolores Alice Dukes is attempting to erase her past taking our daughter against my daughter's will AND best interest. This is a documentation of Extreme Parental Alienation in The Family Court System intended as a reference educating all to the perils of The Family Court System.

This page is incomplete but with full intentions to host my entire divorce in sequence following this design.

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This is calculated from April 18 2005 with complete Extreme Parental Alienation since Dec. 26, 2010 meaning no communication or knowledge of the child.

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Based On Publicly Available 835-05 Family Law Case

@TMDILH is hosting, at his own expense, all of this divorce in The Family Court information as a rare honest and heavily evidenced divorce resource especially valuable for fathers.

Catalogued by date with all the information for each section stored behind the large Pink Titles for that date, in an attempt at keeping the vast network of information within this website understandable, hopefully with the easy to follow timeline below.

Vast Library On The Family Courts

The pink coloured commentary is my own, offering my personal opinion on the matter.

@TMDILH Little Icon Welcome to this hopefully insightful and informative resource regarding a disasterous divorce in The Family Courts. It's hard to find information as true and honestly documented as this so please share and follow for so much more.

When my parental right to be a father to my daughter was taken away, my love for didn't stop but I had no communication or contact with my daughter, so I started designing websites to showcase what exactly happened and why did I lose my daughter? I must be a bad person. I'm not. I can prove it. The mother however, is a very bad parent and has clearly put our daughter through so much and obviously in Contempt of a Court Order, all documented here.

Quotes from documents are provided in this yellow box with the person responsible for it included.


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This design I believe is the best way for anyone who's curious to follow along as I endure the endless hardships of The Family Courts. Soon I will offer much more than what is here.

Some sections are not completed but attached to show what will be there, such as the bottom of the sections having the money and emotional and mental price I was paying, those will be filled in eventually and an example of my attempt to document everything down to the emotional toll each thing took on me.

For quick access and page navigation, the dates and articles are listed to the right here. I'm not nearly finished with this, and this only goes to December of 2005 and I will build the timeline to the present, keeping everyone completely informed of all the progress, or lack of.

This Webpage Is New With Updates Regularly

This blue coloured commentary is @TMDILH comparing The Family Court divorce compared with that of Mandatory Mediation, where we Abolish Family Court and implement which Mediation which enforces Shared Parenting, safe and immediate councelling to legally navigate both parents through the entire process.


Postcard Perfect Century Home

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Left A Good Life
#september-23-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

The @TMDILH Matrimonial Home

@TMDILH Matrimonial Century Home
This house was bought and paid for at purchase

A Century Home On Acre Lot Zoned Commercial/Residential


@TMDILH My Wife And Partner Of 20 Years Left Me A Separation Letter April 18, 2005 House Listing

@TMDILH Little IconI imagined retiring here on almost an acre of land that was simply ideal for entertaining and raising children. Being on a dead end street, we could park 20 cars easily so we had some epic parties here, plus it was zoned Business/Residential so I had aspirations of earning a six-figure income from my home, AND it was located in one of the best schools zones in the area. This century home was bought and paid for in Sept. 2003, before my 40th birthday, and we only owed a small mortgage for renovations and there were many, including 2 new bathrooms, one of which was in the garage.

This is another paragraph on the similar topic but might involves another document which must be talked about, and with a bit of detail, a paragraph like this might happen and this fictional writing is taking it's place so I can design what it will all look like when it's completed. Without valuable content such as this, my design efforsts would be futile so thank you dumb ass scripting off the top of my head.


This Could Happen To YOU!

Twenty Year Relationship Ends With This Monday Letter
#april-18-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Separation Date

The Beginning Of The End

Depression Creates Strangers Out Of Loved Ones


@TMDILH My Wife And Partner Of 20 Years Left Me A Separation Letter April 18, 2005 Not Happy

@TMDILH Little IconAfter being together for 20 years, the handwriten letter from my wife, the mother of our daughter, who took the time to plan this out and calmly pack up merely a few things and leave me this note on April 18, 2005 and taking our daughter to being my Parental Alienation.

"I am not happy and I don't think our relationship is healthy."

The mother Dolores Alice Dukes

Dolores Alice Dukes leaves me for a guy with a Police Record for Stalking and Threatening Behaviour who will start abusing our daughter openly in front of her.

Depression Is Powerful Whether Postpatum Or Not

Noteworthy is the lack of fear, no noted violence nor any mention of any bad parenting, all of which would manifest soon though.

No One Can Make Anyone Happy It's Their Choice To Find Happiness
"an example must be made for child, and I'm concerned she is not getting a good one."

The mother Dolores Alice Dukes

Less than 2 months laters, the mother will allow her new boyfriend to hit our daughter, something we've never done as parents.

I knew my wife was unhappy as we had talked about it openly. I never knew she'd take her unhappiness to the depths that she has.

"Child is safe and I'm not telling her bad things about her dad."

The mother Dolores Alice Dukes

Telling our daughter bad things about her father would come merely weeks later and my daughter's safety is always questionable.

And as a fact, despite her logic, I gave the mother everything she wanted in our divorce, eventually even offering to not being our child's life because that's what the mother ultimately wanted, and she is STILL unhappy.

Even winners in Family Court lose.

I knew my wife and partner of 2 decades was unhappy, ever since our daughter was born. It was immediate and permanent.

Dispite the proposed reasoning being about what's best for our daughter, the mother purposely keeps her loving father away from her when she needed her dad the most, and I wouldn't see my daughter for weeks later.

The fact that this letter indicates no fear of me is very important and establishes my credibility right from the start. I have no history of violence or Criminal Record, but regardless, the mother's opinion of me will suit her needs and vilifying me justifying her need to exact revenge on not just me, but her entire past. No one has any contact or communication with my daughter not even the mother's own family, relatives or friends. The mother is attempting to erase her past and take our daughter, against my daughter's will, with her.

This is where I'll compare where I'm at in Family Court compared to Mandatory Mediation.

