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Parental Alienation By Alice Dukes RMT Hurts Family Most

The Alienated Family#the-alienated-family-from-dolores-alice-dukes

Dolores Alice Dukes Alienated Her Child From Her Own Father, All Family Members and Friends

Alice Dukes RMT
Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center

When access to my daughter was denied to me, it wasn't just me that suffered, and of course, it wasn't just me who my daughter was missing out on.

The mother's own family and friends. They all saw my access dwindle down to nothing, and tried to help me get it back because without my access, they'd never see my daughter again. Dolores Alice Dukes' own family all support me getting my access because without it, we all lose.

Most people are rather surprised to find out my Parental Alienation has nothing really to do with me as a parent. It's more than that. It's about control, and when one parent won't relequish control of a child, could you imagine how it feels to have it forced on you? Most parent's couldn't. I couldn't until it happened to me. Fortunately, I had and still do have the support of the mother's family, and when I do get my daughter again, they'll see her too.

My relationship with the mother Dolores Alice Dukes lasted 20 years, which means I knew her entire family for that long too, and grew very fond of Gogo, the mother's mother. Typically the mother-in-law son-in-law relationship isn't one that is noteworthy, but mine was. I loved Gogo, her nickname given to her by my daughter. Marjarie was her given name, but because of Marj's energy, Gogo was adopted easily by everyone, and everyone loved Gogo except Dolores Alice Dukes. Gogo's youngest daughter alienated her own mother from her life as well as Gogo's grand-daughter, and that broke Gogo's heart. Read on to know more of the devastation caused by Parental Alienation in The Family Court System.


Dolores Alice Dukes Mother-In-Law Affidavit Against Her

Dolores Alice Dukes Mother-In-Law Affidavit#dolores-alice-dukes-mother-in-law-affidavit-against-her

My Mother Is The Third Party Access Necessary For Me To Access My Child

My Mom's Affidavit
My Mother's Sworn Affidavit Supporting Me
Grandma and Grand Daughter Time
TMDILH Grandma With Grand-Daughter
Dolores Alice Dukes alienated Grandmothers from my daughter as well

My mother was very involved in my access, partly because she wanted to but also because she needed to. My mother also knew Dolores Alice Dukes very well but was so confused on how a mother could do that to her own daughter. Countless hours of talking with her didn't make her feel any better because precious time was wasted with denied access, a constant feeling throughout Parental Alienation.

My mother saw so much of the abuse of Dolores Alice Dukes first hand being the third party access and named as such in all paperwork for most of my divorce. Third Party Access refers to Child Access Orders from The Family Courts, and it means the mother Dolores Alice Dukes must drop off our child to my mother at The McDonalds and leave so as to not have contact with me. The Restraining Order the mother requested against me demanded that these rules be observed for fear of breaching a Restraining Order. Since a lot of incidents happened at these Child Access Transfers by Dolores Alice Dukes, my mother was witness to a LOT of bad parenting and it effected my mother deeply. Parental Alienation hurts everyone.

To read more about exactly what events my mother was a witness to, check out the McDonald's Incident where a hostage-like stand-off between the mother Dolores Alice Dukes and I had to negotiate the child access with the mother not willing to let go of my daughter's arm for like 15 minutes in front of restaurant of witnesses. Or the time when Mother's Day did not land on the mother's access day, so the mother Dolores Alice Dukes lied about an arrangement she'd made with my mother in an incident also involving the Police. My mother was in her seventies when all this was happening.

I'll post links to all the incidents involving my mother here soon.

"None of the family, myself, Mike or CHILD have done anything to deserve any of this treatment from Dolores."

Quote from my mother's affidavit

Sadly, my mother recently passed away and was never able to see her Grand-daughter one last time.


