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The Saga Of The Matrimonial Home With Dolores Alice Dukes In Family Court

Matrimonial Home Nightmare#matrimonial-home-nightmare-with-dolores-alice-dukes-in-family-court

The dysfunction of how the matrimonial home was dealt with in The Family Court System resembled and personifies everything the mother did in our divorce, including the complete alienation of me FROM the matrimonial home very early on in the separation.

The Matrimonial Home built in 1846
The Matrimonial Home Our 5 Year Old Daughter Was Kidnapped From By Her Mother

The matrimonial was big, beautiful, historic, in one of the best school districts, on almost an acre of land, zoned commercial/residential and was completely paid for before my 40th birthday. I considered owning this place quite an accomplishment as it meant a certain level of success to me. This house was a sense of pride for both myself and the mother. She didn't have to work too hard to pay for it, merely maintain it. I did a wrath of renovation and repair work to make this home truly a comfortable and amazingly luxurious place to live. Life was great and with plans of creating a work from home situaion from the studio space above the garage, it certainly appeared that we could retire here and live a long prosperous life in this fabulous and unique home.

But it wasn't long before it would be all gone only to remain a painful memory to me now, starting with this hand-written letter left for me April 18, 2005 by the mother.


To Give My Daughter A Stable Life, I Gave Dolores Alice Dukes Posession Of The Matrimonial Home

Matrimonial Home Gone#matrimonial-home-was-gone-10-days-later-to-dolores-alice-dukes-in-family-court

Justice A.P. Ingram
Second Order
My Second Family Court Order

My second Family Court visit was only a blur of days after my wife leaving me taking our daughter, and just my second visit to The Family Courts, I gave the mother the matrimonial house so that my daughter could continue her schooling uninterupted. I offered to leave but it was the worst thing I could have done because as leverage goes, the matrimonial house is huge. Having possesion means you call all the shots, as I'd soon sadly learn.

"The Applicant, Dolores Mom shall have exclusive possession of the matrimonial home."

Quote from my Second Court Order


Dolores Alice Dukes Made Me Choose Between Child Access Or Matrimonial Home

Matrimonial Home Child Access Trade#the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes-trades-child-access-for-house

Justice R. Clark
Fifth Order
My Fifth Family Court Order

I would then get to enjoy my visitations at the matrimonial house, until that no longer suited the mother. I wanted weekend access and that was not going to happen at the matrimonial house now, so the mother had leverage.

It was months now after my separation and I still had no over-night weekend access with my daughter and by right should not have had to fight for it nor negotiate with the mother to achieve it, but The Family Courts promises you nothing and can't be held accountable so I negotiated with the mother just to remain a parent to my child.

The mother refused me over-night access until I relenquished my rights to the house and refused to even talk about anything else until this was agreed upon. Mandatory Mediation would've never allowed this situation but I gave in. I wanted what was best for my daughter so I agreed to never step foot in that house again, losing tens of thousands of dollars in the sale of it.

"The Respondent father's access shall continue at his residence, not the matrimonial home."

Quote from my Fifth Court Order

And with that, I'd never step foot into that big beautiful old house again.


The Realtor Contract To Sell The Matrimonial Home With Dolores Alice Dukes

Matrimonial Home Realtor Contract#realtor-contract-to-sell-the-matrimonial-home-with-dolores-alice-dukes

Sutton Realty
Realtor Contract
The Matrimonial Home Realtor Contract

The beginning of the selling of the house starts with the Realtor Contract being signed by both of us on . The difference between the two dates was because she agreed to go with Ernie but didn't tell me. I had another trusted Realtor who would sell for cheaper, but the mother didn't respond to any of my lawyer's request for information, so I eventually signed.

The mother would accuse me of delaying the selling process with my late signing however would delay the eventual selling of the house for months to come.

The selling of the house was all done through lawyers, and it was incredibly difficult to handle.


Selling The Matrimonial Home With Dolores Alice Dukes In Family Court

Selling The Matrimonial Home#selling-the-matrimonial-home-with-dolores-alice-dukes

Sutton Realty
MLS listing
MLS House Listing Of Matrimonial House

When it came time to sell the matrimonial house, I was no longer allowed to step foot in it after my fifth order. Dolores chose the family friend who had sold all of the family real estate, and I didn't object.

Apart from loving old homes, I also renovated them. From buying it, I did a countless number of repairs on it including a new roof, fixed big gaping holes in the cement rock foundation, fixed the sump pump, added a UV water filter, evacuated the resident squirrels, added a master bath to the master bedroom, piped in main floor laundry, and did a lot of insulating, but that's just the house.

