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My Entire Separation and Divorce For The World To Witness

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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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The Truth About Dolores Alice Dukes And Nothing But The Truth

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Parental Alienation From Start To Finish In The Family Courts

My story is incredible to believe. For the first 5 years, I couldn't be believe it either. But, I had no choice, throughout. It was either fight for my right to parent, or lose her forever. Well, sadly, I've experienced both. The hell that has been my life for my 10th year still has me having nightmares, or night terrors as they call them. Imagining your child dead in a ditch has that effect on you. The times I've cried for her is countless. The years of lost wages, losing my driver's licence 3 times, being denied a passport renewal, and having my bank account completely depleted randomly is also all in this website.

Alice Dukes aka Dolores "Dolly" Dukes
Alice Dukes has taken away her daughter's father, family and friends.

I don't have to exagerate anything. The facts are all here, and they speak for me. What I've endured, not many men could, or have. What my daughter has gone through is unimaginable. The effects of the Family Court System on my daughter and I is immeasurable. And I'm supposed to just carry on? Forget That. This is me, being a father and demanding people know what is going on, in reality! Parents are processed like swine to the slaughter, and our children are always the victims.

Is This What We're Teaching Our Children As Conflict Resolve, Communication, And Diginty?

My daughter now does not know me. We were inseperable. She has been told nothing but lies, by her mother who the Courts deemed the best parent. Under her mother's roof, my daughter is not allowed to have a father; no phone calls, no keepsakes, no presents, no pictures, and to the point of no mention. I've been erased, and my daughter is now petrified by an authority figure, rather than a parent.

I Am NOT Allowed In My Daughter's Life And She Knows It, That's Why I Created This Website.

if you believe all children are entitled to both parents, then you fundementally believe in abolishing the Family Court System. It allowed my daughter's mother 8 Contempt of Court charges, but no fine, or punishment, or deterent. In fact, I lost every time.

Mandatory Mediation is a solution to The Family Court System for any divorce or separation involving children. One mediator representing everyone in a comfortable safe environment as opposed to two lawyers in parent vs. parent in Family Court.

This website is also dedicated to all parents of divorce. If you've sufffered the Family Courts; the indignity, the costs, the lost time and the completely archaic decision making process, spread this website around. It's time the shit hit the fan!