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Tragic And Fatal Child Custody Battles In The Family Court System

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The Family Court System is an Adversarial System where parent vs. parent can be horrific and fatal, as are the examples of what The Family Court can do to families included on this page.

Patrick Desautels Research Page Quote
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Victims of Family Court like Patrick Desautels having his 3 children murdered by their mother Sonia Blanchette in a bitter custody battle are hosted on this page.

This page is dedicated to show the horrific examples of what The Family Courts have done to good families and good people who divorce or separate involving children. Good parents want to co-parent after divorce or separation and they use mediation which is the absolute best way to co-facilitate the co-parenting that is seemingly impossible to do in The Family Court System. But only sensible parents choose mediation over revenge.

Whoever chooses The Family Court System over Mediation is not thinking in the best interest of the children. It's just that simple.

The Family Courts facilitate, foster and support all kinds of child abuse, and they are not held accountable. The parent vs. parent mentality of Family Court predicts the downfall of any kind of co-parenting. Having 2 lawyers instead of 1 mediator is a huge problem. The Family Court endorses one parent being a winner and to the winner go all the riches, including the children. And as soon as that happens, the potential for disaster is overwhelming.

The Family Courts Endorse Parental Alienation And More

If that doesn't make the worst possible situation for our children, add the insult of having to pay so much in money, dignity, lost time with your children, your rights, liberies and schedule because none of those are yours any more.

I've met some other divorced parents who experienced the hell that is The Family Court System and you probably know of someone too. It's all too common these days, and with approximately 50% of marriages ending in divorce, all this could happen to you.

I Believed The Worst Was Possible In My Divorce And Still Do

How bad can a divorce get? If you'd ever wondered what a Family Court divorce actually looks like, then visit the Evidence Page of this website for my personal hell. My divorce was HELL, and here are some other hellish divorces in The Family Court System. The examples on this may just startle you to realize what divorce in The Family Court System truly is.

That's why this website advocates we Abolish The Family Courts in favour of Mandatory Mediation. When you make mediation mandatory for any parents separating or divorcing involving children, it truly is in the best interest of the children.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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After The Father Gains Equal Custody Mother Commits Murder Suicide Of Their 5 Year Old Son

Based On: The StarTribune Article

The Deadly Family Courts Strike Again

An Orono mother Gina Ilene Summers 46, took the extreme measure of retaliation in Family Court by taking the life of the 5 year old Jude Sandberg whom she shared with estranged husband Jeff Sandburg after the father was award equal or joint/shared custody. She left a suicide note saying talked about prior domestic abuse and issues with the system and allowing a child to be ripped from his mother,” and it ended with, “Don’t let this happen to another child and mother.

Gina Summers With Jude Sandberg
Orono Murder Suicide With Gina Ilene Summers And Jude Sandberg 5

Gina and her estranged husband had been attending Family Court with Gina known for disrupting the father Jeff Sandberg's time and relationship with his son from the beginning, very similar to the @TMDILH divorce and Family Court visits. Except the father just recnetly was awarded Equal Custody which rarely happens in Family Court, and the mother's murder/suicide was an obviouc retaliation to the father being awarded equality. In the mother's sick mind, the child was better off dead than shared, a mentality fostered by the adversarial nature of The Family Court System.

"“since the onset of the case in January 2015 when she falsely accused the father of domestic abuse, never missed an opportunity to disrupt the established father-son relationship, both inside and outside of the Family Court paternity proceedings."

Click To StarTribune News Article On Gina Summers Of Orono

No one wins in court, it's just a matter of who gets hurt worseBrad Pit GQ Style 2017

Gina Ilene Summers is a victim of The Family Court System, just like her innocent blonde haired 5 year old son Jude Sandberg was. Both were victims of a system that can't be counted on to help divide families. In fact Family Court destroys families and turns possibly good parents into vindictive enemies in an ultimate DO OR DIE battle and the prize is the children and the authority it weilds over the other. When that power is used and abused, no chil benefits. No child is safe.