Dolores Alice Dukes Brother Affidavit Against Her

Dolores Alice Dukes Brother Affidavit#dolores-alice-dukes-brother-affidavit-against-her

Warren's Affidavit
The Mother's Brother Warren's Sworn Affidavit Supporting Me
Uncle Warren and Neice Time
TMDILH Uncle Warren With Grand-Daughter
Dolores Alice Dukes alienated Uncles like her brother Warren from my daughter as well

Dolly's older brother Warren was the last person of her family to see Dolly, and his story involves getting to know Marty, and being a Home Inspector, tells exactly the conditions that my daughter lived in.

"I personally drove Mike on numerous occasions from CITY to CITY to access CHILD from her school or McDonalds and witnessed either CHILD not being there, or Marty and Dolores not letting us have her. "

Quote from Dolly's brother Warren's affidavit

Warren was also a certified Home Inspector and had visited Dolores Alice Dukes when she and our daughter were living with Marty Weeks and didn't have much good to say about the old century home and farm. In fact, the Police Reports of Marty Weeks house and cows getting onto a major highway multiple times tells the story suitably.

"I can say the home was in a state of disrepair with unacceptable high levels of ecoli."

Quote from Dolly's brother Warren's affidavit

The mother Dolores Alice Dukes is trying to erase her past, and is more than willing to erase her family to do so. Warren is a super great guy who was willing to do anything to help his little sister Dolores Alice Dukes. Warren's a good guy to know since he's a all around handyman and mechanic, but Dolores Alice Dukes alienated her brother from seeing her or my daughter along with everyone else.

"Marty, after Dolores left him, visited me. I wouldn't let him in the house. He asked if I would contact Dolores for him, or help Dolores because he said she was sick."

Quote from Dolly's brother Warren's affidavit


Dolores Alice Dukes Sister Affidavit Against Her

Dolores Alice Dukes Sister Affidavit#dolores-alice-dukes-sister-affidavit-against-her

Crystal's Affidavit
Aunt Crystal and Neice Time
TMDILH Aunt Crystal With Grand-Daughter
Dolores Alice Dukes alienated Aunts like her sister Crystal from my daughter as well

Dolores Alice Dukes has older sister named Crystal who tried so much to be really close to Dolly, but realized soon after the divorce started exactly who the real Dolores Alice Dukes was after being so hurt by her little sister.

"Approaching Christmas holidays of 06, my daughter Alice, told me she had seen Mike and he was friendly and responsive. Up until then there had been almost no contact of the family and Mike. I then called Mike's mom to ask for Mike to call me. He did, and I then pleaded to see CHILD, and he obliged. I hadn't seen or heard from her for almost a year."

Quote from Dolly's sister Crystal's affidavit

A divorce in The Family Court System typically divides families into warring adversaries because of it's parent vs. parent theology, so for the first year of my divorce I was actually divorced from the mother's family as well until Crystal learned very quickly who her little sister truly was. Dolores Alice Dukes utilized Parental Alienation of her child from her entire family, with all communication severed as well. With the family blood bond broken, Crystal reached out and found she could get access to my daughter through me, she now Crystal knew who she could really trust.

"I think Dolores is a very selfish, insensitive person and is not thinking of CHILD first. I also can easily see more problems soon, if something isn’t done about it."

Quote from Dolly's sister Crystal's affidavit

Crystal, as well as other family members signed sworn affidavits submitted to Family Court against Dolores Alice Dukes and supported me by attending The Family Court cases with me against Dolores Alice Dukes. This speaks of the character of a person who would do such a thing to an innocent child.

"When Mike had access to CHILD, we had liberties and freedoms to see CHILD all we wanted. Then we've all seen our access and Mike's access dwindle down to nothing. We've also seen him actively participating in getting her back."

