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My Entire Separation and Divorce For The World To Witness

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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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Office Of The Children's Lawyer For My Daughter.

The OCL Report/the-ocl-report#a-lawyer-for-my-child

OCL 34 Page Report By Clinical Investigator Derek Forster On Dolores Alice Dukes

Office Of The Children's Lawyer For My Daughter
Office Of The Children's Lawyer Report On Dolores Alice Dukes From Evidence Section The OCL Report Page
The mother Dolores Alice Dukes and our daughter swimming as a family before the divorce. The OCL Report does not always reflect positively on me but details the incredibly bad parenting and character of the mother professionally with no bias.
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When a divorce in The Family Court System is SO bad, you can request a Judge for the Order the Office of the Children's intervene in the proceedings, either that or the Judge can order their involvement to get some clarity on high conflict divorces in Family Court.

Because of Dolores Alice Dukes's actions within the first year of separation, professional assessment was needed, and I use this report to detail exactly how attrocious it was attempting any kind of co-parenting with the mother. It was always her way or nothing.

Typically an average report is 10 pages and takes a month, this report was delayed because the mother denied my access again and wouldn't allow the investigator to proceed with the child, citing the harm it's causing her. Of course, the mother did not want any of her actions documented because they were so terrible but I display them for the world to witness. This is not your average divorce.

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The Full Length 34 Page Office Of The Children's Lawyer Report On Dolores Alice Dukes

OCl Report On Mother#office-of-the-childrens-lawyer-34-page-report-on-dolores-alice-dukes

Derek Forster (OCL)
OCL Report
Office of the Children's Lawyer Report

Since NO ONE would want to read a revenge-filled website against one's ex-wife, a lot of what I use for evidence in this website is excerpts from the 34 page report from the Office of the Children'ts Lawyer Clinical Investigator Derek Forster.

"On Jan. 26, 2006 the Honourable Madam Justice M. Lack requested that the Office of the Children's Lawyer become involved in matters with respect to custody and access pretaining to child. This Clinical Investigator was assigned this case of April 18, 2006."

Quote from the OCL Report page 1

Note the dates: it takes almost a year for the OCL Report with the investigation launched exactly one year after the mother left me.
OCL Order
Family Court Justice M. Lack Order
Paragraph #9

Because my divoce was so bad, I requested a Judge grant permission for the Office of the Children's Laywer (OCL) to intervene. Typically, not a father friendly choice, but I had and still have nothing to hide and I needed the truth to be told. This report isn't always favourable towards me, as the mother alleged MANY false accusations against me, yet could prove none of it. In fact, this report details many of these false allegations that were consistent with someone who simply refuses to just mature and move on with their life. The mother seems to want to erase her past, which includes erasing me, my family, her own family which were not interviewed by Derek because the mother insisted they were not in her life, only failed to mention she erased them.

Affidavits sworn in The Family Court of the mother Dolly's own in the Family Section of this Evidence page.

A Professional's Opinion To Trust For The Truth

The Clinical Investigator Derek Forster was certainly thorough in some areas of research, but lacking in a few details. As the OCL are typically NOT father-friendly, there's no doubt that favoured NOT blaming the mother outright, using terminology that didn't directly blame, when I believed he should have. He investigated my divorce and what typically takes a few weeks took over 7 months later, and what typically is maybe a 10 page report ended up being a 34 page report detailing ALL the mother's antics. The mother frustrated the process by denying my access while being investigated for denying my access. It added more truth to the report, and a paid professional's opinion should rank greater than mine.

"This report was delayed for several months due to discontinuation of access (by the mother), denial of a request to interview child (by the mother) and difficulties setting a Disclosure Meeeting (which also involved the mother)."

Quote from the OCL Report

Yes, you read that right. The investigation into my access being denied by the mother was delayed because the mother had denied my access yet again, even during the investigation when the mother was trying her best to be nice, to make a good impression for the Clinical Investigator.

The OCL Report Proves The Mother's Guilt Yet Didn't Change A Thing In My Divorce

But like always, the mother's appearnace seems rightous until you scratch the surface, or just wait some time. The mother's true personality cannot be hidden these days. There's no remorse, no regret and she STILL believes she's doing the right thing by all of this.

Documents cost time, a lot of money, frustration, and patience. After waiting so long for the report, a judge wouldn't even look at it, citing other things that the mother's lawyer brought up to avoid the topic entirely.

"It appears possible that Ms. Mom, at times, has made escalating allegations against Mr. Dad in order to interfere with his access to child."