This website TellMyDaughterILoveHercom advocates we abolish Family Court in favour of Mandatory Mediation, meaning no couple divorcing or separating involving children would ever step foot in a courtroom again, nor will a Family Lawyer ever be needed again. It means those parents mediate a co-parenting plan that works for everyone, and is flexible enough to adapt as the children grow. Mandatory Mediation means we hold parents accountable and provide a safe, comfortable and cost-effective way to divorce and know the children's best interest are always taken care of.


Jessica Edens Murders Estranged Husband's Coworker And Her 2 Children And Self After Family Court Appearance

This horrific story involves yet another Family Court associated murder directly related to a Family Court appearance two days prior that upset one mother enough to murder her estranged husband'scoworked and suspected girlfriend and the young daughter they shared, but also killed the older son of a previous husband as well as herself in South Carolina

Jessica Edens Murder Suicide
South Carolina mother Jessica Edens 36 murdered her estranged husband's coworker and suspected girlfriend then killed their child along with a previous husband's child then killed herself after a Family Court appearance July 13, 2017
Meredith Leigh Rahme Killed July 13, 2017
South Carolina mother Jessica Edens 36 murdered Ben Eden's coworker and suspected girlfriend Meredith Leigh Rahme 28 on July 13, 2017 after Jessica and Ben's Family Court appearance July 11, 2017

Jessica Edens, a Photographer, revealed her deranged reasoning for murdering her two children, 9 year old son Hayden King and her 4 year old daughter Harper Edens, as well as murdering her estranged husband's coworker and suspected girlfriend and her own suicide in disturbing letters found at the murder/suicide site. The letters explain the twisted logic of a parent who kills their own children and thinks that's doing them a favour, which of course, is quite typical in the incredibly adversarial environment that The Family Court System creates and fosters. The results of this mother's pain and suffering was that Jessica Edens would ultimately make everyone else sufffer too.

"To Ben, you have caused me more pain than I've ever been in my life. You have caused my children pain. I hate you. I hope you rot one day for what you have done to me and my kids. You can no longer hurt us. We are at peace. I hope you live with pain and shame and guilt for the rest of your life."

Click To See The WAPT News Article On Jessica Edens

However, on her website she describes her husband Ben Edens as the most wonderful man. If you'd ever heard of the old saying beware of a woman scorn, this is proof that it can be deadly. This was always my personal fear in my divorce in The Family Courts.

What Pain Jessica Edens Experienced In Family Court Is What Most Father Endure Daily

After their separation, Jessica Edens filed for sole custody of their daughter, while Benjamin Edens asked for joint custody, court records show. The requests were filed on Tuesday, July 11, just two days before the deadly shootings.

Probably most disturbing besides Jessica Edens blaming her murdering on the pain that her estranged husband Ben Edens caused her in Family Court, is the fact that Jessica apologizes to her first husband Nate King for killing their 9 year old son Hayden King, who had nothing to do with her current situation. Murdering children is never understandable but revenge knows no boundaries with anyone very likely to be associated just by circumstance, for maximum effect.

"To Nate, I don't know what to say. You gave me my first child. I will forever be greatful (sic) because of you. I never meant to cause you as much pain as this. I am sorry."

Click To See The WAPT News Article On Jessica Edens

36 year old Jessica Edens deliberately murdering Ben Edens' mistress Meredith Leigh Rahme, 28 out of revenge against her husband's affairs is a definite sign of retaliation and revenge, as evidenced by Jessica calling up Ben as she'd murdered the mistress and children.

Everyone you love is gone. Do you hear me? I’m about to be gone too.

Taking the life of the child of her first husband proves that no one is safe from The Family Court System's adversarial environment. When 2 parents are waging the ultimage Do Or Die war of winning or losing the children, everyone loses.

