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Dolores Alice Dukes Committed Parental Alienation Using Her Daughter's Schools

Parental Alienation Facilitated By The Durham District School Board

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At first the mother attempted to alienate me from my daughter through The Family Courts, but she soon got very brazen and asserted her authority over my daughter's schools, which means every school. There were three of them during the time I still had access. As evidenced with the Abduction Video, the mother simply utilized the school to break my Family Court Orders.

The school was the battle ground for a LOT of my denied access, but was also a validated source of evidence proving just how manipulative the mother became towards my Child Access denial.

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School Board Lawyer More Powerless Against The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

More Powerless/school-alienation#more-powerless

The Custody Battleground Changed From Family Court To My Daughter's School

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My Family Court Order of access CAN be legalled breached by any "Custodial Parent" simply by utilizing the child's school to deny the access.

This recording is one of the very few meetings the School Board would grant me and The School Board's Lawyer was there to oversee my meeting with the Superintendent. The mother, My arguement since the beginning of my access being denied by the mother Dolores Alice Dukes was that the school was being used to facilite Contempt of Court. They saw it differently.

Dec. 01 2005 Family Court Order By Justice Bryant For @TMDILH
Dec. 01, 2005
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Respondent to pick-up the child directly from school at 3:40 p.m. during the Fridays when Child is at school. Respondent to return the child diretly to school on Monday mornings

Quote from the Dec. 01, 2005 Justice Bryant Court Order Paragraph 4s

The School Board always argued that the "Custodial Parent", by The Family Court System, has the power within the School Board System to usurp my Court Order by taking our daughter out of school early only on my Child Access days. They could NOT argue the fact, because the School Records showed the mother denying my access, but what they did argue was they were powerless to stop the mother.

My access was specifically nade at my daughter's school as to avoid the mother entirely. That was the problem, as the mother would simply NOT allow not being involved in my access. The mother Dolores Alice Dukes had to always be involved, retaining every opportunity to keep control of my access, even though I was awarded access by The Family Courts.

How Low Can A Parent Go To Revenge An Ex-Spouse?

That's when the mother found a loophole in the systme and stopped utilizing The Family Courts as much, because the School Board would allow her to do anything she wanted, so Dolores Alice Dukes did exactly what she wanted, and denied my access for years by simply taking my daughter out of school early on my access days, or not allowing my daughter to attend school on my access days.

School Board Lawyer Ted Barthley More Powerless Quote
"We are more powerless to do anything than The Family Court System."

Durham District School Board Lawyer Ted Baretley

This quote from the Durham District School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley sums up my experience in dealing with the School Board. And this was coming from a lawyer who typically find loopholes, but this lawyer seemed content to accept that the loophole existed and there was nothing they could do about it.

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David Fitchett And Mohamed Hamid Both Deny The OSR To Father In 2018

OSR Denial 2018/school-alienation#osr-denial-2018

Ontario Student Record Of My Daugther Denied By Durham District School Board Illegally

Admin Officer David Fitchett
Durham District School Board Administrative Officer David Fitchett
Click for Durham District School Board Administrative Officer David Fitchett
Superintendent Mohamed Hamid
Durham District School Board Superintendent Mohamed Hamid
Click for Durham District School Board Suparintendent Mohamed Hamid
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As a Non Custodial Parent, there are certain stigmas that go along with this demeaning title, as well as a general lack of respect.

When The Family Courts deem someone a Non Custodial Parent, the social ramifications run deep, and there is definitely no better example of this than when I was dealing with my daughter's schools and the School Board. I was essentially ignored and denied ALL of my rights, which in turns, denies these very same rights to my daughter, but with ittle regard from the Durham District School Board, whom I've been dealing with for years now all because of the mother Dolores Alice Dukes.

In order for @TMDILH to follow up on the facts of my daugthers secret #SheKnowsYouDo email that states that she missed the rest of teh school year because I couldn't leave the house, I attempted to obtain my daughter's Ontario Student Record (OSR) which I'm legally entitled to, but was denied by both the Administrative Officer David Fitchett and the Superintendent Mohamed Hamid. I've since replied to Mohamed stating the facts from the OSR Guidelines from 2000 which clearly states that the Non-Custodial Parent is, in fact, entitled to have that OSR despite the premise that my daughter supposedly invoked the Freedom of Information Act, purportedly to deny this information.

Durham District School Board Administrative Officer David Fitchett Reply To @TMIDLH At
May 02, 2018
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Durham District School Board Superintendent Mohamed Hamid OSR request reply to @TMDILH At
May 08, 2018
Click Fullscreen
Your daughter has expressed her wishes, and the Board will honour those wishes in accordance with her rights under privacy law, and in the support of her well-being. There is no obligation on the Board to provide or to obtain a written statement to this effect.

