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Dolores Alice Dukes Separation and Divorce To @TMDILH For The World To Witness

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Dolores Alice Dukes
Alice-Oils Dolores Alice Dukes Modelling Parenting Alienation Since Dec. 26, 2010
Author of #SueUppi and mother of #SheKnowsYouDo
Final Court Order For @TMDILH Making Dolores Alice Dukes guilty of Contempt of Court since Dec. 26, 2011 Hosted At
Feb. 26, 2009
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This page is dedicated to exposing the true character that this website is based on, the mother of my daughter Dolores Alice Dukes who now goes by the name Alice Dukes RMT and is not malicious in intent, rather seeking to prove and archive how utterly damaging a Family Court divorce can be when one parent refuses to Co-Parent. The mother is guilty of Contempt of Court since Dec.26, 2010 and has since taken her complete Parental Alienation to extreme lately after the release of a secret email from my daughter to her father Jan. 8, 2018, her mother's 50th birthday. The secret email themed a "gamble" was hashtagged #SheKnowsYouDo, and when the mother trolled that Facebook posting, she replied pretending to be @TMDILH's daughter in a post hashtagged #SueUppi.

I believe #SheKnowsYouDo and #SueUppi are evidence that my daughter's life is in jeopardy, and it's all because of this parent taking advantage of The Family Court System.

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Written by >@TMDILH
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The Mother's Character And Horrific Parenting


Parental Alienation And In Contempt Of Family Court Since Dec. 26, 2011 Dolores Alice Dukes

#SueUppi Author
Author of #SueUppi and mother of #SheKnowsYouDo at
Dolores Alice Dukes has used Parental Alienation since the start of her separation and divorce from @TMDILH with the extreme parental alienation of any and all contact since Dec. 26, 2010, and that includes father, family, extended family and friends.
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It's quite easy to conclude, as this website proves, the mother did not and does not have the best interest of her child, from the beginning. I personally gave the mother plenty of freedom to do the right thing, yet at EVERY opportunity she had, she choose to do what was in HER best interest, OVER the child's personal wishes, health and well-being.

This page archives some highlights of Extreme Parental Alienation making Dolores Alice Dukes obviously in Contempt of Court and shows no regard for the child's best interest in denying all access to her daughter's entire other family, friends and acquintances. The secret email hashtagged #SheKnowsYouDo is the alienated 17 child reaching out to her erased father in a "gamble", and when I posted the #SheKnowsYouDo online, the mother trolled my Facebook page @TMGILH and responded pretending to be my daughter, in a posting hashtagged #SueUppi. Read all about @AliceDukesRMT and #ExtremeParentalAlienation.

Parental Alienation Parent Alice Dukes
Dolly Dukes aka Alice Dukes Parental Alienation Of Daughter Since Dec. 26 1011
Guilty of Contempt of Court since Dec. 26, 2010 when the mother Dolores Alice Dukes gave her 10 year old daughter an ultimatum with the threat being "you'll never see your father again" and proceeded to completely alienate our daughter from ANY contact or communication.

Mandatory Mediation would NEVER have allowed any of it.

The mother wasn't always like this. We'd started dating out of high-school and been together for 17 years before our daughter was born. Up until the very night of the birth of our child, we were that dreamy idyllic young couple wanting to start a family. We had the house, steady incomes, a great neighbourhood to raise a chld in Los Angeles and an amazing future ahead of us. In approximagely 36 hours after the birth, the mother would have a change of heart and begin doubting everything she ever knew about me, life and our child. Suddenly, everything was different. Postpardum Depression? Sure, until it never ends, then it's just who you are after that.

This Is Who The Mother Is Now.

The mother could call me to today and apologize and I would forgive her, but I KNOW she won't. Her family would probably, over time, forgive her but again I KNOW the mother has no remorse, no regret and no problem continuing the complete alienation of my daughter from father, family and friends.

I've never been one to tell my wife what to do. I certainly had NO SAY in my divorce so this is EXACTLY what the mother believes is what she should do, so she should have no problem with me displaying exactly what she's done for the whole world to see.

This page could have so much evidence included to showcase Dolores Alice Dukes in her divorce with @TMDILH so hopefully it will be updated soon.

Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center Alice Dukes RMT Instagram Page Li
k Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center Facebook Page Alice Dukes RMT DoTerra Page Alice Dukes RMT Pinterest Link Alice Dukes RMT Phone Number
Public Listings Of Dolores Alice Dukes Of Pickering ON Canada
Written by >@TMDILH
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The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Authors #SueUppi Trolling #SheKnowsYouDo


Impersonating @TMDILH 17 Year Old Daughter On #SheKnowsYouDo Proves #ExtremeParentalAlienation

Dolores Alice Dukes #SueUppi Author
Alice Dukes RMT Guilty Of Parental Alienation Since April 18, 2005 At Pickering Wellness Center
#SueUppi Author Dolores Alice Dukes couldn't help but respond to @TMDILH posting #SheKnowsYouDo troling as my daughter in hate-filled rant which has been submitted to CAS as evidence my daughter's life being in danger.
Dolores Alice Dukes sents a Ransom Note to @TMDILH and family Dec. 09, 2008 and bartered my daughter's Christmas Holidays taking them away in the end, heartlessly and definitely not in her daughters best interest.
Ransom Note
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Ever since @TMDILH receieved the secret email from alienated daughter since Dec. 26, 2010 by Dolores Alice Dukes, this website has documented her Contempt for a Family Court Order and expressed concern for the health and welfare of my daughter under the mother's roof.

Settling on this matter can avoid any further court time/costs and allow for Mr. Dad to re-establish a schedule with his daughter

Click For Dolores Alice Dukes Ransom Note Dec. 09, 2008

The severity of the authority and rule of Dolores Alice Dukes over her 17 year old daughter is the "gamble" my daughter writes of 3 times in the #SheKnowsYouDo email, thus stressing the emphasis of risk in her contacting her father.

Dolores Alice Dukes #SheKnowsYouDo Secret Email From Alienated Daughter To @TMDILH.
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Or you're the only person who really understands how much she can hurt Alienated Daughter to @TMDILH Father

Click For #SheKnowsYouDo Secret Email Jan. 08, 2018

Then out of the blue, @TMDILH gets an email in an alias name that could possibly be a distant family member, and it's my daughter who I haven't had any contact with since Dec. 26, 2010 writing me in a "gamble" that might indicate her life is at risk, from her mother Dolores Alice Dukes. The proof provided in the #SheKnowsYouDo email speaks of a living arrangement of Parental Alienation, with denied contact effecting her life, making her have questions and doubts about basic things, and somehow knowing to trust opening up to her father like this was at great risk, and I believe my daughter's life is in jeopardy.

The following #SheUppi response is my ex-wife and mother of our child trolling my Facebook page @TMDILH and in particular the #SheKnowsYouDo posting, with her reply hashtagged #SueUppi for the fake account name Dolores Alice Dukes chose to impersonate our 17 year old daughter.

#SueUppi Trolling Response By Dolores Alice dukes Pretending To Be @TMDILH Daughter
#SueUppi is the brainchild of Dolores Alice Dukes who established a fake account on Facebook to reply to #SheKnowsYouDo posting pretending to be @TMDILH 17 year old daughter in hate-filled rant on father with Fuck You submitted to CAS as evidence against the mother.
This could very well be the worst decision of my life

Click For #SheKnowsYouDo Email To @TMDILH Jan. 08, 2018

Written by >@TMDILH
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Dolores Alice Dukes Parental Alienation Start Date

Not Happy Letter/the-mother-alice-dukes#not-happy-letter

Dolly Dukes

The Letter That Started My Family Court Nightmare With The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

Mediator Warren Briggs Report Sept. 20 2015 @TMDILH
Sept. 20, 2005
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Not Happy Letter
The Mother's Not Happy Letter Left For Me On April 18, 2005
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This hand-written letter was left for me by the mother in our matrimonial house when I came home from work that night. Please note the lack of fear, no idication of violence or hatred towards me. example must be made for CHILD and I'm concerned she is not getting a good one. Dolores Alice Dukes to @TMDILH

Quote from the mother in her own handwriting

Also noteworthy is no indication of me being a bad parent, only an indication the environment she decribes in being yelled at and treated with disrespect was not good for child, and I agree, which is why I suggested Marriage Councelling.

very high level of conflict Warren Briggs Mediator Sept. 20, 2005

Click For Adversarial Incidents Page of the Evidence Section

The being yelled at and disrespect was from the both of us, by the way. It often happens when one parent isn't happy, and it was a known fact that Dolly wasn't happy any more. I still tried to help and encouraged her to take action to change it by suggesting she join a theatre group, which she did and Marriage Counselling, which she didn't want to do..