The Family Court System Made Jessica Edens This Way

Angela Farmer, the Deputy Director at Behavioral Heatlth Service of Pickens County noted the dangerous attitude Jessica had towards both her children.

"In her suicide note there was a lot of anger expressed, and one of the things that was noted was the delusional thinking that her children would be better off, her children would be at peace and no longer would be hurt if she committed the murder suicide."

Click To See The Article On Jessica Edens

Farmer added that the sentiments expressed in the note aren't typical for a suicide: That's not common with just a person who is attempting suicide. That's way more pathological.

I believe Jessica Edens is a victim of The Family Courts along with all the other obvious victims in this murder/suicide. Jessica is one parent who could not handle the adversarial nature of The Family Court System. We are all victims until we can change the way people divorce or separate involving children. I propose we Abolish The Family Court System in favour of Mandatory Mediation meaning that couples like Jessica and Ben Edens would have a professional Mediator trained in situations like this, preventing more tragedies involving our children and innocent lives, as well as bring civility to divorce.

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Justine Palic Journalist At WAPT News South Caroline Profile Pic

Original Story By WAPT News Journalist Justine Palic on August 10, 2017

Authorities Release Suicide Notes Of Mother Who Killed Her Children, Woman


Sonia Blanchette Took These Three Children's Lives From Patrick Desautels

Based On: The National Post Article

Let me introduce you to these 3 children beautiful children and their father Patrick Desautels

Patrick Desautels 3 Children
Laurelie 5 Anais 2 and Loic 4 Rest In Peace
This website is inspired by them.

Patrick Desautels was where I was for many years, going through The Family Court System with an emotionally unstable person trying to negotiate co-parenting. Patrick was going through a nasty divorce, but he finally won custody of these beautiful children through The Family Courts. His ex-wife Sonia was ordered to have Supervised Access to the children.

Feel free to read up about Sonia Blanchette in The National Post.

Sonia Blanchette's friends described her as a doting mother going through a bad divorce. She had originally won custody at the beginning of the divorce, but had just lost custody and was supposed to only have Supervised Access, and was quite notably upset about it. One access visit was not supervised which was when Sonia Blanchette methodically killed their 3 children, saying she'd rather them be dead than with the father. A coroner ruled the two youngest drowned while the oldest was killed by a combination of strangling and drowning. As a parent, I CANNOT imagine who would it think it better that children are better off dead, can you? This is only possible in the extremely adversarial nature of The Family Court System.

This Is The Criminally Insane Ultimate Winner Takes All

Patrick Desautels Ex-Husband Of Sonia Blanchette
Patrick Desautels, Father Of 3 Murdered Children By Sonia Blanchette
Patrick Desautels "The pain we are experiencing is inexplicable."

This is a PRIME EXAMPLE of an Adversarial Family Court System. This IS Winner Takes All exemplified in the worst possible way! Kramer vs. Kramer is a famous movie of a divorce in The Family Courts and that vs. means versus or against, like a battle, and that's how people like Sonia Blanchette kill children. The Family Court environment is very combative, argumentive and in no way resembles Co-Parenting. The Family Court System not only creates the mentality behind Parental Alienation, The Family Courts endorses, fosters and enables everything to do with Parental Alienation. Judges, Courtrooms and Lawyers invoke a heartless war-like mentality whereas Mediators eliminate that. Which one would you endorse if you had a choice? But Mediation is merely optional for divorces or separation involving children, and that option is very wrong. It allows bad parents the ability to be horrific parents like Sonia Blanchette.

Sonia Blanchette was originally awarded full custody at first, then lost that full custody but simply could NOT stand losing it. She felt as if she were losing her children, just decided to end their lives to protect them. She was quoted as saying they were better off dead than with their father, but was that her or the mentality of Winner Takes All? She may have started out her separation as innocent as my divorce did, but The Family Court mentality disproportionally awards winners and winning, adversely punishing the losers and losing in the process. It was too much for Sonia Blanchette to take, but Non-Custodial Parents are expected to take this?

