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My Entire Separation and Divorce For The World To Witness

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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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Merely Some Of My Many Years Of Evidence

The Father @TMDILH#the-father-tmdilh-divorced-from-dolores-alice-dukes

My Divorce To Dolores Alice Dukes Made Public Because Of The Family Courts

The Father @TMDILH And Mother Dolores Alice Dukes
The Father @TMDILH And Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

I use the acronym @TMDILH in social media and to protect my full name in order to give my daughter privacy with regards to this matter. Hopefully if you can remember the name of the website, you can remember TMDILH which also helps in search engine queries, etc.

Since the separation from my wife Dolores Alice Dukes, the life I had before The Family Court System and today are night and day, because that's when my life turned into the nightmare it is today. The mother Dolores Alice Dukes captilized on everything she could in her divorce to me whereas I wanted to mediate and co-parent our daughter. Two completely different agendas but since The Family Courts don't discern between the better parent, only that the child has at least one, my divorce became the Parental Alienation since Dec. 26, 2011 that it is today.


The John Howard Society Was A Salvation For The Early Stages Of My Divorce

@TMDILH Joins Dads Group#tmdilh-joining-john-howard-society-dads-group-letter

Approximately 3 Weeks After My Separation @TMDILH Joined DADS Group

DADS Group
My DADS Of Durham Support Group At John Howard Society

This is the sign-in sheet for the DADS Group for Divorced men. I learned so much from this group and joined almost immediately after my separation so I got lucky with the timing.

The John Howard Society helped me so much so soon, and instilled the idea of saving and documenting everything because of the lies and multiple levels of deceit that is rampant in The Family Courts. They said to even keep receipts to prove where you were and when, but more importantly, where you weren't in case of lies. This was quite important information as it built the foundation for this website.

I'm the first name at the top and as you can see, I signed in as Optimistic as I generally am about life. I was immediately made group leader who's job was to keep in touch, and make yourself available to the others when and if needed. I tried to stay in touch with all of them only a divorced dad life is hard and takes you all kinds of places you never planned, so most fell out of touch quickly.


John Howard Endorsement Letter For @TMDILH

John Howard Society Letter#john-howard-society-endorsement-letter-for-tmdilh

Patricia Adrus, RSSW, HSC, LC
JHS Letter
My John Howard Society Endorcement Letter

The John Howard Society wrote me an endorsement letter and offering me to work for their group offering my communication skills. I couldn't do it but wanted to.

The counselling The John Howard Society offered me was immeasurable. They offered a great amount of consoling, so much advice and one on one counselling when times got bad for me. Without them, I don't know if I would've made it.

"As a result of Mr. Dad's effective communication skills and positive perspective utilized within the group setting this writer inquired of Mr. Dad as to if he would be interested in cofacilitating a DADS Group Program."

Quote from John Howard Society


My Divorce To Dolores Alice Dukes Mediation Attempt Report

Mediation Attempt Report#the-father-tmdilh-divorce-to-dolores-alice-dukes-mdiation-attempt-report

The Parental Alienation Pattern By Dolores Alice Dukes Had Already Started

Mediator Report This is the first Mediator that we attempted to use after separation, and his review. This was before The Family Courts, but noteworthy is the "generally tried to keep child away from her father" and "Ms. Mom would not accept accountability for the part she played in the conflict". As mentioned, this is EARLY ON in my separation, yet firmly established with the environment of our separation. The mother got extremely worse than this.

"Ms. Mom would not accept any accountability for the part she played in the conflict and generally tried to keep child away from her father."

Quote from Mediator Warren Briggs


The False Allegations From Dolores Alice Dukes Results

Anger Management Class#the-father-tmdilh-false-criminal-charges-anger-management-class

The False Criminal Charges From Dolores Alice Dukes Plea Bargain

The Salvation Army
Anger Class
My Anger Management Certificate

This is just another insult that adds itself to my Divorce. As as result of a false allegation of "Dangerous Driving" charge against me from my ex, a judge ordered ME to take an Anger Management Class. I agreed. That's when I learned the different kinds of anger, thus understanding my ex-wife even more. I also confirmed I don't have an anger management problem, and never have.

I agreed to take this class as a plea bargain for my false allegation of Dangerous Driving case against me by the mother. Even though the Judge concluded I did NOT endanger my ex-wife or child, and that the whole thing was an entire lie, it was STILL made conditional that I take this class that al charges agaisnt me be dropped.


