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Tragic And Fatal Child Custody Battles In The Family Court System

@TMDILH Advocates We Abolish Family Court To Stop The Child Abuse And Using Children As Weapons

This section is dedicated to the children of divorce or separation in which The Family Courts have failed them. The childrne are always the victims of Family Courts when the custody battle makes good parents to the worst things. Here are some of those stories. I will attempt to keep this section current, but with ammount of Child Custody cases that make headlines, I'm not able to keep up.

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Written by >@TMDILH
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Patrick Desautels Inspired @TMDILH To Create This Website


What Does A Parent Who's Had Their Children Taken Away From Them Do?

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Victims of Family Court like Patrick Desautels having his 3 children murdered by their mother Sonia Blanchette in a bitter custody battle are hosted on these pages.

The Family Court System is an Adversarial System where parent vs. parent can be horrific and fatal, as are the examples of what The Family Court can do to families includ ed on this page.

These pages are hosted here to document the horrific examples of what The Family Courts are doing to good families and good people who divorce or separate involving children and didn't or couldn't use Mediation.

All good parents want to co-parent after divorce or separation and they use mediation which is the absolute best way to co-facilitate the co-parenting that is seemingly impossible to do in The Family Court System. But only sensible parents choose mediation over revenge.

Bad Parents Seek Revenge In Family Court

Whoever chooses The Family Court System over Mediation is not thinking in the best interest of the children. It's just that simple.

The Family Courts facilitate, foster and support all kinds of child abuse, and they are not held accountable. The parent vs. parent mentality of Family Court predicts the downfall of any kind of co-parenting. Having 2 lawyers instead of 1 mediator is a huge problem. The Family Court endorses one parent being a winner and to the winner go all the riches, including the children. And as soon as that happens, the potential for disaster is overwhelming.

The Family Courts Endorse Parental Alienation And More

If that doesn't make the worst possible situation for our children, add the insult of having to pay so much in money, dignity, lost time with your children, your rights, liberies and schedule because none of those are yours any more.

I've met some other divorced parents who experienced the hell that is The Family Court System and you probably know of someone too. It's all too common these days, and with approximately 50% of marriages ending in divorce, all this could happen to you.

I Believed The Worst Was Possible In My Divorce And Still Do

#SheKnowsYouDo Alienated Since 11, A 17 Daughter 'Gamble' Writing Her Father Under @AliceDukesRMT Rules
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How bad can a divorce get? If you'd ever wondered what a Family Court divorce actually looks like, then visit the Evidence Page of this website for my personal divorce from HELL, The pages on the Research Page of this website are some of the worst and most hellish divorces in The Family Court System. The examples on this may just startle you, because divorce in The Family Court System truly is hell on earth.

That's why this website advocates we Abolish The Family Courts in favour of Mandatory Mediation. When you make mediation mandatory for any parents separating or divorcing involving children, it truly is in the best interest of the children.

Check the Home Page for more info on the #SkeKnowsYouDo letter dated Jan. 8, 2018 and the latest developements in my Parental Alienation saga still raging on since April 18, 2005.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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When Custody Reversal Is The Only Other Option.

Custody Reversal/research#custody-reversal

The Toronto Star

Years Later And Over A Million Dollars To Finally Get Justice In Family Court

Here is an incredible and yet sad story again about The Family Court System of exact just what one Toronto father had to endure to finally receive justice in The Family Court System. So, in The Family Court System, it takes a decade worth of contempts-of-court and other abuse for a Judge to finally recognize who the better parent is.

Harold Niman, the father's lawyer, said the decision serves as a wake-up call to parents who, "for bitterness, anger or whatever reason," decide to use their children to punish their former partners.

Click To See The Toronto Star On Custody Reversal Article

The fact that the father reputedly paid over a million dollars to achieve this victory, over a decade long was ignored in this article but that was the media hook used in the promotion of this story because no one barely cares about someone achieving a victory in The Family Courts, even if it did take a decade. The media sold the story with the fact that he'd had to spend over a million to get any victory, that's the real story.

Could you, as a parent, endure what this father did to remain a parent to his children? Do you think this is the best we can do as a society to separate and divide divorced families? Do you think the mom was enabled by The Family Courts to act as if she were above the law?

"there are some people - and I think some of them are suffering from personality disorders - who will not respond to therapy and will not respond to directions from judges."

Click To See The Toronto Star On Custody Reversal Article

The Family Courts breed contemptible parents with it's adversarial nature of winner-takes-all. Of course it pits one parent against the other. Of course it benefits no one but the judges and lawyers. And of course it's in the WORST interest of the children. We all know this to be a fact, but does it have to be this way? I say NO! The children deserve better.

Mandatory Mediation would never have allowed this situation to get as bad as it did for this parent. And if it could happen to him and myself, rest assured, no one is safe from this ever happening to them as long as The Family Courts exist.

Written by TMDILH
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Be Astonished By All I've Endured Just To Be A Parent

Explore and Share/research#explore-and-share

There is nothing included, if I can't substantiate it with fact.

This entire website is fact-based with all the Evidence always linked so as to keep you as informed as possible in the chaos that has been my daughter's life.

But don't miss the Home Page where I tell the world the story of Dolores Alice Dukes and the Extreme Parental Alienation I've endured since April 18, 2005.

For a solution to The Family Court System, visit Mandatory Mediation

I'm a father forever, even when denied the right to be.

Written by TMDILH
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