Click For Mohamed Hamid OSR request reply to @TMDILH May 02, 2018

My daugther would never deny me that information. That order came directly from the mother, I would bet my life on it.

When I asked for proof that my daughter was inacting this Freedom Of Information Act, both David Fitchett and Mohamed Hamid confirmed that no proof was necessary. When I replied to Mohamed Hamid with the OSR Guidelines stating that withholding that OSR from the Non-Custodial Parent goes against the OSR Guidelines, I got no reply.

Written by >@TMDILH
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School Board Superintendent Lisa Millar Blaming Me For Loving My Kid

Lisa Millar Game/school-alienation#lisa-millar-game

Absolutely No Acceptance Of Blame From School Board Against The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes

Superintendent Lisa Milar
Durham District School Board Superintendent Lisa Millar
Click for Durham District School Board Superintendent Lisa Millar
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In my frustration with having Dolores Alice Dukes utilize my daughter's schools to breach my Court Orders and deny my Child Access, I eventually had to deal with this issue with the School Board although they seldom wanted to deal with me. It was my impression that they blamed @TMDILH for loving my daughter, and I have proof.

When things were at it's height of Dolores Alice Dukes obviously breaching my Court Order, I finally was granted a meeting with the Superintendent of the Durham District School Board Lisa Millar. At that meeting was also the Durham District School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley overseeing the meeting and making sure the legalities were being adhered to, in other words covering their asses.

In the end when all was said and done, absolutely no blame was accepted by the School Board, which then placed the blame firmly on me, even going so far as to say that @TMDILH was putting the School Board in a very difficult situation with no hint of blame put towards the mother Doloes Alice Dukes who was breaching a Court Order, and obviously so. The absurdity of blaming the victim was lost on Lisa Millar, who compared me attempting to get what is rightfully mine, my Child Access per my Family Court Order, as playing a game. Wow!

Lisa Millar And @TMDILH Game Convesation
Durham District School Board Superintendent Lisa Millar Nov. 2007 in a meeting with @TMDILH regarding the Parental Alienation of Dolores Alice Dukes using her daughter's school to breach her Family Court Order, making the mother in Contempt Of Court. This is Lisa Millar victim blaming @TMDILH with Durham District School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley in attendance.

THIS is what I've been dealing with from the School Board ever since the mother Dolores Alice Dukes started using my daughter's school to exact her Parental Alienation against me.

Thanks Lisa Millar For Referring To My Daughter As A Kid

Even though this conversation was insulting to me, derogatory in nature to a parent who was fighting for access to his child, Lisa Millar did acknowledge that I love my daugher. Everyone associated with my daughter's school could tell for as much as I had to deal with from the School Board, and by considering all of the reports of what Dolores Alice Dukes had done to deny my access, it was obvious I was dealing with all of this because of the love that I have for my kid.

Written by >@TMDILH
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The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Easily Played The School For Parental Alienation

Mack Truck/school-alienation#mack-truck

Setting Precedent For Others To Facilitate Parental Alienation

When the mother Dolores Alice Dukes found the school loophole, she persisted in picking up my daughter from school early on my access days, basically usurping my access or over-ruling my very expensive and exhaustively fought over Court Orders. I had spent quite a long time acquiring the right to pick up and deliver my daughter to and from school, to avoid have to deal with the mother.

But my daughter's schools were the perfect vehicle for the mother to continue to exercise power and control over me, denying mine and my daughter's rights, and putting the schools and School Board in quite a predicament. but the School Board would not do anything about it. Even though they admitted the mother shouldn't do it, they also conceeded they could do nothing to stop a Custodial Parent.

At first the Dolores Alice Dukes would make up excused like my daughter has some kind of urgent appointment or something, which was completely transparent to everyone involved, but eventually the mother dropped even having an excuse, blatantly breaching my Court Order putting her in Contempt of Court each time.

I eventually met Superintendent of the Durham District School Board Lisa Millar and the School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley and this is what came out of it.

School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley Mack Truck Quote
"Your ex-wife has brilliantly driven a Mack truck through the loophole."

Quote from School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

This is the School Board Lawyer's acknowledgement. Nothing has been done to stop the mother from contempt of my court order.

When I informed the School Board that if this information were to be made public, what would stop ANY Custodial Parent from utilizing the school in their Custody Battle? And wouldn't that put the entire school and School Board in jeopardy, thus putting a countless amount of children possibly in harms way? Their answer was essentially that it was a select occasion of parents who manipulate the system to the extent that Dolores Alice Dukes did, but the School Board still didn't want to find a way to stop her.