Accounting The Experience

The Parental Alienation Precedent

It Only Took 2 Days For The Restraining Order
#april-21-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Motion Without Notice Order

An Induction Into Hell


@TMDILH First Court Date With Dolores Alice Dukes April 21, 2005 1st Court Date

@TMDILH Little Icon Describing this time period seems impossible to capture but being sucked into a vacuum is about the only analogy that seems fit, because for those ten days awaiting that first Family Court date, everything and nothing happened all at the same time one voiding out the other, a form of signal cancelation like in sound they call it phase cancellation where two recorded sources of the same source can cancel each other out on playback, erasing things that that are there. It felt like that.

"The Respondent, Mike Dad is restrained from molesting, annoying, or harassing the Applicant Dolores Dukes and the child."

Madame Justice Rogers

Leveraging the move to include my daughter in this Restraining Order meant I legally could NOT communicate with my child, for no reason.

At the time this was happening to me, I could NOT understand why my partner of 2 decades was immediately treating me so vile, until I saw that the mother was accompanied by a Denise House Support Worker, a Woman's Shelter who advise women to place Restaining Orders publically, and endorse the entitlement of not having to Co-Parent while offering many divisive tactics to win in Family Court. Since it's essentially Moms vs. Dads they counsel women how to manipulate the system, ruining lives and stealing parents away from children while doing so.

I'd never stepped foot in a courtroom before and the initiation was staggering. I had NO IDEA what I was in for.

I had NEVER gone a day without being with my daughter and I'm expected to just wait 10 days, it was maddening.

There was no need for the mother to have done it this way except to personally hurt me and end my daughter's relationship with me. There are absolutely NO parenting concerns as I've been thoroughly investigated by CAS, Police and the OCL, and my Final Order still says I'm to get access every other weekend.

This is also doing to stay in the major list altough it may go about the footer.

Accounting The Experience


You DO NOT Want This Ever

Inducted Ten Days Later Despite Wanting To Mediate
#april-28-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

First Family Court Order

It Took Ten Days To Lose A House And More


@TMDILH First Family Court Order Where I Lose The House And More April 28, 2005 Ten Days After Separation 1st Court Motion

@TMDILH Little IconOffering the matrimonial home to the mother and child did great harm to my leverage and I paid the price for it in many ways. The mother used her leverage of being in possession of the house in many ways for many months after.

2. The Applicant, Dolores Dukes shall have exclusive possession of the matrimonial home

Justice A.P. Ingram

The Applicant would go on to leverage her possession of the matrimonial home many ways including trading never stepping foot on the property again with over-night access with my own child.

Seeing A Complete Other Side To The Mother

This is the beginning of negotiating a child exchange protocol which ends up being almost comedically complicated all at the behest of the mother Dolores Alice Dukes Google. I never got this access and had to negotiate the terms the mother would accept in order to get access to our child.

4. Neither party shall communicate with the other, other than through the maternal grandmother.

Justice A.P. Ingram

My mother-in-law and I were great friends but this didn't work because Dolores Alice Dukes would soon disown her entire family so this would be changed to my mother as the Third Party Liason between the mother and I.

Because I wanted my daughter to continue school as usual, I offered them the house. Legally, a costly oversight.

My wife and partner of 2 decades now had eye's only of a look to kill in Family Court.

In Mandatory Mediation there are no use for titles such as Custodial Parent, Applicant or Respondant as both parents are considered equal in parenting on a case by case basis until otherwise warranted.


Taught The Perils Of Family Court

JHS: An Invaluable Divorce Resourse For Fathers
#may-05-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

D.A.D.S. Of Durham Divorce Group

John Howard Society Taught @TMDILH Protection


@TMDILH Joins D.A.D.S. Of Durham Group Letter May 05, 2005 Divorce Therapy

@TMDILH Little IconThe reason I did so well despite going through everything I did was that this John Howard Society therapy group helped me and advised me in the best ways to protect myself against the slander, lies, manipulation and corruption that I'm looking towards.

I'd Had My First Family Court Date And Knew I Was In Trouble



The luck that this group was starting that quickly after my separation was a streak of luck for me. It gave me a sense of direction, support and an outlet for my frustration with my daughter being kept from me. They helped me immensely.

Let me tell you how bad it is in Family Courts for some men whom I met in this group. One early thirties guy with a great job in GM dated a single-mother 2 years prior for about 8 months, and in that time once signed a permission slip for her son to come home from school one day as he was home. In doing so, that man now owed Child Support for that child greater than the Child Support he's already paying for his biological child from his failed marriage. His total monthyly Child Support was a staggering $1400 a month with $900 going to the girlfriend's child.

JHS Helping Me Navigate My Shark-Infested Waters

Where's the justice in that? There is none, and if anything can be learned by reading this webpage is how to navigate the waters when justice isn't a given, and when your rights and the rights of your children fall drastically lower on the Family Court status bar than the mother, it takes a LOT of getting used to.

I hope these writings offer a learning curve to help you make educated decisions and to know what to expect in the worst case scerarios such as mine, because as far as worst-cased divorces in The Family Courts go, this is it!

As well as group therapy, I was able to get amazing one on one councellilng and advice on navigating the divorce waters and Parental Alienation. Plus, the entire experience with the John Howard Society was free...simply amazing people doing great things.

Seeing other men going through what I'm going through was both helpful and a warning because some of those guys had in bad.

If we abolish The Family Court System and implement Mandatory Mediation we would eliminate bad parents doing bad things to their children under the protection of The Family Courts that can't be held accountable. One Mediator acting on behalf of the children, parents, grand-parents, family and friends instead of two lawyers battling for entitlement. Parental Alienation starts and ENDS with The Family Courts.


Legal Parental Alienation Begins

Negotiating Over Child Access Should NOT Be Normal
#may-13-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Second Court Motion

Parental Alienation Begins


@TMDILH Second Family Court Motion With @AiceDukesRMT May 13, 2005 2nd Court Motion

@TMDILH Little IconLess than a month after my separation, I'm legally kept from my house, my wife and my child while also hugely stigmatized by my daughter's school with a Restraining Order against me attending there. I'm also now registered with the Police while having very limited access to my daughter who needs me more than ever now.