Parents shouldn't have to win or lose choose their children, but because The Family Court System is only able to pick a winner or loser, it makes losers out of good parents and potentially winners out of bad parents. Even if Sonia was a good parent, she couldn't handle not being able to be a good parent with Supervised Access Visits only with her children, on one day she asked her mother to leave her with her children un-supervised, Sonia Blanchette murdered her 3 innocent children.

Sonia Blanchette Experienced Only What Most Fathers Do Every Day

It's so extreme that Sonia couldn't handle what MOST fathers endure in The Family Court System. Taking her common-sense parental rights away, typical of the what the Non-Custodial parent experiences in The Family Courts, was too much that even the death of her children was better, that's how worst off it was to her. Some people just can't be entrusted or trusted to do the right thing when presented with SO many options to do bad things. While other good parents are pushed to the extreme of what they personally can tolerate for their children. It's volatile at best for everyone involved.

Im my experienced opinion, Mandatory Mediation would NEVER drive a divorce into such dire consequences. It inherently prevents exactly that by dealing with issues before they become huge and sometimes FATAL problems.

The Similarities Between This Case And Mine Are Too Eerie

I believed if I fought for my daughter, I'd eventually be risking her life. It was the DADS of Durham Group that taught be to be prepared for if you DO win, that's when it can get really bad. I feared for my daughter's life. The way the mother was progressing, ruining my relationship wasn't enough, stealing her away somewhere was next, or worst yet, eliminating my chances of having a daughter at all.

Sonia eventually regretted what she did so much, she starved herself to death in jail. Her lawyers fought for her right to starve herself because that's ultimately a better fate than living as a baby killer. What she did was so apprehensible, she couldn't live with herself. Only The Family Court System can foster a mindset as toxic as where Sonia's mind was when she killed her children. The fact that Sonia and her husband were going through a bitter divorce battle had EVERYTHING to do with the death of those 3 children. That word bitter does not describe killing children. The phrase "winner takes all" in The Family Courts does.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

Written by
National Post Icon

Original Story By The National Post on December 5, 2012

Mother Of Three Children Found Dead In Drummondville Could Face Charges Today: Police

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Amber Lucius Lost Her Life To Laura Coward In The Family Courts

Based On: The Telegraph Article

Amber Lucius lost her life because her mother Laura Coward murdered Amber when the father Duane Lucius was awarded Sole Custody in The Family Courts. With the Adversarial nature of The Family Courts, when someone loses, they don't often take it well, even proving to be fatal for the children like Amber Lucius, as with this story and so many more involving divorce or separation in The Family Court System.

Amber Lucius Murdered By Her Mother
Amber Lucius Obituary Showing Everyone Effected By The Family Court System
Everyone effected by The Family Courts and the adversarial nature of parent vs. parent.

Feel free to read up about how the mother secretly took her own daughter away for the purpose of drugging and then murdering her as the result of a Family Court Custody Battle in The Telegraph

"At the time Ms Coward's divorce from Amber's father, Duane Lucius, had just been finalised. Mr Lucius was to take full custody of the child."

Click To See The Telegraph Article On Amber Lucius

As deliberately as lying in Family Court, the adversarial nature of The Family Courts and the winner takes all mentality creates people like the mother Laura Coward of Alberta Canada. When a parent kills their child for any reason, it has to be quantified as insane, because it goes against the very essense of parenthood. However, because The Family Court System is SO perversely one parent against the other, it creates THIS kind of dynamic: the mother would rather see the child dead than happy with the other parent.

No matter who says what about parents, a child needs both, equally and for completely different reasons.

Amber Lucius Murdered By Her Mother

Laura Coward Experienced Only What Most Fathers Do Every Day

Denying any child the right to have two parents SHOULD be a crime, because I believe denying a child a good parent is child abuse. But the best The Family Courts can do is pick a winner, so aren't THEY the child abuser?

