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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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Dolores Alice Dukes Committed Parental Alienation Using Her Daughter's School

Parental Alienation At Schools#parental-alienation-by-alice-dukes-rmt-through-the-school

My Parental Alienation Facilitated By The Durham Region School Board

At first the mother attempted to alienate me from my daughter through The Family Courts, but she soon got very brazen and asserted her authority over my daughter's schools, which means every school. There were three of them during the time I still had access. As evidenced with the Abduction Video, the mother simply utilized the school to break my Family Court Orders.

The school was the battle ground for a LOT of my denied access, but was also a validated source of evidence proving just how manipulative the mother became towards my access denial.


School Board Lawyer More Powerless Against The Mother Alice Dukes RMT Quote

School Board Lawyer More Powerless Quote#durham-school-board-lawyer-ted-bartley-confession

My Family Court Order of access CAN be legalled breached by any "Custodial Parent" simply by utilizing the child's school to deny the access.

School Board Lawyer Ted Barthley More Powerless Quote
"We are more powerless to do anything than The Family Court System."

Durham District School Board Lawyer Ted Baretley

This recording is one of the very few meetings the School Board would grant me, and The School Boards Lawyer was there to say this.. The mother, who was deemed "Custodial Parent" by The Family Court System has the power within the School Board System to usurp my Court Order by taking our daughter out of school early, only on my Child Access days. My access was specifically nade at my daughter's school as to avoid the mother entirely. That was the problem, as the mother would simply NOT be allowing me my access.


The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Used The School For Parental Alienation

Alienation At Child's School#the-mother-alice-dukes-rmt-played-the-school-for-parent-alienation

For most of my divorce, the mother insisted on picking up my daughter from school early on my access days, basically denying my access or over-ruling my Court Order. The School was the vehicle for the mother to continue to exercise power and control over me, denying mine and my daughter's rights, but the School Board would not do anything about it. I eventually met Lisa Miller who is the SuperIntendent of the School Board, and the School Board Lawyer, and this is what came out of it.

School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley Mack Truck Quote
"Your ex-wife has brilliantly driven a Mack truck through the loophole."

Quote from School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

This is the School Board Lawyer's acknowledgement. Nothing has been done to stop the mother from contempt of my court order.


School Board Lawyer Defines Disruptive

School Board Lawyer Defines Disruptive#define-disruptive-school-board-lawyer-quote

Throughout the mother denying my access from the school came the responsibility of who was going to stop her. It defied their own logic, rules and principles of running a school. I emphasized that if ONE PARENT can figure this out, then what's the chance that it's happening everywhere? This again is the School Board Lawyer explaing things clearly to me. They WILL NOT stop the mother, or "Custodial Parent" as they refer to her as.

School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley Not Disruptive Answer
My ex pulling my daughter out kicking and screaming on my access days in not disurptive? Not to the school."

Answer From School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

School Board Lawyer's stand was the "Custodial Parent" was allowed to do such a thing: Contempt of Court Order on school property, using the school.


The Illegal Principal's Letter That Began My School Alienation

Illegal Principal Letter##the-illegal-principals-letter-greater-than-a-family-court-order

Principal Eva Matthews

This is so many degrees of illegal.

Principal Letter"
Principal Eva Matthews Illegal Letter essentially overruling My Family Court Order

This Is How You Legally Kidnap A Child From School Overruling A Family Court Order

First off, the mother barters a deal at the bottom left which says "Child will be transferred to Mr. Dad by Ms. Mom." which goes against my Court Appointed Access of picking my daughter to and from the school. A Judge agreed this was best for my access because of the increasingly high level of conflict still from the mother. The principal and mother initialize this secret agreement together (in the circle) which proves the entire thing. As soon as the SuperIntendent of the School Board signed off on it (lower right, dated later), this piece of paper now OVER RULED my Court Ordered Access. All of this is ILLEGAL!

"Child will be transported to Mr. Dad by Ms. Mom."

Quote from Principal Eva Matthews letter

Ever since this I've had a problem with The School Board. At first their lack of wanting to get involved was respected, but then it was manipulated by the mother. When brought to The School Board's attention that a Breach Of Court Order was being allowed by virtue of the mother taking our daughter out early on my access days, their reply was they cannot stop the Custodial Parent from doing anyting, even contributing to the breaching of a Court Order.


My Daughter's Principal Speaking About Alice Dukes RMT

Principal Speaking About Alice Dukes#principal-eva-matthews-speaking-about-dolores-alice-dukes

Principal Eva Matthews

Principal Tells My Daughter's First Time Abducted From School This was the beginning of the end. My daughter knew it was my weekend with her and was physically kicking and screaming as she was dragged out of the classroom. She kept repeating "it's my dad's weekend" at the top of her voice, while crying. THIS IS IN THE CHILD'S BEST INTEREST? How massively disturbing is that to a child? Plus, she lost out on being with me when we had such amazing plans made.

"The Child was very upset by this and kept repeating that it was her weekend to be with her father."

Quote from School Principal Eva Matthews


School Attendance Report Confirming Dolores Alice Dukes Parental Alienation From School

Attendance Report Proving Alienation#attendance-summary-proof-of-alice-dukes-parental-aliention-from-school

Attendance Summary
Attendance Summary Documenting Child's Absence From School On My Access Days

The proof of my acess denial is in the School Attendance Record when the mother signed our daughter out early on ALL of my access days. This report, which confirms the mother taking her out of school on MOST of my access days but not all. The report was not accurate because the report only documents the mother signing out the child, as per protocol. But since ALL of my access days were denied, I then got the Principal to confirm that the mother was STILL continuing to not sign out child out when taking her out of school early. She was never punished, or the police never showed.