NOTICE TO MIKE "This order has been made without notice to you. If you want the court to change this order, you must act quickly as possible after the order comes to your attention, by serving an affidavit and a notice of motion sont to the other parties and by filing them together with proof of service at tyhe court office."

Mr. Justice R. Clark

If you don't understand the above quote, you're exactly as I was

The seriousness of this paragraph is honest as a LOT depends on you achieving what the paragraph says for you to do because if you don't, you are immediately disadvantaged as Family Court Judges have no patience for those that have followed along with this so you will NOT fair well in Family Court.

No History Or Proof Of Violence Can Still Equal Restraining Order

Since I have no history of violence and no Criminal Record, I was lucky to NOT have to endure Supervised Access which the mother was advocating for. Somehow in one month I've gone from being a caring and loving father to some kind of thing they need protection from. I have many people that can vouch for my character including the mother's own family who have known me for over 20 years.

3. "The Respondant, Mike Dad is restained from molesting, annoying or harassing the Applicant, Dolores Dukes."

Mr. Justice R. Clark

Luckily for me, I have evidence to support my character with Teachers and Principals speaking up for me while providing insight into the devious nature and back-handed tactics of the mother against me. The further the mother pushed her luck, the evidence it provided me and I have tons.

When Child Custody is established, the titles of the parents change to Custodial Parent and Non-Custodial Parent and the difference is immense.

A Restraining Order is easily obtained especially by females because all they have to say to justify the Police issuing one is that they fear the other parent or are afraid. Even if the fear isn't justified, by law the Police have to issue one out of erring on the side of caution.

A Restaining Order is all too often used as a weapon of revenge when false allegations can cause serious interuptions to the other parent's life, including Jail time. False Allegations are a serious offence however there almost considered part of the terrain in divorce cases by Police, so they don't take them seriously.

Accounting The Experience

Precious Parenting Time Lost

First Of The Many Expensive Nothings Happening
#may-26-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Continuation Of Previous Order

The Beginning Of Lost Time


@TMDILH Continuation Of Previous Order With @AiceDukesRMT May 26, 2005 Continuation

@TMDILH Little Icon This Family Court date ended up just be post-poned to almost one entire month, which happens often especially at the beginning of some cases and especially to parents who are unrepresented and were thrown into the system without the ability to hire a lawyer.

1. The order on Motion with Notice of Justice Clark dated May 15, 2005 is continued until June 23, 2005.

Justice D.R. Timms

The anticipation, preparation and anxiety of a coming Family Court date equals nothing when this happens and you have no other option but to wait until the next Family Court date then the entire proceedure starts over again.

I was hoping to have decisions of my access because it was incredibly limited.

A month is a very long time when everything about your entire life is vastly being redifined.

This would never happen if Mediation were mandatory as there is always someone available to talk to the next day, or 24 hours in case of emergencies.


Deliberate Sabotage Evidence

Access Weekend Ruined With Mother Calling Police
#june-09-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Insurance Cancelled Over Cake

And Called The Police To Notify Them


@TMDILH Truck Insurance Cancelation In Divorce With Dolores Alice Dukes June 15, 2005 Cancelation

@TMDILH Little Icon The Behind The Scenes in a Family Court Divorce shows the attempt at being cordial to each other, but because the mother requested I NOT bring a cake to our daughter's 5th birthday party, I was trapped between my daughter asking me for an Icecream Cake which OF COURSE I bought her for her birthday. Now there were 2 cakes to choose from, and plenty of kids. The mother was furious. I wouldn't find out until she did this.

The Mother Called The Police On Me On My Access Weekend
Policy Change Effective June 9/05 delete 1992 Toyota as per insured request.

Pembridge Insurance Company

I was sent this letter 5 days after my cancelation had been phoned in by Dolores Alice Dukes who called the Police in the meantime.

The surprise to be pulled over by the Police as I'm driving home with my daughter was an incredibly sobering moment of realization what exactly happened. The mother knows the route that I would take going home after Child Access, and told the Police I would driving down that road with no Insurance, BEFORE I knew she cancelled it. That's when I knew my divorce is going to be hell, and it still is today.

I remember the Police Officer being cordial and allowing me 24 hours to rectify the situation, which I did, so my entire weekend wasn't ruined and could still drive around, including returning my daughter on the Monday morning to school..

The paranoia that I'd built up because of the mother was palpable, my friends commented on it. My nerves were on edge, I was always planning my alibi and always conscience if I was being watched (which I ended up proving was true).

Incidents similarly intent on harming or damning another parent's quality of time with their child can be repremanded in Mediation, but forget about it in Family Courts, they simply cannot deal with the complexities of this, and even more troubling are not prepared to deal with people like the mother.


Emotional Stress Filled With Drama

The Contract Finalizing Selling The Matrimonial Home
#june-15-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Signed By My Wife And Insisted Of Me

Contract Court Ordered With Months Of Grief Attached


@TMDILH Matrimonial Home Selling Contract In Divorce With @AiceDukesRMT June 15, 2005 Real Estate Contract

@TMDILH Little Icon The selling of the matrimonial house became a very hot and contentious topic for a while after the mother signed this Real Estate Contract on June 15, 2005. The fact that I signed as late as I did irked her for seemingly months afterwards, and would possibly be the reason she would perform the antics the motehr did in the process of attempting to sell the house, as you'll later read.

Dolores Alice Dukes June 15 2005, Mike @TMDILH July 6 2005

Listing Agreement

The mother Dolores Alice Dukes left all of this...seeking happiness

After signing contract, the mother displayed symptoms of seller's regret attempting to have the original copy given to her, and out-right rufusal to sell the house, while solely occupying it because the mother had negotiated me out of it all the while never keeping the property up so it looked like garbage on the market. A very confusing time.

The love I put into that house. The large number of man hours I put into the renovations. Oh the plans I had with that house...

As far as perfect homes go, I could NOT imagine a better place to raise our daughter..