"No sentence will do justice for what has happened to Amber. As a father, I have had to bury my child and nothing will bring her back. I can only hope that other children are not being used as bargaining chips in a divorce or used to hurt the other parent."

Click To See The Telegraph Article

I believe we need BETTER than The Family Court System, and believe we need Mandatory Mediation to ensure that all children of divorce or separation get Co-Parenting First And Foremost immediately upon divorce or separation. With this the civilized divorce is possible.

If you have never ever experienced the nightmare that is The Family Courts, then it might be hard to imagine the logic that rationalizes killing as an alternative, but The Family Courts isn't about what's right for the child, it's about all about the winner and can't be held accountable if either parent is insane. A Professional Mediator can.


Mother Drugged 9-Year-Old Daughter And Burnt Her To Death Amid Bitter Custody Battle


Connie Henriksen Foster Murder Suicide Of The David House Children

The David House ChildrenWebsite /research#david-house-children

Based On: The Article

This is a sad and tragic event attributed to The Family Court System posted from Alabama but very relevant to my story and this website. The details are already quite disturbing and yet another divorce in The Family Court System that goes horribly wrong, quickly. The mother, seemingly with no hint whatsoever of such behaviour, kills her children and self a month before a Family Court appearance to negotiate Custody of the children.

The House Children
The House children
35 year old Connie Henriksen Foster, 10 year old Layla House and 8 year old David House.

Similarly, as with both in the above story and my own divorce, when things change in The Family Courts, things don't always go well. Seemingly this is another similar story of the mother not willing to accept anything less than Sole Custody in her divorce. Also similar is the quick action to take away the children from the father, this being the extreme case of it.

I did some searching into this story recently and found a religious element plays into it heavier than expected. Connie was Mormon and David House, her ex-husband and father of the two children, was not. The religious factor strained the mother's beliefs to the point that Connie Henriksen Foster believed her and her children were better off dead than to be shared with the father.

Since it's a Sole Custody battle, killing the children over allowing them access to the father seems extremely rash and quite disturbing, but in The Adversarial environment of The Family Court System, this kind of extreme thinking is created, enabled, fostered AND rewarded generously and early. Sharing is not. Winning is Sole Custody and with her court date a month away, she must not have believed she would get it. That fate was worst than death to her. The Family Court System is not meant to deal with such religious extremism, but a Mediator is. A Mediator would've been able to negotiate a Co-Parenting plan that could even accomodate Connie Henriksen Foster, and those children would be alive today.

"In addition, she (the mother) asked that House be found in criminal contempt of their custody agreement for failing to take the children to church during his week with them and for failing to ensure that they completed their homework."

Click To See The Wews Article About The House Children

Again, The Case Similarities To Mine Are Eerie

Connie Henriksen Foster And Her Murdered Kids
Connie Henriksen Foster And Her Murdered Kids
35 year old Connie Henriksen Foster, 8 year old David Danger House and 10 year old Layla House

Divorce is ranked the second worst stresser in our lives compared to a death of a loved one ANDthere's still the taboo that we don't talk about our personal lives, and there's really nothing more personal than divorce. Yet divorce in The Family Courts is completely and utterly impersonal. It puts your entire life, character, character flaws, marraiage, marriage flaws, parenting and parenting flaws on display and in front of a live audience AND a Judge you don't know nor knows you. The Family Court System takes your personal life and exposes all the ugliness for the public to see, which of course renders some unique and most unpleasant results, none of which are EVER in the children's best interest.

"Court records show that Foster and her ex-husband, David House, were due in court July 11 for a trial in their fight over custody of their children."

Click To See The News Website Article

Note the next court date was over a month away. That kind of time waiting is very typical.