Quote from Dolly's sister Crystal's affidavit


Dolores Alice Dukes Own Mother Affidavit Against Her

Dolores Alice Dukes Mother Affidavit#dolores-alice-dukes-mother-affidavit-against-her

Gogo Was Devasted When Dolores Alice Dukes Denied Her Mother Access

Gogo's affidavit
The Mother's Mother Gogo's Sworn Affidavit Supporting Me
Grandma Gogo and Neice Time
TMDILH Grandma Gogo With Grand-Daughter
Dolores Alice Dukes alienated Grandparents like her Grandma Gogo from my daughter as well

Gogo is the grandmother, Dolly's mother, and got her nickname from my daughter, and it stuck. Her real name is Marj and she tells a devastated story of a heartless child, who caused her mother a heart attack, many sleepless nights, and premature aging which landed her into a Seniors Home.

"For over 20 years, I’ve known Mike to be exceptionally kind to his mom. We’ve been able to talk about anything and looking back, I’ve never had a problem with him. Since the separation, I’ve learned I can trust Mike over my own daughter, and I believe him to be the better parent, and my only chance to see CHILD."

Quote from Dolly's mother Gogo's affidavit

Gogo and I were incredibly good friends. We had lots in common and could often talk for hours, noteably when I first started dating Dolores, Gogo and I would stay up way past when Dolly went to bed chatting well into the night. We just clicked.

"Around then, I started attending with Mike's mom at McDonalds, and did so a countless number of times to try to get CHILD, only to see Dolores and Marty not deliver CHILD, but drive away upon seeing us. At first I couldn't explain that, but now I stop trying to explain letting CHILD see all this, because she would always be there, teasing us, but not get her, and have everyone drive home sad. I'm sure CHILD would be upset at this. She always loved seeing her dad. They were great together."

Quote from Dolly's mother Gogo's affidavit

The Family Court System does not contend for proper family visitation, because this they consider it visitation and nothing crucial to the child, and yet just another aspect of why this website advocates we abolish The Family Court System in favour of Mandatory Mediation. In mediation, grandparents and family access to the child can be factored in, because it's in the best interest of the children.


The Reason For Dolores Alice Dukes Alienating Her Child From Everyone

Dolores Alice Dukes Reason For Alienation#the-mother-alice-dukes-rmt-reason-for-alienating-her-child-from-her-family

Dolores Alice Dukes Reasoning To Disown Her Family from the OCL Investigator Derek Forster's report. Dolores Alice Dukes continues to alienate her entire family from seeing my daughter because of not being included in the family's cottages share of the selling. She was never interested in the money before, but now, it's enough to vow her own family to never see my daugher again.

"Ms. Mom explained that she has limited contact with her siblings and nieces, partly due to disagreements over child rearting practices and the sale of the family cottage."

Quote from Dolly regarding disowning her own family


Dolores Alice Dukes Family In Family Court Supporting Me

Dolores Alice Dukes Family In Court With Me#the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes-family-in-family-court-supporting-tmdilh

Scathing Affidavits From Dolores Alice Dukes' Family Against Her

The mother's family with me in Family Court
Dolores Alice Dukes' own family in Family Court with me and my mother

I knew my divorce was going to be hellish when the mother's own family has to appear in Family Court to support me getting my access, because without it they'd never see my daughter again either.

Since I'd known and dated Dolly for over 20 years, I knew her family for that long as well. Although I couldn't really say we were close but we became good friends over the years. Crystal's husband Al would always work on my vehicles since he's a Master Mechanic and had his own garage.

I'd ofter spend quality summers at the family cottages and at Gogo or Crystal's house enjoying each other's company. After the divorce, I'd attend Gogo's house to keep up the landscaping because I like doing that. Plus, I'd always liked Gogo and knew she liked the house kept looking proper.

"When Mike had access to CHILD, we had liberties and freedoms to see CHILD all we wanted. Then we've all seen our access and Mike's access dwindle down to nothing."

Quote from Dolly's sister Crysta's affidavit speaking on behalf of the family

These people did not deserve to not see my daughter again. I gladly let them spand quality time with her because that's what my daughter wanted. If she didn't like them it would be different but they're good people, and don't deserve the treatment they got, and still get, from Dolly.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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