If Mediation were mandatory, would I have lost the matrimonial home? I could've afforded to keep it if I had no Family Laywer expenses so theoritically Mandatory Mediation could've saved the house but instead I furnished the room above my Family Lawyer's boathouse property.


Confusing Loveless Aspect

Mother Not Doing Paperwork For Divorce
#july-05-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Some Split Personality Symptoms

Public Vs. Private Characteristics


@TMDILH Hand Written Not Say Not Doing Paperwork For Divorce In Divorce With Dolores Alice Dukes July 05, 2005 No To Divorce

@TMDILH Little Icon This Family Court date ended up just be post-poned to almost one entire month, which happens often especially at the beginning of some cases and especially to parents who are unrepresented and were thrown into the system without the ability to hire a lawyer.

I am not doing the paper work for a divorce. If anyone is saying so I don't know why.

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

This hand written letter is part of the communication log we kept at the matrimonial home, our only form of contact essentially. This was written and left for me July 05, 2005.

The mindset I was in was quite confused, I had yet to process the mother placing a Restraining Order on me yet can talk so calmly and considerately still, losing that skill will come some.

Child had a good time with you. I'm happy for that.

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

How the mother changed from this sentiment to today.

A LOT more would have made sense if the mother had admitted to wanted to divorce, but stating she wasn't doing that, and I had it confirmed, so a WTF for me. There's something wrong there but hence, spoiler alert, I would have to file for a divorce one year after separation. At the time, there was almost no mention of it back through her lawyer even.

Until then, nothing can happen.

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

I don't know who was feeding the mother information but Mediation could've happened at any time. Anything BUT this could have been done, but this is what she chose and I had no recourse other than follow my child into The Family Courts.

At first in this separation, I was thoroughly confused at the mother's insistance on doing everything her way, with no compromise, yet insist she's not interested in divorcing me. The boyfriend Marty was in the picture AND the mother would start to refer to him as her fiance, so WTF?.

When I truly started to adjust to things was when I had to decide that she was now fully capable of handling her own affairs, denying my natural husband instinct to care for her, and watch out for her. Regardless of all of this, I still cared for the mother of our child.

This would never happen if Mediation were mandatory as there is always someone available to talk to the next day, or 24 hours in case of emergencies.


Bartering For My Father's Rights

Over-Night Access In Exchange For The Matrimonial Home
#july-21-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Second Family Court Motion

Negotiated By My Mediator Lawyer


@TMDILH Second Family Court Motion With @AiceDukesRMT July 21, 2005 2nd Court Motion

@TMDILH Little Icon Somehow and some way, one Family Court date, the mother showed up without her typical obnoxious lawyer and also somehow my Mediator lawyer Brian Evans got the mother to agree to these sensible terms that were truly in the best interest of the children and this was made as a Temporaruy Order.

1 a. every other weekend from Friday 5pm to Monday at 9:00am starting July 22, 2005

Mr. Justice R. Clark

The problem with this, as you'll see by reading on, is how the mother used that 5pm to her advantage, because I wanted to access my daughter from her school and the mother refused and demanded it be from her at the McDonalds, critical to my Parental Alienation.

Breakdown Of Contempt In This Court Order

I do not remember getting many Wednesdays because the mother refused to provide access at the McDonalds. I never got the right of first refusal and have proof that neighbours had privileges I didn't, all at the mother's decision making.

I also never got 1.d, 2 never happened, and that alternating obligations to drive phrase ultimately almost landed me in Jail. Please read on to know why.

1 d. the parties will endeavour to be flexible and cooperative in sharing child and in allowing child to phone the other while in the other's care.

Mr. Justice R. Clark

This NEVER happened. Absolutely no communication in between visits means no email, no social media, no phone calls or messages left at school.

In The Family Courts, the victim must hold the abuser accountable, because they don't. A Family Court Order holds ABSOLUTELY NO AUTHORITY outside of Family Court, meaing the Police don't get involved, etc..

THIS is the best Family Court can do.

In the emotional upheaval of a divorce, tensions fly easily and decisions can be made on feelings however there is always what is in the best interest of the child, and my daughter wanted all of these things and more with her father. There is much documented proof of this.

This was an incredibly tramatic time for me as a parent, because I now was convinced the mother was utilizing our daughter as a weaon of her revenge, and I did NOT like what our daughter was having to endure just to have her father.

This was ironically an incredibly important time for me because up until this point, most people close enough to know what was going on saw the mother Dolores Alice Dukes in an entirely new light. The mother attempted to present well with a pretentious character in public, but her true character was never far beneath the veneer with most acute people eventually learning of the devious and sinister nature of this mother, as proven in many documents including the Office of the Children's Lawyer 32 page report.

This is a Mediator's approach to negotiation which starts with what's best for the child and each parent rather than two lawyers battling for what each parent wants.


Expensive And Timely Negotiations

When Blatant Contempt Warrants No Deterrent
#august-09-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Third Family Court Order

Negotiations Reveal Bias


@TMDILH Third Family Court Order With @AiceDukesRMT August 9, 2005 3rd Court Order

@TMDILH Little Icon With my Family Lawyer fees racking up, I'm decidedly trying to sell the house to afford him to represent me AND because I'm no longer allowed in it yet paying for it entirely, as by now the mother had stopped contributing half towards it's costs.

Meanwhile, I'm also dealing with nonstop attempts by the mother to sabotage my relationship with my daughter and other nefarious things. The landmines of antagnizing me into reacting to only call me the villian when I do were seemingly endless but progressively more astounding, so I kept documenting everything, but there was just so much so why couldn't The Family Courts just see this and make it stop?.

4. The Applicant agrees to instruct the listing agent, Ernie Tiems, with Sutton Group, Oshawa, to proceed with all required steps to sell the matrimonial home, including a "For Sale" sign on the property, etc.

Madame Justice Hatton

There's an entire dramatic story of Dolores Alice Dukes refusing access to sell home and taking down "For Sale" signs, hence I needed to make this a Court Order

I was still struggling with this at this juncture in my case but seeing a consistent pattern of abuse of The Family Court System in every way imaginable by the mother. What she didn't try is more like it and I have Police Records, OCL Reports, CAS Reports and School Board Superintendent reports to support all of this.