Dolores Alice Dukes blamed leaving me on our child needing a good example yet three months later was the mother allowing her new boyfriend Marty to start hitting our daughter and this was not the first time I had to contact CAS in regards to the mother's choices. Anyone reading this must then also conclude the entire reason for leaving blaming it on me was a lie, and what part of the mother Dolores Alice Dukes' behaviour is a good example?

"Child is safe and I'm not telling her bad things aboute her dad."

Quote from the letter the mother left for me April 18, 2005

This sentance is important because besides telling the daughter bad things, denying the daughter access and communication to the father for weeks after this letter does not imply bad things? Putting a Restraining Order on me in our very first Court Order is for bad people, right? What child WOULDN'T consider this something bad about their parent? It did only take until the unbelievable and incredibly dangerous Boxing Day 05 Incident to truly prove the mother devolving and making our divorce about revenge, instead of what's best for our child. If the mother's letter from April 18 was in good intent as she wants me to believe, there was NOTHING that was any good for our child about that incident other than truly taughting me who and what I was up against in my divorce just to remain a parent to our child..

I knew the mother was not happy as it was obvious to everyone, including family and friends. In Feb. of that year, I suggested she join a local theatre group, and she did. The play was a success and ran to sold out crowds the entire week. That weekend she was very happy, but the play was done. The mother left me the next Monday.

Written by >@TMDILH
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The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Posted A Facebook Hate Page

Facebook Hate Page/the-mother-alice-dukes#facebook-hate-page

Dolores Alice Dukes

Using My Full Real Name With Deadbeatdad And Sending It To All My Social Media Contacts

Facebook Hate Page
The Mother's Facebook Hate Page Dedicated To Me
Parental Alienation Website Icon And Favicon

The mother Dolores Alice Dukes constructed a very revenge-filled facebook account with my full legal name and the words deadbeatdad and not only set up to go public but notified all my friends on facebookk AND crossed over to my LinkedIn account and posted it to everyone there as well, to clarify her point.

Again Dolores Alice Dukes Pretending To Be Someone Else In @TMDILH Divorce

Exposing the mindset of true extreme Parental Alienation in an open public forum in fall of 2010 when Dolores Alice Dukes writes as if she is me talking, and as if I'm oblivious of my responsibilities and concerned on everything besides my daughter, making light of my activism and the advocacy actions.

Contempt of Court mother Dolores Alice Dukes constructed a fake Facebook account with my full name followed by Deadbeatdad and sent to it to my full Social Media circle of friends and work associates and ALL pretending to be me, written to appear as if @TMDILH wrote it.

This was an eye-opener for a lot of people who had only heard of my horrific divorce ordeal but never actually seen it. The mother at first was very covert, but eventually learned to pride herself on just how brazen she could be, with this a perfect exxmple. This was completely unlawful and hirtful of the mother to do but was extremely helpful to me, as it proved better than I could describe exactly the person I was dealing with.

All my friends came to my support me and admonished the mother for this, but Dolores Alice Dukes did not relent and kept replying, claiming no guilt and believing whole heartedly in her right to do this, so I kept it up. Many of my family and friends on Facebook suggested she be charged, and for it to be immediately taken down, however, I felt the mother should be able to express herself freely and it was beautiful evidence for me. Everyone agreed on that. The hate page stayed up for over a month, while many of the acquaintances of mine thought it was a joke, so the joke really was on Dolores Alice Dukes.

"To neglect a child is wrong regardless of any frustration with the legal system or ones ex."

Quote from the mother's Facebook Hate Page made for me

Of course, this quote was only supposed to apply to me.

Written by >@TMDILH
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The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Cancelled My Vehicle Insurance

Cancelled Insurance/the-mother-alice-dukes#cancelled-insurance

Pembridge Insurance

Dolores Alice Dukes Called The Police On Me Because Of A Birthday Ice Cream Cake

Insurance letter
The Mother Cancelled My Vehicle Insurance
Parental Alienation Website Icon And Favicon

The mother Dolores Alice Dukes, without my knowledge, illegally cancelled my Insurance Policy on the weekend I have my access. I believe she may have tried to call the police and have me stopped as well, although I found out in time for that to not happen.

This was intentional, and not an accident. I did something the mother did not like for our daughter's birthday, I bought my daughter an ice-cream cake that she asked for but was not allowed by the mother for whatever reason, and cancelling my vehicle's insurance was the mother's vindictive retaliation.