The detached 700 sq. ft. garage was completely gutted and made into a proper one car garage with sizeable workshop and garbage/recycling room to protect from bears. I also was building a complete studio in the 350 ft. space above the garage, complete with 2 piece bath, kitchette and sliding door balcony that overlooked acres and led my daughter's planned tree house in the 40' evergreen tree beside the garage, from which you could see the CN Tower on a clear day.

When the house was being sold, I was not allowed in it.


Dolores Alice Dukes Won't Sell The Matrimonial Home

Mother Won't Sell Matrimonial Home#the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes-wont-sell-the-matrimonial-home

Sutton Realty
Realtor Involvement
Matrimonial House Realtor Involvement In Family Court

But the mother then changed her mind, so things got messy. I believe she was under the belief that her new boyfriend Marty might help her buy the place. Imagine this, I'm paying for the matrimonial house with a contract to sell the house and the Realtor had to get involved many times in my Family Court ordeal to help me sell it. The mother and boyfriend Marty Weeks removed the For Sale signs and wouldn't allow anyone in for viewings.

"the vendor from 1208 King St. called to say there will be no sho showings allowed period on the property. When I spoke to my secretary she indicated it was a male who called."

Quote from Realtor letter regarding Marty Weeks


The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Matrimonial Home Selling Delays

Matrimonial Home Selling Delays#the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes-matrimonial-house-selling-delays

Sutton Realty
Realtor Letter
Realtor Letter Used Against The Mother In Family Court

The mother's family realtor tells of Dolly starting the house selling delay by demanding the orignal copy, which didn't belong to her. She'd already agreed to sell as was ordered by The Family Courts to sell it, and with her signature on the contract there was absolutely no way she was entitled to it.

"Ms. Mom arrived at our office around 5:22pm and was very upset that only a copy was left for her and not the original."

Quote from Realtor letter regarding mother wanting contract


Dolores Alice Dukes Cancels Her Cell Phone To Delay Selling The House

Mother Cancels Cell Phone#dolores-alice-dukes-cancels-phone-to-delay-selling-matrimonial-house

Sutton Realty

Dolores Alice Dukes Was Supposedly Going To Buy The House But Can't Afford A Phone

Mother cancels phone
The Mother Cancels Her Phone To Avoid Her Responsibilies

Yet another delay tactic and effective because no communication was commonplace in my divorce and it wasn't just used on me. The mother severed all communication to everyone, inclduing her own family around this time. This is the beginning of no one being allowed to see our daughter.

"Please be advised that as of September 14, 2005 the phone number at the above property is no longer in service."

Quote from Realtor letter regarding her cancelling the house phone


Taking Dolores Alice Dukes To Court To Sell The House

Motion To Sell House#family-court-motion-to-make-dolores-alice-dukes-sell-the-matrimonial-house

Court Motion
Realtor Motion
Realtor Family Court Motion To Force The Mother To Sell The Matrimonial House

The Realtor and I eventually had to file a Motion to get the house sold. Please note, that I still had to keep paying for it, or risk losing everything. The mother had stopped contributing towards it by the end, but supposedly was trying to buy it, unemployed at the time.

"The Applicant and her boyfriend (or anyone acting on their behalf) are hearby restrained from interfering with the sale of the matrimonial home."

Quote from Court Motion to sell the house

Try to imagine having a Court Order to sell the matrimonial house, for which I have a needless Restraining Order against me from entering, and have the new boyfriend calling the Realtor saying there will be no sale of the house, meanwhile I'm still paying for it. Try to imagine that scene that is ONLY possible in The Family Court System just for a moment, then also know that same boyfriend was hitting my daughter in that same house, while the mother watched. Does that appear to be enough stress that I would have perfect motive to do something? Because I believed that was the reasoning behind it all, so I simply kept documenting just how low the mother would go.


Realtor Update On Dolores Alice Dukes Allowing Home Sale

Realtor Home Selling Update#realtor-update-on-dolores-alice-dukes-allowing-the-sale-of-matrimonial-house

Sutton Realty
Realtor Update
Realtor Update On Trying To Get The Mother To Sell The House

The Realtor updating me and the Family Courts upon the sale of the house. As you can see, there's quite an extensive list of things that would help the sale of the house, all of which I would've been able to take care of, but could not. I was not allowed by the mother to ever step foot in the house again, not even to an empty house to fix it up.

Lots of time being lost with the house not selling, and of course, with me STILL paying for it. I lost tens of thousands of dollars because of the depreciation of he house since I hadn't been able to step foot in it.

"Access (to the house) was further denied and the Real Estate signs removed on two separate occasions, until another court date on October 6, 2005. Finally keys were made available on October 16, 2005."

Quote from Realtor Update on the house

The matrimonial house which I called home and had thoughts of retiring in was finally sold in January approximately $40,000 under value.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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