I was pouring through money in lawyer fees and getting no where near the justice and it seemed endless the amount of Family Court time it would take to fix this; impossible.

The SOLE purpose of this Family Court date was to force the mother Dolores Alice Dukes to sell the matrimonial house, something she's already signed a contract to do.

This was an ENTIRE was of time and money, all at the mother's insistance and The Family Court's reluctance to punish the mother EVER even despite her obvious and glaringly blatant guilt.

Accounting The Experience

Judges Don't Intimidate Mother

Evidence Is Invaluable In Family Court Until It Isn't
#august-23-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Contempt Of Court Proof

Blatant Disregard Of Court Order


@TMDILH Contempt Of Court Proof Involving  @AiceDukesRMT August 23, 2005 Contempt Of Court

@TMDILH Little Icon This was sent from the Real Estate Agent assigned by Dolores Alice Dukes to sell the matrinmonial home in a contract she signed on June 12 2005.

Ernie was a long-time family friend of her family but had to send this to my Family Laywer Brian Evans in response to the Aug. 9 2005 Court Order in which she was in attendance, and mentioned in Madame Justice Hatton Order Paragraph 4, quoted above.

A brazen Contempt of Court such as this by the mother only took 4 months into my separation and only nine days after my Aug. 9 Family Court Order which perfectly displays the character of the mother Dolores Alice Dukes and her complete and sobering amount of disregard for The Family Court Order she is deliberately breaching.

Viewing Appointments "No Further Showings Per Marty. There will be no showings allowed period."

Realtor Ernie Tiems Evidence

Most guys don't start calling the shots on the sale of the new girlfriend's matrimonial home and most people have low opinions of people who allow this..

The Mother Snares A Cohort

This is the first but not last that boyfriend Marty Weeks will position himself to be a central figure in my divorce, a source of anguish intended to irk me by the mother. It never did. even when he attempted to fight me as you'll read later. It DOES provide for some damning evidence towards the character of the mother than anything I can ever print here, which of course is only fact.

This Website Uses Only Fact And Truth, A Powerful Tool
"I was by the property as Thursday August 18th and the sign and post were no where in sight. As of today we have not been able to get anyone in to show the property."

Realtor Ernie Tiems

Obviously, I'm supposed to get so perturbed by this to do something drastic, but I didn't. I merely documented it all. And when I didn't react as the mother would desire, she would up the ante so to speak, so read on to see how this plays out.

The backstory relevant to this was the mother's negotiation of me never stepping foot in the matrimonial home again, I couldn't help the help be sold. I couldn't do the repairs and clean up necessary and was told there was a big pile of garbage in the middle of the house that was empty and looking bad to get top dollar in Real Eastate, and this was happening. To say it was stressful can't describe it, while quickly running out of money to represent myself in Family Court.

I'm not a jealous type and was happy when the new boyfriend was introduced into the picture and noticed an improvement in the communication between the mother and I, but it was very short-lived and Marty Weeks would soon wedge himself into bad situations as the mother's henchman, noticably. There was no subtlety to him, he was obviously looking for the fight right along side the mother.

Accounting The Experience

Mother Not Willing To Mediate

High Conflict Describes The Mother From Beginning
#september-20-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Mediator Assessment Comments

High Level Of Conflict Documented


@TMDILH Mediator Assessment In Divorce With @AiceDukesRMT September 28, 2005 Mediator Letter

@TMDILH Little Icon In Mediation, both participants are there because they want to do the best for the children and are ready for consessions, sharing ultimately achieving co-parenting after divorce or separation. Well, good parents choose Mediation, all others seek revenge in Family Court. And all it takes is one parent to not want to mediate and you NOW are both trapped in Family Court hell for years, and say goodbye to all your money.

Parental Alienation Starts And ENDS With Family Court

"the implementation was hindered by the very high level of conflict present."

Mediator Warren Briggs B.A, M.A.

This is the politically corrent answer saying very little except stating the obvious.

I have another comment from Warren Briggs when interviewed by the Office of the Children's Lawyer Investigator where Warren says the mother refuses the father access for no apparent reason and says the mother's boyfriend represents worst than the father (@TMDILH) ever could.

My belief going into my divorce was that the person I was with for 2 decades would want to mediate and make this as smooth as possible. I couldn't be more wrong, but that's why I was caught in the first few Family Court dates, and I was BLINDSIDED by the person I faced in Family Court. She vaguely resembled my wife but with dead eyes to me. It was an incredible experience.

Accounting The Experience

Family Court Offer Negotiation

Mother's Narcissism Based Offer Pawned Off As Legitimate
#september-28-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Mother's Offer To Settle

Where's The Best Interest Of The Child?


@TMDILH Offer To Settle From @AiceDukesRMT September 223, 2005 Offer To Settle

@TMDILH Little Icon For the first few months into my separation and subsequent divorce, the mother often presented well and definitely would freely blame me for everything in out divorce, either not seeing her involvement as being combatativet or completely devoid of perspective to see her incredibly bad parenting, but whatever it was it never more glaringly obvious up to that date until this. This showed many people what I was working with.

1. (a) "varying the Respondent's every other weekend access to Friday at 7:00 p.m. to Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. "

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

A favourite of every kid is waking up 2 hours earlier on a Monday morning for no reason.

With absolutely no parenting issues regarding me having access to our daughter, this effort achieved nothing for the mother but did show her mindset cleary in getting her own way with the child access, completely controlling when and if I see my daughter, at all times. This is important, because it will later evolve in Extreme Parental Alienation.

2. "The Respondent shall receive a credit for $685 in payments made since the date of separation. "

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

You didn't just get fired, you don't get to claim leaving me.

In fact, by this point in the mother's actions, she has disowned her entire family alienating them from any contact with my daughter, so the mother's own family would only see my daughter through me and they would appear in Family Court supporting me because they saw my Child Access dwindle down to nothing.