The mother's full intention was the have my daughter see the Police pull us over, and have her experience that, and then use it against me which she did. I wasn't informed of my Vehicle Insurance was cancelled but the mother did, and notified the Police timing it with my weekend access perfectly. Luckily, the Police didn't arrest me but gave me a 24 houe notice to prove Insurance, so it was merely the intend to embarrass me and the inconvenience while I'd rather be enjoying my limited time with my daughter.

To be precise, the cancellation happened soon after my daughter's birthday but on my access weekend. I was the policy holder and Dolly was added to my policy, which made it odd that Dolly could even cancel my insurance..

"Effective June 9/05 delete 1992 Toyota as per insured request."

Quote from Vehicle Insurance Cancellation letter

Funny enough, the Insurance Company aplogized and reistated my policy immediately telling me they were going to change their policy to not allow this to happen again, YET asked me if I wanted to cancel the mother off the insurance policy which is exactly what happened to me that they said they were going to change.

I didn't cancel my ex-wife's car insurance, as I believed she might still need it and went to proper length to notify the mother went the insurance was up for renewal, and that she was going to be without car insurance however, Dolores Alice Dukes' only reply was to have her beat up car towed to me.

Written by >@TMDILH
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The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Showing Her True Sense Of Class

Changed Daughter's Clothes/the-mother-alice-dukes#changed-daughters-clothes

Anything Bought By The Father Or Family Never To Be Seen Again

Parental Alienation Website Icon And Favicon

The mother throughout our separation and divorce would always try to appear the obvious better parent, like it was a competition or the similarly adversarial environment of The Family Courts. She would often lie to almost everyone she met about me. Almost everyone one of the staff of EVERY school my daughter attended was well aware of the mother, as she would assert her influence on everyone immediately.

"Ms. Mom admitted that she will go to child's school and require her to change her clothes near the end of the day before she sees her father."

Quote from the OCL Report page 14

I recall one winter weekend access with my daughter that I was excited about, because we'd planned for us to go toboganning. The previous access weekend I bought her a new snowsuit, hat, gloves and boots so she was ready. When I got to the school, my daughter was dressed only in a t-shirt, shorts and shoes, not anywhere near the clothing for winter. I ended up having to go through the Lost and Found grabbing her anything just to get out of the building. It was shameful of any parent to do that for any reason.

"Upon seeing Child, I was shocked at the state of the clothes and how they didn't fit her. I found out this was a regular thing where Dolores would deliver her in the worst clothes to see her Dad."

Quote from the mother's sister Crystal's affidavit

Written by >@TMDILH
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Dolores Alice Dukes Sent Me Her Trashed Car With Dog Poo In It

Trashed Car/the-mother-alice--dukes#trashed-car

Dolly Dukes

The Mother Used The Last Free CAA Tow On Our Membership To Send It To Me

My Lawyer's letter
My Lawyer Notifying The Mother Of Her Insurance Expiration
My Efforts Vs. The Mother's
Dolores Alice Dukes sent me her trashed car
Parental Alienation Website Icon And Favicon

There's a story behind this that reflects quite well on mine and the mother's character. It's starts with the separation itself, and how to manage the collateral assets such as her car.

When the separation was official, and there was doubt in the mother's actions whether she really wanted to separate, we both had vehicles that were paid for, but insured in my name, under my insurance policy, the same one she tried to cancel me off of. When my lawyer started planning to divide the assets, he sent a letter to the mother's lawyer wanting to know what to do about the insurance policy. The mother obviously would have to get her own. When the mother refused to respond on this topic, my lawyer then asked me whether I was going to cancel her off my policy. I said no, I would keep it going just in case, the same with my CAA coverage.

Character traits of her vs. me

Months past and still no answer on the insurance until it came time to renew it, which I did without the mother. That's when the mother had the car towed to me, using up the last CAA free tow on her membership. It also answered whether she still wanted insurance or not.

Noteworthy was the things I found in the car. Dried up dog poo, garbage, fast-food containers (which I never fed our daughter) and my daugher's homework which had references to me, her father and how she loved me.

Also confirmed were the extra efforts so that the car was officially trashed, and not a gift: sugar in the gas tank, missing random pieces of the engine, bashed out headlights, damaged passenger door, damaged sunroof so the rain would get in, and missing the stock radio that will not work in any other car and has no value removed.

Of course, all this was accomplished with her accomplice and soon to be fiance Marty Weeks.