Written by >@TMDILH
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School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley Defines Disruptive

Define Disruptive/school-alienation#define-disruptive

It Didn't Include Kicking And Screaming That It Was My Daughter's Weekend With Her Father

Throughout the mother Dolores Alice Dukes denying my access from the school came the responsibility of who was going to stop her. The School Board's suggestion was for me to go back to Family Court and have a specific revision stating the mother cannot attempt to deny my access using the school. It defied their own logic to stop her themselve even though they have the legality to do so.

No unscheduled and/or disruptive visits are to be made to the school by either parent. Police will be called to deal wih any disruptions and a letter of trespass will be issued by the school as a follow-up.

Quote from The Trespass Act

Trespass Act
The Trespass Act Sent To @TMDILH
OCL Report
Office of the Children's Lawyer Report
OCL Report Jan. 05, 2007

All schools within the Durham District are covered by The Trespass Act which sets up rules and regulations for such an occassion. to protect the proper environment for running a school and protecting everyone involved. I emphasized that if ONE PARENT can figure this out how to commit Contempt of Court and get away with it, then what's the chance that it's happening everywhere?

"She explained that Ms. Mom arrived at the school early and very adamantly insisted that Child had an appointment and needed to leave with her before the end of school. Mrs. Matthews indicated that The Child was very upset by this and kept repeating that it was her weekend to be with her father."

Quote from School Principal Eva Matthews Page 24 Paragraph 1 OCL Report

One of the first attempts the mother Dolores Alice Dukes utilized the school was noted in The OCL Report of my daughter being upset at the thought of being denied her weekend with her dad, when the mother attempted to take her out of school early on my access day. This was the first of what would be a regular occurance on ALL of my access days.

The Trespass being only utilized against me and not the mother Dolores Alice Dukes was the basis for me using the term disruptive in my talks with School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley because that's the term used in The Trespass Act. If a Principal feels someone is being disruptive on the school property, that Principal has the legal righ and authority to call Police and have that person removed and possibly arrested.

Seemingly, when I questioned why the Trespass Act doesn't apply to the mother, who clearly was instigating the entire need for the Trespass Act, the School Board's position was they couldn't stop the Custodial Parent, but they certainly could stop me. The School Board should rethink this, because it allows criminals to utilize breaching a Family Court Order and being in Contempt Of Court, as opposed to supporting the Non-Custodial Parent's right to Child Acces.

When I questioned the School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley exactly what the word disruptive was defined as, this was his answer.

School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley Not Disruptive Answer
My ex pulling my daughter out kicking and screaming on my access days in not disurptive? Not to the school.

Answer From Durham District School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

School Board Lawyer's stand was the "Custodial Parent" was allowed to do such a thing: Contempt of Court Order on school property, using the school.

Written by >@TMDILH
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The Illegal Principal's Letter That Began My School Alienation

Principal's Letter/school-alienation#principals-letter

Principal Eva Matthews

This Is How You Legally Kidnap A Child From School Overruling A Family Court Order

Principal Letter"
Principal Eva Matthews Illegal Letter essentially overruling My Family Court Order

First off, the mother Dolores Alice Dukes was intent on getting chummy with the school Principal with many attempts by the mother to exact certain favours from their relationship. This worked, and it made my life and my Child Access from my daughter's school a living hell.

"Child will be transported to Mr. Dad by Ms. Mom."

Quote from Principal Eva Matthews letter

This signed letter by the Principal, Dolores Alice Dukes and the Superintendent was bartered as a deal to perspectively take the issue of the conflict of my Child Access away from the school, however it was only the mother who was creating the conflict, so it really was short-sighted of the Principal and Superintendent to fall for it.

Essentially, this letter was a negotiation by Dolores Alice Dukes to be allowed to take our daughter out of school early with the premise that the mother would grant me access personally, only that never happened. Predictably, the mother exercised her complete freedom to completey deny my access from the school legally.

I Was Denied Several Months Child Access Because Of This

At the bottom left of this document it says Child will be transferred to Mr. Dad by Ms. Mom which goes against my Court Appointed Access of picking my daughter to and from the school. A Judge agreed this was best for my access because of the increasingly high level of conflict still from the mother. The principal and mother initialize this secret agreement together (in the circle) which proves the entire thing. As soon as the SuperIntendent of the School Board signed off on it (lower right, dated later), this piece of paper now OVER RULED my Court Ordered Access. All of this is ILLEGAL!