The Mother Arbiterr Of Access

This document demondstrates the great divide created by The Family Courts. In comparison, by this many months into mediation, we could be comfortably established in a routine that benefits everyone, with neither of us losing all of our money and enduring this frustration. The invaluable lost years of my daughter and I cannot be measured.

If you were to ask my daughter, at this juncture, she wouldn't hesitate to say she would want to live with her father, so going by that as a reference, there is very little to any substance in this Offer To Settle to actually consider. I didn't consider it after all, and hoped for a better deal somehow manifesting by the holidays, in The Family Courts.

I remember the mother offering some straight lump payment of money to never have to deal with having to parent ever again. Like I'd actually do that, lol.

This is SO much of the mother only thinking of herself in this, there is no includsion of holidays, no talk about opening the line of communication between my daughter and the world, and certainly no mention of being able to make decisions. This is simply a waste of time, but it does show an insight into the mother's thinking while this is going on.

And like always, the mother's insistance on being in involved in my getting and returning my daughter to HER despite the obvious better option of me getting my daughter to and from her school, which works perfect into the mother insists on intervening.

Accounting The Experience

Equal Parenting Is Not An Option

The Price Of Attempting To Parent My Only Child
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Family Lawyer Expenses To Date

Who Can Afford Justice In Family Court?


@TMDILH Family Lawyer Expenses In Dolores Alice Dukes Divorce  September 29, 2005 My Lawyer Fees

@TMDILH Little IconAfter being together for 20 years, the handwriten letter from my wife, the mother of our daughter, who took the time to plan this out and calmly pack up merely a few things and leave me this note on April 18, 2005 and taking our daughter to being my Parental Alienation.


My Family Lawyer Brian Evans

Since The Mother Knew I Used The House As Collateral, Delaying It's Selling Is Intentional Financial Duress For Me.

The Balance Due and Owing exists because to date I had not paid my lawyer, as the mother's antics in delaying the sale of the house has delayed my ability to pay the person who represents me in Family Court.

Overall, I liked Brian and what he was able to achieve for me. He established a few great things in the beginning, which is a testiment to how bad the mother was because I lost all of them.

Accounting The Experience

Serious Lies And Slander

Nasty Allegations, False Criminal Charge And Denied Access

Mother's CAS Contract

#october-26-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Serious Falce Allegations


@TMDILH CAS Contract With Dolores Alice Dukes October 26 2005 CAS Contract

@TMDILH Little Icon This was a shocker but again, as I've been dealing with the mother mostly in private so this is very public display from Dolores Alice Dukes displayed her full character to many showcasing the depths that one parent will sink to for revenge in The Family Courts.

Page 1 Paragraph 1 The incident was reported to the police by Dolores after Michaael attempted to run both Dolores and their daughter Child down with his truck.

CAS Contract

This happened when I attempted to document the mother lying in Court saying she didn't have access to vehicles after insisting I vary the Child Access drop-up to within 500 meters of the matrimonial home thus making me breach her own Restraining Order.

Of course, all of these allegations are false and indicative of the mentality created by The Family Courts. The mother is passionately wrong in this type of parenting but TRULY believes or seriously wants to believe she is doing the right thing, or close enough to the right thing for it to be true. It's a special mentality fostered and empowered by The Family Courts. The mother's entitlement knows no boundaries and her contempt for Court Orders and lack of following protocol also knows no boundaries, along with her attempts to defame me.

All in this is done under the effort of the mother protecting her precious daughter from her father, for no reason. I've been cleared by everyone, CAS even endorsed my parenting.

A Calculated Leverage Move From The Mother
Page 1 Paragraph 4. Dolores advised that she currently has a restaining order against Michael for his past abuse of her.

CAS Contract

Only there was no past abuse

THIS is the problem with over the counter Restraining Orders. The stigma runs deep.

The only problem with the above quote is it's completely untrue in that there was NEVER ANY ABUSE. The mother got injured recently during an arguement and I drove her to the hospital, staying with her and drove her home, like a good husband and caring best friend does. That's the past abuse she is referring to. There's something from 12 years ago and and a disagreement when we first started dating 20 years ago. THAT's the history of my abuse towards Dolores Alice Dukes... in 20 years, since high school... and we'd traveled all around the world living in Los Angeles and such.

The mother had it good with me.

I once somehow confronted the mother on these incredibly false abuse lies and after I did she then changed her story to I'd changed my abuse to more verbal lately. That's absurd. The separation letter from April 18 indicated NO ABUSE! In fact, for a relationship of 2 decades, I might say it ended admirably, it's how the mother acted immediately afterwards that disappoints and concerns me. I stand by my claim that I never abused her. There was lots of shit between us towards the end, but I'm NOT an abuser. My daughter knows who I am. I bet she saw Marty rough up her mother a few times I'm sure.

THIS is when things got serious. I met and consulted with my lawyer. I had nothing to hide and felt honesty would prevail, but he was scared I wouldn't perform well under CAS scrutinly, as the Children's Aid Society are nototoriously anti-men and have bought into the mother's antics and have catered to her so AGAIN my Child Access has been cut off until I meet with them. The anxiety was very high with this.

I decided early that honesty and being blunt would be the tools I would use and call the mother out for being exactly who she is, this manipulator who won't play fair. My lawyer again advised against this.

Accounting The Experience

Children's Aid Society Involvement

Fortunately Mother's Smear Tantic Has CAS Wise To Her
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CAS Assessment Of Allegations

CAS Endorsement Of My Parenting


@TMDILH CAS Assessment In Divorce With Dolores Alice Dukes Divorce  November 23, 2005 CAS Assessment

@TMDILH Little IconAfter feeling like the villian for a few months, this is pure vindication and finally I have proof of my parenting, with the CAS interogating me thinking the worst and from that to this endorsement of me as a parent feels about as good as I ever do in this divorce.

"The Society wil be closing your case, as there are no present child protection conerns."

CAS Family Services Worker Darlene Carlson

Vindication Was Nice,

This was still an incredible ordeal but again showcases the plight of parents in The Family Court System. As well as the evidence this provides me, I now have CAS with fill knowledge of the mother which as it turns out will help me later.