Dynamic Custody Access Shifts In The Family Courts Are Seldom Good

JHS Letter
John Howard Society Endorsement Letter

When I attended the DADS of Durham divorced dads group almost immediately after my separation, they taught me of the pitfalls of The Family Courts including the warning of when the alienated parent begins to win in The Family Courts. It often goes horribly wrong from there, they said in their experiences and it's evident in this story, almost too precisely to be wrong.

The Custodial Parent rights and liberties are so vast and almost above the law, to get anything less when spoiled with so much must be devastating. But again, just as devastating as the average father experiences in The Family Court System. The loss is life-changing. It messes with your mind, body and soul, essentially at the core of the person and their morals, principals and ethics. If you believe as a parent that your right is to protect your child at any cost, that's when the trouble starts. The Family Courts will distortedly reward that behavior with the Custodial Parent title or not with the Non-Custodial title. It's that cut and dry. It's also in THE worst possible interest of the children, proving FATAL at tiimes.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?


Mom Suspected Of Killing 2 Children In Murder-Suicide Was Seeking Sole Custody Of Kids


Brandi Worley Murdered Her 2 Children Over Fear Of Losing Them In A Divorce

The Jason Worley ChildrenWebsite /research#jason-worley-children

Based On: Mirror Article

Good Parents Mediate, All Others Seek The Family Courts For Revenge

The distorted and well known fact that parents can seek revenge in The Family Court System was simply too much for Brandi Worley to take, yet it's something most Non-Custodial Parents deal with all the time. The act of murdering her children was an escape and not the reality of life, but that fact will have plenty of time for it to settle in as she lives the rest of her life a child murderer.

Brandi Worley And Her 2 Murdered Kids
Brandi Worley And Her Murdered Children
Charlee 3, Brandi 30, and Tyler 7 Worley Dead Nov. 17. 2016

Yet another murdered children incident attributed to The Family Court System posted from the UK but very relevant to my story and this website, as their Family Court System is almost identical to Canada. The mother Brandi Worley feared divorce in The Family Court System enough to kill her children and attempted to kill herself in fear of losing them to their father Jason Worley. He had just filed for divorce after her cheating on him.

When divorce these days most often is generous to the mother, if she had any reason to think she wouldn't get Full Custody, that fate was worst than death for her, and her children. That fate is the norm for fathers in many divorce through The Family Court System. That might support the argument of high suicide rates in divorced Non-Custodial Parents. It's worst than death.

Having your children forcibly removed from your life, your care and your love is very hard to accept. Brandi Worley couldn't even think of it, so murder-suicide was her solution. IF Mediation was Mandatory, no such fear would exist so figuratively you could say those children and their mother would still be alive today.

"Brandi Worley killed her seven-year-old son, Tyler, and three-year-old daughter, Charlee, just a day after her spouse, Jason, filed for divorce, police say. "

Click To See Jason Worley Article In The Mirror

Jason Worley With His 2 Murdered Kids
Jason Worley With His 2 Murdered Children
Jason Worley With His 2 Children That Brandi Worley Killed

Most murders want to hurt or inflict pain on their victims or similar reasons, but with a murder such as this, the murderer didn't want to harm the children, actually the opposite which is incredibly unique, but alarmingly similar to honour killings.

This child-murderer Brandi Worley indeed believed that murdering her own children was in the best for the children in her distorted mind but considering how hellish The Family Courts are, this appears to be that hell personified in real life consequences. Mediation would NOT solicit nor suggest this response or reaction. Mediation is a healthy comprimise and the best for all involved, especially the children. When bad parents don't choose it in divorce or separation involving children, it serves no good, and the children ALWAYS suffer the most.

This website proposes we Abolish The Family Court System in favour of Mandatory Mediation, and in this instance, it would've saved the lives of those children and their mother. The daunting hell of The Family Courts is enough to bring out the extreme in even the best parents.