This Is So Many Degrees Of Illegal

Ever since this I've had a problem with The School Board. At first their lack of wanting to get involved was respected, but then it was manipulated by the mother. When brought to The School Board's attention that a Breach Of Court Order was being allowed by virtue of the mother taking our daughter out early on my access days, their reply was they cannot stop the Custodial Parent from doing anyting, even contributing to the breaching of a Court Order.

Written by >@TMDILH
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School Attendance Report Confirming Dolores Alice Dukes Parental Alienation From School

Attendance Summary/school-alienation#attendance-summary

Multiple Contempts Of Court All Documented With No Doubt It Was Intentional

Attendance Summary
Attendance Summary Documenting Child's Absence From School On My Access Days

The undeniable proof of the mother Dolores Alice Dukes denying my Child Access is in the School Attendance Record because the school would document each and every time the mother took our daughter out of school early or didn't allow her to go to school at all, but only on my access days.

This Attendance Summary is part of the OSR which stands for Ontario Student Record and every parent is entitled to receive a copy of this from their child's school. When I requested this, it brilliantly displayed the severity of the mother's Parental Alienation. Note that I was originally getting Child Access on Wednesdays and the Attendance Record reflects precisely my Child Access days corresponding to the Attendance Record, at a rate of almost pure accuracy.

This report, which confirms the mother taking her out of school on MOST of my access days but not all, was not because I got my daughter on that occasion, but rather the mother chose to NOT sign out our child on that particular day. The report was not accurate because the report only documents the mother signing out the child, as per protocol. But since ALL of my access days were denied, I knew something was amiss, and investigated on hehalf of the school not being correct. Read below for what happens next.

Written by >@TMDILH
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Principal Confirms Extra Absence And Alice Dukes Deceit

Principal Confirmation/school-alienation#principal-confirmation

Principal Angela Douglas

To Correct The Mother Not Signing Our Child Out As Per Child Safety Regulations

Confirming Absence
Principal Letter Confirming Extra Absent Days Mother Tried To Hide

With Dolores Alice Dukes constantly and persistantly denying my Child Access from my daughter's school, I guess the mother felt she needed to not leave such bold and obvious evidence for me to use against her in Family Court, so the mother decided to NOT sign our daughter out of school on the days she left early.

The Principal investigated and confirmed the discrepancy in the Attendance Summary and the truth was indeed because the mother was disregarding the procedure of signing our our child on the designated sign out sheet. When the mother was warned Dolores Alice Dukes about it, the mother continued to keep doing it.

The Child has been absent from class by 3:00 on Wednesday November 19th, December 3rd, 10th, and 17th.

Quote from School Principal A Douglas letter

At this point in time in my divorce, this was the second Principal I'd been dealing with, and the second school for which it happened. The mother Dolores Alice Dukes was brazen in her Contempt of Court actions by this point, astounding the new school.

These dates and the Principal's confession of the error were the dates NOT listed on the Attendance Summary, meaning the mother CONTINUED to disobey protocol and not sign our daughter out. Having a Prinicpal's signature on this proves the mother not only did this Child Endangerment deliberately, but also defied the Principal's warning not do so again.

Written by >@TMDILH
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Principal Lunn Testimony Against Dolores Alice Dukes

Principal Lunn/school-alienation#principal-lunn

Principal Lunn

Ms. Lunn Informed That She Never Experienced Any Issues With Mr. Dad Despite Ms. Mom Making A Number Of Unverified Assertions About Him.

OCL Report
Office of the Children's Lawyer Report
OCL Report Jan. 05, 2007

The OCL Report document could not prove my situation and what I was dealing with regarding the mother Dolores Alice Dukes better simply because the Clinical Investigator was an unbiased third party professional brought in to find out the truth. In an interview with my daughter's first school Principal, Ms Lunn, the quotes from school staff validate my actions while defining the character of the mother I was dealing with.

"Ms. Mom was insistant that Mr. Dad was an American citizen and would potentially take Child out of the country. Ms. Mom would come into the building and tell the school staff that they must call 911 if Child did not show up for school from her father's care."

Quote from School Principal S. Lunn

Note the descriptions of the mother saying a number of unverified assertions and having many discussions and was insistent I was an American Citizen which I'm not. That's HOW MUCH the mother wanted my daughter and I separated. Thank You Principal Lunn.

"Mr Dad always presented in a calm manner during contacts with the school personnel."

Quote from School Principal Ms. Lunn

If I got angry, upset, emotional or vindictive every time the mother accused me of something, I'd be in jail or worse right now. The high road that I took was the same high road I apply to life, and that's to never let anyone get to me regardless of how untrue it is. It is said that lies are immediate but the truth lasts forever, I put a lot of faith in that adage.