"Upon review of the tape, it is this workers opinion that although some poorly thought driving over some parking lot curbs occurred, you in no way placed your daughter or ex-wife in danger."

CAS Family Services Worker Darlene Carlson

This was so nice to see written and very brave for CAS to endorse a male.
"It is our position that there are no protection concerns with respect to Michael Dad continuing his access to his daughter child and this it will only further be a detriment to her if she is contiuned to be separated from her father."

CAS Family Services Worker Darlene Carlson

This Is Pure Vindication

Endorsements like that don't come easy from the Children's Aid Society (CAS) however I've only had good dealings with them myself, but compared to how obviously my case is, the CAS are openly willing to endorse this male as a good parent, and one that should NOT be dealing with this non-stop denial of access.

I looked at this interview as a challenge against me character, and my character is quite strong so it was a test of wills. The CAS were doing their jobs and I respect that so I simply directed them to the fact the mother is basing a lot of her decisions on trying to make me look bad. They recogbized it immediately and in turn the CAS only ended up being benificial to me. As weird is it is to hear a father saying that is as weird as a divorce with Dolores Alice Dukes has been.

This is where I compare my Family Court experience with proposed Mandatory Mediation.


Tense False Allegations By Mother

Mother's Calculated Lies Cost $5k And Anger Management
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Criminal Lawyer Involvement

False Allegations Equals Expensive


@TMDILH Criminal Lawyer For False Allegations In Dolores Alice Dukes Divorce November 24, 2005 Criminal Lawyer

@TMDILH Little Icon When the Police called me informing me of the Criminal Charges just filed by the mother, it was so exhausting to hear although not entirely surprising knowing my wife, and by the history of our divorce to date.

The news just took the wind out of my sails for a bit. Not only did it cost me money, but it was the fact that I was now one of those divorces where you hate your ex. I never wanted that, but I honestly had no choice ever since the beginning.

"it was likely that there was no reasonble prospect of conviction (as the tape clearly did not show dangerous operation)"

Criminal Lawyer David J. Franklin

I Accepted Anger Management

In Anger Management, I learned I didn't have a problem with anger, but the mother did.

How often I was disappointed by the mother's choices is countless times.

"because he was concerned about allegations which may be made about his behaviour Mr. Dad videotaped the incident"

Criminal Lawyer David J. Franklin

Just months into my divorce and I need to prove all the mother's lies.

At this juncture in my divorce, I recorded everything, always had a camera and recording app ready on my phone. I also asked for receipts everywhere I went, to prove where I wasn't against allegations coming daily from the mother.

I really didn't sweat this incredibly stressful event because I knew I was innocent plus I videotaped it.

I haven't really figured out yet whether the mother knew I was videotaping the entire event when she made the decision to falsify what happened. Obviously the video doesn't lie, but she did.

I CAUGHT the mother lying, did she think of that? If she didn', but I believe it's more like she knew and didn't care, the mother truly does believe she is right in what she is doing, in everything, all the time. It's top level narcissist stuff.

In mediation, scenes like this don't happen.


Eight Months And $20,000 Later

Finally Winning Child Access That Is Just Tyical In Most Divorces
#december-01-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

First Decent Family Court Order

Finally Access To And From The School


@TMDILH First Family Court Order With Child Access To And From School In Divorce With Dolores Alice Dukes Dec. 01 2005 Best Court Order

@TMDILH Little Icon Of course, when I was awarded Child Access to and from the school, I was elated. FINALLY, I can get away from the stranglehold the mother had over me getting my Child Access. Having the Court Order to get Child Access meant I had to provide my daughter's school a copy, which I did immediately.That's probably when the mother changed her focus from The Family Courts to my daughter's school.

4.(a) Respondent is to pick up the child directly from school at 3:40 p.m. during the Fridays when Child is at school. Respondent to return the child directly to school on Monday mornings.

Justice Bryant

THIS was a huge success for me, against the mother's wishes I now can avoid her entirely and deal directly with my daughter to and from her school. Perfect. Or is it?

Be Careful When You Start Winning

This is the beginning of the real hardcore Parental Alienation so the John Howard Society advice is already relevant as you'll read about soon enough. As with most parents, abiding by a Court Order should be normal, but as previous chapters indicate, Dolores Alice Dukes is quite comfortable being guilty of Contempt of Court and will develop a real taste and knack for it to achieve what I refer to as Parental Alienation Master Class Status. If you're reading this looking for ways to utilize Parental Alienation in YOUR divorce, read on it's about to get good.

4.(b) every Wednesday from 3:40 p.m. to Thursday at 9 a.m.

Justice Bryant

Equally HUGE was a definite continuation of my Wednesdays, which I wanted.

With the foreboding title about winning, this was definitely a success for me. I FINALLY had legitimacy in getting access from my daughter's school and the continuation of my Wednesdays which the mother has indicated she wants stopped.

Ironically, it's less for her to do and makes her life easier by all accounts, yet, that was never the motivation for the mother. In fact, it's almost as if she wanted to make this divorce and her life incredibly difficult, throughout and still to this day.

Please Note The Lack Of Holiday Access

As foreshadowing goes, this is the build up.

Because my life was MORE hellish when the mother wasn't as angry at me for something, the appeasing became non-stop, however winning this victuory set off the mother like nothing I could EVER do.

As this juncture in my divorce, ANY THING the mother could try to use as a weapon against me was fair game to her, and I'm still trying to hold decency and accountable for all my actions and even how they may appear, due the sensitive nature of the mother, and it only took 8 months for her to degrade our divorce down to this. I was still willing to mediate, still really trying to get along.

Comparitively, this is 8 months in Family Court at a personal cost of well over $15,000 and SO MUCH GRIEF achieving what couples in Mediation enjoy in their first week, while keeping all their money and NONE of the stress or abuse on the children and parents.