Ending The Marriage Was Choice @TMDILH Had To Make

@TMDILH Files For Divorce#the-father-tmdil-files-for-divorce-from-the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes

After Separated For A Year @TMDILH Files For Divorce From Dolores Alice Dukes

Divorce Certificate

I eventually had to file an Court Order on for a Divorce but notice the date, over a year after our separation. Why so long? I don't know.

More than 2 months after my wife left me I asked if she wanted a divorce to which she replies "I am not doing the paper work for a divorce" and goes on to verify by writing "If anyone is saying so, I don't know why." The subject of divorce rarely came up at all until I started the motion to have my divorce finalized, oddly enough she didn't ever say she wanted a divorce. When we were first conversing and said she she didn't want one, I understood, but then it STILL didn't happen when she was telling everyone she ws engaged to Marty, and living with him. With ALL the hell she put me through, I really can't explain why it took so long to happen.


A Newspaper Article Written About The Parental Alienation From Dolores Alice Dukes

Newspaper Article About @TMDILH#newspaper-article-on-tmdilh-parental-alienation-from-dolores-alice-dukes

The Topic Of Divorce And Parental Alienation Is Not A Popular One

Newspaper Article
Newspaper Article Written About My Parental Alienation

I once had a Newspaper Article written about me and my situation. It was nice that someone showed an interest, and it was because the reporter had recently been divorced herself, and took pity in my situation. I do appreciate all interested in my story.

"He can see her picture but he cannot see her face. His calls go unanswered. He shows up at school only to find her not there. He attends support groups, has undertaken court battles, sent emails, cards, letters... all to no avail"

Quote from Newspaper Article written about me by: Newspaper Editor Shannon Deveau


The Very Real Family Responsibility Office Threat

Child Support Payment Threat##the-family-responsibility-office-child-support-payments-threa

Failure To Pay Child Support Payments Has An Ugly Ending For Many Dads

My lawyer's bill
Family Responsibility Threat That Every Dad Gets

This is the financial extortion that is divorce. This is clearly waiting for you from The Family Responsibility Office if you do not obey the rules. Even though I always have played by the rules, and the mother clearly hasn't, it was me that had my Driver's Licence taking away twice illegally, even when being denied my access for over a year and a half by the mother. The FRO does not care whether I'm getting my access, only that I pay.

"The Family Responsibility Office will driect the Federal Government to suspend all federal schedule licences you possess, including your passport. This will happen without any further notice to you."

Quote from Family Responsibility Office threat


Child Support Payments For Divorced Non-Custodial Parents

Child Support Payments#child-support-payments-for-non-custodial-parents-in-family-court

Child Support Payments Can Be Do Or Die In Family Court

Child Support Payments I paid Child Support for 5 years. In that time, FRO took away my Driver's Licence 2 times illegally using the "DeadBeat Dad Law" but clearly I was no deadbeat as I was paying. And it only gets worse from there.

Each reinstatement of my Driver's Licence costs $550, $400 to FRO for "Administative Fees" (ENF FEE - DLS code on the payments) but I consider them extortion fees. Each time was devastating because I had to change jobs, earn extra money, and keep paying Child Support, and figure out my access arrangements, then afford to get my Licence back. By the third time I was broke, so FRO took away my Driver's Licence, Passport, and high-jacked my Back Account. I've been unable to pay since, but who could under these circumstances? I've been denied access to my daughter permanently by the mother since. This vicious circle was created by The Family Court System who enabled the mother to get away with this since the beginning, thus deciding this fate. The ultimate victory in Family Court is to ruin the other, and the mother clearly did everything in her power to do so, and everyone including my daughter and I are the victims.


@TMDILH Famiy Lawyer Bill In Divorce To Dolores Alice Dukes

Family Court Lawyer Bill#the-father-tmdilh-family-lawyer-bill-in-divorce-to-dolores-alice-dukes

My Divorce Cost Over $60,000 Just In Family Lawyer Costs Only

My lawyer's bill
My Family Court Lawyer Bill

My laywer bill and him advising me that I will be fighting with the mother indefinitely and refers to my Criminal Lawyer which I needed when the mother falsed accused me of a Criminal Act.

This isn't the total bill as that ended up being around $60,000 when all was said and done. The fact that it cost me that much in employment, lost wages, travel and court expenses which can't be proven as easily.

"As I have said, you will be fiighting with Delore indefinitely. Michael, this is an extremely stressful file for me."

Quote from my lawyer: Mediator >Brian Evans

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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