Quote from the OCL Report regarding the mother's escalating allegations on page 31

My entire divorce and access to my daughter was constantly contingent on me doing something the mother could capitilize to deem me a bad parent, only overlooked the fact that doing so made HER the bad parent. I merely documented it all, hence the incredible evidence in this website. The mother tried everything to steal our daughter away from me, for no reason other than revenge. This website proves that revenge is acceptable in The Family Court System.

"It appears possible that Ms. Mom, at times, has made escalating allegations against Mr. Dad in order to interfere with his access to child."

Quote from the OCL Report verdict regarding the mother

So essentialy, this was me obeying all of The Family Court rules and Court Orders while awaiting almost a year until my next Family Court appearance for this report. This was ALL ordered by a Judge and is standard Family Court proceedure in high-conflict divorces. By the time my next Family Court date happened, the mother's lawyer successfully diverted the Judge's interest AWAY from the report and onto something else they blamed me for, entirely sidetracking the entire court date to ignore the OCL Report, which was the reason we were in Family Court to begin with. In the end I waited a year, and this entire OCL investigation was ALL for nothing. That day confirmed The Family Court System DOES NOT WORK.

"Ms. Mom peresented throughout the investigation with a heightened level of anxiety regarding Mr. Dad's involvement with child and was dutifully unprepared to provide and leeway, forgiveness or attribute any competancy or positive influence (other than being fun for chid to be with) to Mr. Dad from the onset."

Quote from the OCL Report assessment section page 33

Except The OCL Report in all it's glory is NOW finally getting it's time to shine, exposing the truth of my divorce in The Family Court System. ALL the truth in my divorce is in that report, amongst all the false allegations, lies and disceit and there's nothing the mother can do now to stop this report from being published so everyone can know who she really is. NONE of the mother's actions in the entire OCL Report are in my daughter's best interest, as the mother ALWAYS claimed yet could never prove.

The Family Court System Endorses Parental Alienation

The Family Court System is an Adversarial System that ultimately pits two possibly good parents AGAINST each other in a battle of winner takes all as exampled in the movie and it's title Kramer vs. Kramer. The vs. is short for versus which means against. That's our way of dividing families these days, and it's archaic and barbaric and simply NEVER in the best interest of the children. My divorce and subsequent Parental Alienation is proof of it. This could NEVER have happened if Mandatory Mediation were implemented, abolishing The Family Court System. In fact, NONE of what happened in my divorce would've happened, and this website wouldn't exist. That's why I advocate we Abolish The Family Court System in favour of Mandatory Mediation, which I claim is the civilized divorce comparitively to The Family Court System.

"Child clearly indicated that she sought out contact with Mr. Dad and wanted more time with her father. Collateral contacts, such as the Principal and Mr. Dad's former landlady reinforced the notion that child was very upset when her access to her was father was interrupted and that Mr. Dad shared a positive an attentive relationship with her."

Quote from the OCL Report assessment of child page 31

There is STILL no justifiable reason stated in this report WHY I can't see our daughter, or why NO ONE can see our daughter. And of course, nothing can ultimately justify her need to continue to deny my Family Court appointed Final Custody Access Order.

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It's All About Me And My Issues Says The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

Who's To Blame?#whos-to-blame-ask-the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes

Who's To Blame? Ask Dolores Alice Dukes

The OCL Report interview with Dolly adds such an insight into my divorce that I could not have gotten otherwise. I'm so thankful the mother's actions warranted a Judge issuing the Order for the OCL to get involved. Derek's investigation of the mother offers incredibly insigthful quotes from the mother, like her blaming everything on me, to which she still believes that to this day.

"the situation is Mr. Dad's fault and surrounds his issues."

Quote from the OCL Report interview with the mother Dolly

This is all my fault. I did something to cause this to me, in the mother's opinion and STILL to this day. There's SOMETHING I did to deserve this, only she hasn't stated it here. And if she did, it's only her opinion and there's NOTHING legally preventing me from having access to my daughter. There NEVER was, only the mother.

"Ms. Mom explained that she has limited contact with her siblings and nieces, partly due to disagreements over child rearing practices and the sale of the family cottage."

Quote from OCL Report interview with the mother Dolly

The mother's opinion is also that her own family are to blame as well for them not being able to see our daughter too. And my family, their either to blame or collateral damage because they don't get to see her too. And my daughter's friends, also to blame because the mother won't allow my daughter to have any old friends she had.

With this mentality comes a bit of paranoia. My daughter is not allowed on social media not because of the perceived threat of a young person on the internet poses, but rather because my daughter might contact me. Check out my last conversation with my daughter for my daughter admitting she's not allowed on Facebook, even though she has an account with her name on it..

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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