Innocence But With All The Shame

@TMDILH Anger Management Course Certificate
#december-19-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

My Criminal Charge Condition Fulfilled

I Learned I Don't Have Anger Issues But The Mother Does


@TMDILH Anger Management Certificate In Dolores Alice Dukes Divorce December 19, 2005 Anger Management

@TMDILH Little Icon As being issued Anger Management Program as a condition of innocent of False Allegations, I thought about how many other men were in this precisely same humiliating situation forced to take a program that doesn't reflect the fact that it was the mother's anger that started the False Allegations.

I did have it confirmed that I truly DON'T have any anger issues, even you might consider worthy of me having a few considering what I've gone through. Anger breeds a contempt that I've never been comfortable carrying around with me. I prefer to have a clear conscience in knowing that I gave the best of my abilities in almost everything I do, hence this website. My ability to speak out on this topic almost dictates that I should.

"Mike Has successfully completed The Salvation Army Anger Management Program"

Salvation Army Certificate

I was hestitant to accept this as it almost admits I have an anger management problem, which I don't.

My Criminal Laywer convinced me it's standard protocol and just makes things easier so I accepted it.

As mentioned, this Salvation Army Program is a program I could have slid through and still passed however the speakers were knowledgable and experienced so they had information I could learn. I had 2 things confirmed: I don't have an anger issue, the mother does, although anyone close to this already knew that.

If Mandatory Mediation were implemented in my case, I would not have been falsely accused of this Criminal Charge.


Parental Alienation For Christmas

Mother Left Holiday Child Access Undefined
#december-30-2005 updated by @TMDILH:

Intro To The Mother's Psycho Side

The True Grinch Was The Mother That Christmas


@TMDILH CAS Letter Dec. 30 Regarding Christmas Holiday Incidents With @AiceDukesRMT December 30, 2005 CAS Letter

@TMDILH Little Icon This first incident mentioned in the CAS Report is the McDonald's incident, which happens to be my first Child Access to my daughter in months after the False Allegations Dangerous Driving Charge, so I'm quite excited to be with my daughter again, for me then to find this upon my arrival to pick my mother and daughter up. It's the mother Dolores Alice Dukes in the middle of the McDonalds with all of our daughter's stuff to go to her fathers's except the mother will not let go of our daughter. No matter what I tell my mother, the Third Party Access, to tell the mother, the mother is STILL insisting on holding our child hostage.

This is clearly a violation that was preempted by Dolores and she was cautioned around this violation.

CAS Family Service Worker Darlene Carlson

I had to slowly approach the big glassed entrance double doors, open one and call into my daughter to come to me but her mother's grip was too good, so after a pause I hesitantly stepped into that big restaurant space and purposely never looked the mother in the eyes, looking and speaking only to my daugher reaching my hand out ever so slowly, my daughter's extended hand almost pulling her own arm out of it's socket in her excitement to see me. FINALLY after me calmly talking me and my daughter through this, I was now touching my daugher's hand and only then did the mother finally release her grip and my daughter fled into my arms and together we all fled the restaurant with me telling my mother to grab my daughter's stuff.

I KNEW I'd get the call from the Police. I did.

Months is a very long time to be away from a child that you know needs you.

As a failed actress, this is the mother's most dramatic role.

You attended my office and we discussed the issue and also dicussed the emotional abuse these incidents put on Child and you were advised to come up with another plan for dropping off and picking up Child from access visits.

CAS Family Service Worker Darlene Carlson

The mother came up with the plan then broke her own plan, yet I am forced to changed the plan, at my inconvenience and expense. THE CAS does NOT deal with Custody/Access issues.

As this entire drama was so surreal, it begins a pattern of Contempt of Court for the mother Dolores Alice Dukes who never shows signs of letting up and letting go of the issue of Child Access as you'll read on for SO many more incidents much like this.

CAS Report Boxing Day Incident

Proof Of The Mother's Child Abuse And SO Much More

The 3rd paragraph of this December 30, 2005 CAS Report goes on to gloss over some details that were crucial to the legitimacy but I can provide those facts here. The first fact was there was NO Christmas Holiday Acccess arranged. The mother had many opportunities to do so, since she was basically calling most of the shots in our divorce, but because the mother focused on much of what she wanted, there was never much concern for what our daughter wanted, and she wanted desperately to be with her dad, my family and the mother's own family because my daughter hadn't seen the extended family in months.

Ladies And Gentlement The Antics of Dolores Alice Dukes Begin

But the mother only gave us less than my weekend access and took away my weekend access to do so!. A crutial factor in my decision making, but left out of the description, it appears I was retaliating by keeping our daughter, and it simply was my daughter dreaded going back to her mother and needed to be with her father.I knew I was going to get into trouble for it, and warned our daughter when we called the mother asking for more time that it would anger the mother. It clearly did.

The other significant detail this CAS Report glosses over is the stalking on behalf of the mother. It was intense. I have interviews where the mother openly admits to stalking me, although describes it in her narcissitic way as being a duty she performed to rescue her child. I'll post it here soon.

The mother's partner for stalking me and stealing my truck as well as the fight in the Police station, which also got glossed over in the CAS Report, is the new boyfriend accomplice Marty Weeks. Marty Weeks was not chosen for his ugliness as a person, as you'll read, the mother Dolores Alice Dukes chose Marty Weeks because he has no shame, no scruptles and a long history with the Police with an equally long Criminal Record, one of which includes Stalking and Harassing his ex..

Marty Weeks Is Marriage Material For The Mother

This will not be the last of the mother and Marty's antics nor will they rest on their laurels, because the seemingly non-stop antics are officially on and they DO NO disappoint those who can't help but want to read about crazy things people do.

Please read on, follow for so much more and share because you care.

So, after so much time alienated from my daughter, her excitement to see her father meant NOTHING to the mother. THroughout this entire ordeal in the McDonalds, it's as if the child was secondary in all this, because by all accounts and by all witness testimonies, all would agree the child was excited to be with her father, there was absolutely no doubt about it.

This entire divorce has never been about what's best for the child, as the mother would have everyone beieve.

This would never happen if Mediation were mandatory as holiday time would be prearrange and agreed to by everyone.