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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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The Children's Aid Society Involvement In My Divorce To Dolores Alice Dukes

The CAS Reports#childrens-aid-society-reports-on-dolores-alice-dukes

Serious False Allegations From The Mother Alice Dukes RMT

Darlene Carlson (CAS)
The Father @TMDILH And Dolores Alice Dukes
Matrimonial Home Parental Alienation Starts From
The things that vindictive parents do in The Family Court System should be made public because it effects our children and they're suffering needlessly in The Family Courts.

When there's protective or parenting concerns in The Family Court System, the Children's Aid Society is then involved some how, either by a one parent asking for their involvement or the Judge getting them involved. Mostly in my case, it was the mother attempting to use the CAS to her advantage in filing false allegations with them about me.

This is also the most typical type of involvement the CAS deals with.

The mother did some vicious lying when she felt it might benefit her, so at one point, the mother told CAS that I did enough things to warrant an investigation. So, there was meeting at my lawyer's arranged where CAS sent a worker and a lawyer ready to charge me with something. This report not only validates me as a parent, it shows the climate which my divorce had sunk to. False allegations everywhere at any chance the mother could, the same kind of adversarial nature of The Family Court System.

CAS Report"
Children's Aid Society False Allegations From The Mother Report

In my marriage, the mother did not behave like this. She didn't start our separation this way nor was any of this warranted by me. This was learned behaviour by the mother with clear intention for me to removed from my daughter's life, permanently. And this is only possible in The Family Court System, in fact, I believe The Family Courts teaches this kind of behaviour. The adversarial environment of winner takes all creates this.

"It was alleged that when wisits with you, you share a bed with her, sleep in the nude, video tape her and show it to your friends"

Quote from CAS confirming false allegations from the mother

" were alleged to have been driving erratically ad attempted to run down your ex-wife and child."

Quote from CAS confirming false allegations from the mother

All proven false. I've been dodging false allegations since the beginning yet there is NO REASON why I shouldn't STILL be seeing my daughter, and every reason the mother should be charged. But I'm not that kind of guy, I just let the mother keep showing her true self.

"It is our position that there are no protection concerns with respect to Dad continuing his access to his daughter CHILD and that it will only further be a detriment to her if she is continued to be separated from her father."

Quote from CAS report on my parenting

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Children's Aid Society Involvement Because Of Alice Dukes RMT

The CAS Involvement#childrens-aid-society-involvement-because-of-dolores-alice-dukes

Darlene Carlson (CAS)
CAS Involvement"
Children's Aid Involvement Because Of The Mother

The mother involved the CAS a couple of times,trying to get them to side with her, but it didn't work out, and they warned her the first time with regards to The McDonalds Incident, even coming to my defense with the police. But the second page gets serious with regards to the mother's antics, we BOTH could lose access, NOT reversing the access.

"This is clearly a violation that was preempted by Dolores and she was cautioned around this violation."

Quote from CAS involvement report

However, no matter how CAS sees this, it's always without pointing complete blame on the mother, rather sharing equally with me as well.

"However, if it continues...the Society will be in a position to apprehend child and take her into our custody."

Quote from CAS involvement report

So the mother's actions threaten our daughter on a whole other level, and so does my simply trying to legally access my child.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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