Me Reacting To Ruthless Behaviour With Equal Force Would Not Get Results I Wanted

But honestly it was only after many many years did it work out for the best for me and my daughter. The first few years were absolutely heartbreaking and devastating to me, thinking that people might believe the lies. Although it might be tempting to lash out and chastise the mother for her ruthless actions, I kept being myself while the mother Dolores Alice Dukes keps sinking lower and lower to get me to react.

It was beneath me to stoop to her level, and so I never even thought about retaliation. Even this website strives to be truthful and not defamatory because I am talking about my child's mother. I don't need to slander her, the truth will do just fine to get the point across.

Written by >@TMDILH
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Asking School Permission To Know Where The Mother Took Our Daughter

Permission To Know/school-alienation#permission-to-know

Administrative Officer Janet Edwards

Non Custodial Parents Have To Ask Permission To Know About Child's School Information

1st Court Order
First Family Court Order
Info Release
Release Of Information Act Required To Know My Daughter's School

When there's a Restraining Order in The Family Courts, everything about child access exchanges becomes very complicated, legally and otherwise.

"The Respondent, Mike Dad is restrained from molesting, annoying, or harassing the Applicant Dolores Mom and the child."

Quote from my First Court Order

This was especially the case when the mother changed our daughter's schools, which she did 3 times during the course of my still getting my access. Each time the mother relocated to another city it was also another school for our daughter. Most of these times was mid-semester so the entire thing must have been quite disruptive to my daughter and as well it certainly proved to be interesting for this non-custodial parent to actually find out my daughter's new school. I had to ask permission, or to be more precise, the School Board Administrative Officer had to ask the mother's permission whether I was allowed to know my daughter's school information, even though my Court Order specifies my access exchange happen to and from her school.

I have therefore informed Mr. Dad of which school Child is attending in accordance with the current court order.

Quote from Release Of Information Mar. 19. 2006 Janet Edwards

Each time a new school happened, it took almost a month for me to know where it was from my initial request to know because the mother not responding back. The example shows Janet Edwards setting a deadline date that was set up for the mother to respond, so if she didn't respond by a certain time it was deemed OK for me to know where my daughter was now going to school. The mother often showed that kind of attitude towards taking responsibility in these matters, despite demanding everyone else respond immediately to her requests.

I did work out a system with each new school where the School Board Superintendent would introduce me to each new Principal to explain my on-going situation with Dolores Alice Dukes, the stubborn mother who would NOT play by any rules or common decency. The School Board would arrange special meetings with me and each new Principal just to account for the mother's actions. That was normal in my divorce, incredible huh? The School Board could just demand the mother obey the law and my Court Order but they never did.

Written by >@TMDILH
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The Trespass Act Used By The Mother For Perfect Parental Alienation Through Daughter's School

Trespass Act/school-alienation#trespass-act

Principal Eva Matthews

Dolores Alice Dukes Utilized A Law To Protect Schools Against Me

Trespass Act
The Trespass Act Sent To @TMDILH

The Trespass Act was mailed to me by Principal Eva Matthews, approved by District School Board Lawyer Ted Barley, and was used against me getting my access from my daughter's school, not for it's intended purpose of stopping people like Dolores Alice Dukes from breaching a Family Court Order making her in Contempt of Court.

Although it clearly states anyone disrupting the school, and as clearly the mother did. Watch her utilize the Trespass brazenly in this video EVERY School Principal has decided that breaking a Court Order was NOT a disruption. When they did this, my life went to hell.

"The Pricipal of a school may direct a person to leave the school premises if the Prinicpal believes that the person is prohibited by regulation or under a board policy from being there."

Quote from School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

Dolores Alice Dukes In Contempt Of Court
Parental Alienation in The Family Courts looks like this. My Family Court papers mean nothing when the mother Dolores Dolly Dukes won't obey them. Noteworthy is the new boyfriend Marty Weeks threatening my life while my child is being kidnapped. The is the Adversarial nature of The Family Court System.

The Trespass Act would work perfectly if it were to be applied to the person breaking the Family Court Order, but it was only applied to me.

"A failure to comply with these conditions may result in a call to the police, your forcible removal from schoool property if necessary, and/or a change of trespass being laid against you."

Quote from School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

This was clearly a serious matter but NEVER was The Trespass Act used, or intended to be used, to protect the school against the mother, who was the obvious only problem. It could be a fine of up to $5000 and seriously losing the chance to ever see my daughter at school always riding on everything I did.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

Written by >@TMDILH
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