Written by >@TMDILH
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Family And Friends Mean Nothing To Dolores Alice Dukes

Disowned Family/the-mother-alice-dukes#disowned-family

The Mother Never Showed Signs Of Remorse Or Regret Ever

Gogo Affidavit
The Mother's Own Mother Gogo's Sworn Affidavit Against Her Daughter
Grandma and Grand Daughter Quality Time
Grandma And Grand-Daughter Quality Time That Dolores Alice Dukes Wouldn't Allow
This is Dolores Alice Dukes' mother Gogo and my daughter, the relationship my daughter was not allowed by the mother.
Parental Alienation Website Icon And Favicon

The mother Dolores Alice Dukes has been trying to erase her past since our separation April 18, 2005. I've been erased of course, but so have her own family, including her own mother Margarie, or as everyone knew her as Gogo, the nickname my daughter gave to her and it stuck.

Gogo had amazing energy and was the matriarch of the family, even with her husband a Sargeant of the York Region Police. Gogo and I got along instantly and remained great friends to only become better friends after the divorce. Now this might seem a bit odd for a mother-in-law relationship, but it definitely was good to have throughout the divorce.

"None of the family had any contact with Dolores or CHILD for almost a year. Crystal, my daughter, called Mike's mom to ask Mike to see CHILD. And he did."

Quote from Dolly's mom Gogo's affidavit

Gogo was heartbroken and devastated when the mother essentially just stopped all communication with her entire family. Since our separation, I respected Gogo and Dolly's family and figured they wouldn't want anything more to do with me. But things changed drastically.

"Ms. Mom explained that she has limited contact with her siblings and nieces, partly due to disagreements over child rearing practices and the sale of the family cottage."

Quote from OCL Report interview with the mother Dolly

Daughter And Aunt Crystal Time
Dolores Alice Dukes Sister Crystal With @TMDILH Daughter Parental Alienation Hurts Everyone
This is Dolores Alice Dukes' sister Crystal with @TMDILH daughter, read Crystal's affidavit against her sister.
Crystal Affidavit
Dolores Alice Dukes'Sister Crystal Sworn Affidavit Against Her Sister

I frankly didn't know Dolores Alice Dukes alienated her entire family and to do it like she did, so harsh and utterly heartless. So, while I was still getting access to my daughter, I allowed Gogo and Dolores Alice Dukes' entire family access to my daugther. Dolly didn't.

"I believe Dolores is a flight risk, at risk of harming CHILD, and maybe at risk of harming herself."

Quote from Dolly's sister Crystal's affidavit

And when that happened, I realized that my divorce to Alice Dukes RMT was no longer just MY problem, the mother of my child hurt a LOT of people. But the circumstances unfolding as they did, it couldn't have proved exactly who I was any better nor could it prove exactly who the mother had become any better.

Of course, when trying to explain the actions of Dolores Alice Dukes to others, it's immediately a fact I like to share that I'm not the only one that suffers the abuse of the mother and not the only one completely alienated of any and all contact with my daughter. When Dolores Alice Dukes alienated her own family, the full understanding that this is more than than just a he said she said marital dispute disappeared. My divorce effected so many people, and not one family, friend, neighbour etc was exempt from the controlling nature of @AliceDukesRMT.

Mother In law
Dolores Alice Dukes' Mother-In-Law Sworn Affidavit Against Her
@TMDILH Grandma And Grand-daughter Time
Dolores Alice Dukes Daughter With @TMDILH Grandma Parental Alienation Hurts Everyone
This is Dolores Alice Dukes' daughter now taller than grandma at age 10.
I'm still on record as being the third party communicator and haven't heard from Dolores in months. I don't know where Dolores or CHILD are right now. No one does. Quote from @TMDILH Grandma's affidavit

Personally, no one had to experience Dolores Alice Dukes more than my mother, who was chosen by the mother as being a Third Party Communicator which meant grandma had to be present for every Child Access exchange, per the mother's request and to accomodate the Restraining Order placed upon me by Dolores Alice Dukes one week into our separation.

With all that I've seen, which most have not seen in regards to Dolores, I can't believe she would do this to CHILD. If Dolores truly loved and cared for CHILD, she wouldn't do any of this Quote from @TMDILH Grandma's affidavit

My mother witness so much and had never done anything wrong to Dolores Alice Dukes, welcoming her like family and assisting in baby-sitting and always willing to help. Regardless of the not deserving any of what Dolores Alice Dukes made us all endure, @TMDILH daughter did not deserve any of having her family erased from her life, and my mother simply could not understand how a parent could do what the mother did to her own child.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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Written by >@TMDILH
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