Principal Confirms Extra Absence And Alice Dukes Deceit

Principal Confirming Extra Absence#principal-confirming-extra-absence-and-alice-dukes-deceiving-the-school

Principal Angela Douglas
Confirming Absence
Principal Letter Confirming Extra Absent Days Mother Tried To Hide

The mother would constantly just take my child out of her school early, only on my access days. I would collect the attendance sheets, but they didn't reflect the actual days the mother was doing this. The Principal investigated and found it was because the mother was doing it without signing the child out, which the mother was warned about. These dates were the dates NOT listed on the regular attendance, meaning the mother CONTINUED to disobey protocol and not sign our daughter out. The mother knew I would collect the attendance as proof, so not signing our daughter out was the mother's attempt to conseal her manipulative ways. But having a Prinicpal's signature on this proves the mother did it deliberately, as those dates are exactly my access days. This was back when I first had every Wednesday access, and every other weekend.

"The Child has been absent from class by 3:00 on Wednesday November 19th, December 3rd, 10th, and 17th."

Quote from School Principal A Douglas letter


Principal Lunn Testimony Against Dolores Alice Dukes

Principal Lunn On Alice Dukes RMT##principal-lunn-testimony-against-dolores-alice-dukes

Principal Lunn

Principal Lunn Testimony This document could not paint a better description of my situation and divorce. She was the Principal that saw it all happen and tells it honestly. Ms. Lunn informed that she never experienced any issues with Mr. Dad despite Ms. Mom making a number of unverified assertions about him.

"Ms. Mom was insistant that Mr. Dad was an American citizen and would potentially take Child out of the country. Ms. Mom would come into the building and tell the school staff that they must call 911 if Child did not show up for school from her father's care."

Quote from School Principal S. Lunn

Note the descriptions of the mother saying a number of unverified assertions and having many discussions and was insistent I was an American Citizen which I'm not. That's HOW MUCH the mother wanted my daughter and I separated. Thank You Principal Lunn.

"Mr Dad always presented in a calm manner during contacts with the school personnel."

Quote from School Principal Ms. Lunn


Asking Permission To Know Where Alice Dukes RMT Took Our Daughter To

Asking Permission To Know Daughter's School##asking-permission-to-know-what-school-dolores-alice-dukes-transferred-our-daughter-to

Administrative Officer Janet Edwards
Info Release
Release Of Information Act Required To Know My Daughter's School

When there's a Restraining Order in The Family Courts, everything about child access exchanges becomes very complicated, legally and otherwise. This was especially the case when the mother changed our daughter's schools, which she did 3 times during the course of my still getting my access. Each time the mother relocated to another city it was also another school for our daughter. Most of these times was mid-semester so the entire thing must have been quite disruptive to my daughter and as well it certainly proved to be interesting for this non-custodial parent to actually find out my daughter's new school. I had to ask permission, or to be more precise, the School Board Administrative Officer had to ask the mother's permission whether I was allowed to know my daughter's school information, even though my Court Order specifies my access exchange happen to and from her school.

Each time a new school happened, it took almost a month for me to know where it was from my initial request to know because the mother not responding back. The example shows Janet Edwards setting a deadline date that was set up for the mother to respond, so if she didn't respond by a certain time it was deemed OK for me to know where my daughter was now going to school. The mother often showed that kind of attitude towards taking responsibility in these matters, despite demanding everyone else respond immediately to her requests.

I did work out a system with each new school where the School Board Superintendent would introduce me to each new Principal to explain my on-going situation with a stubborn mother who would NOT play by any rules or common decency. The School Board would arrange special meetings with me and each new Principal just to account for the mother's actions. That was normal in my divorce, incredible huh? The School Board could just demand the mother obey the law and my Court Order but they never did.


The Trespass Act Used By Alice Dukes RMT For Parental Alienation Through Daughter's School

Trespass Act Used Only On Me#the-trespass-act-used-by-alice-dukes-for-parental-alienation-through-the-school

Principal Eva Matthews
Trespass Act
School Board Lawyer Trespass Act Sent To Me

The Trespass Act was mailed to me by Principal Eva Matthews, approved by District School Board Lawyer Ted Barley, and was used against me getting my access from my daughter's school, not for it's intended purpose of stopping people like the mother from breaking a Family Court Order. Although it clearly states anyone disrupting the school, and as clearly the mother did. Watch her utilize the Trespass brazenly in this video EVERY School Principal has decided that breaking a Court Order was NOT a disruption. When they did this, my life went to hell.

"The Pricipal of a school may direct a person to leave the school premises if the Prinicpal believes that the person is prohibited by regulation or under a board policy from being there."

Quote from School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

This would be perfect if applied to the person breaking the Family Court Order, but it was only applied to me.

"A failure to comply with these conditions may result in a call to the police, your forcible removal from schoool property if necessary, and/or a change of trespass being laid against you."

Quote from School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

This was clearly a serious matter but NEVER was The Trespass Act used, or intended to be used, to protect the school against the mother, who was the obvious only problem. It could be a fine of up to $5000 and seriously losing the chance to ever see my daughter at school always riding on everything I did.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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