Jason Worley's Heartbreaking Posts After Wife 'Stabbed Two Young Children To Death Over Divorce


Michael Watter Parental Abduction Of His Daughters By Cassie Watter

The Michael Watter DaughtersWebsite /research#michael-watter-daughters

Based On: ABC News Article

Parental Abduction is when the children are abducted by one parent usually AWAY from the other parent.

Here's Michael Watter's heart-wrenching story of Parental Abduction

Michael Watter And Daughters
Michael Watter And His Two Daughters
Michael Watter and his twin daughters Isabella (Left) and Bronte who were abducted by their mother Cassie Watter soon after the dad was awarded Full Custody of the girls.

Of course, unlike most if not all other abductions, the children are taken in the belief that this is the best for the children however it is NEVER in the best interest so it's still abduction and it's quite a volatile situation for everyone involved. The police are usually not as inclined to take the matter AS serious as if it were a stranger abduction however it's usually breaching a Family Court Order as was the case with this story.

"Their disappearance occurred several months after Mr Watter was granted full custody of the girls."

Click To See The ABC News Webpage On The Michael Watter Article

Although this story is out of Australia, their Family Court System is almost the same.

Michael Watter has experienced Parental Abduction worst than many but the abuse of The Family Court System and the helplessness that follows is the exact same for any parent, regardless of gender. If one parent decides to do bad things to the children, in The Family Court System, the other parent is simply left defenseless. That's merely inherent in the nature of Civil Law, for which The Family Courts fall under. Civil Law expects the parties involved to observe the Court Orders or suffer the consequence, only the consequence is ONLY resolvable in The Family Courts. What do you do when you can't take the other party to Family Court? Exactly HOW difficult is life when the other parent doesn't want to play nice? The answer is hellish. Life if hellish.

The Flight Risk Factor In The Family Court System Is Very Real

Crystal Affidavit
The Mother's Sister's Affidavit Supporting Me

When the mother first left me on April 18, 2005 she could've went anywhere, but went to my sister's for a few days. I did not know where my daughter was and my sister did not call me to confirm that she was OK. That essentially made the mother a flight risk because disappearing with my daughter became a pattern as well as an attitude, as exampled in the way she left Marty Weeks and the way she handled important matters so flippantly throughout our divorce. She avoided any and all communication AND used Restraining Orders to enforse her attitude, not out of fear as is the meaning of a Restraining Order.

Essentially, I KNEW the mother was a flight risk and so did the mother's sister Crystal and said so in her Sworn Affidavit against her own sister Dolly.

"I believe Dolores is a flight risk, at risk of harming CHILD. (although not intentionally) and maybe at risk of harming herself."

Click To See The Mother's Sister's Sworn Affidavit

The characteristic of flight rather than deal with the issues was dominant in the mother's attitude towards EVERYTHING in our divorce, which now manifested in the complete Alienation of my child from me, her friends AND family.

I believed the mother Dolly could have taken flight with my daughter at any time, and still can to this day. It's essentially why I had to give up fighting for my daughter. It's THAT influential in my decision making.

Mandatory Mediation would never have allowed this situation to get as bad as it did for this parent. And if it could happen to him and myself, rest assured, no one is safe from this ever happening to them as long as The Family Courts exist.


Parental Abduction 'A Growing Trend', Authorities Say Many Children End Up Overseas


When Custody Reversal Is The Only Other Option.

Custody ReversalWebsite /research#custody-reversal

The Toronto Star

Here is an incredible and yet sad story again about The Family Court System of exact just what one Toronto father had to endure to finally receive justice in The Family Court System. So, in The Family Court System, it takes a decade worth of contempts-of-court and other abuse for a Judge to finally recognize who the better parent is.

The fact that the father reputedly paid over a million dollars to achieve this victory, over a decade long was ignored in this article but that was the media hook used in the promotion of this story because no one barely cares about someone achieving a victory in The Family Courts, even if it did take a decade. The media sold the story with the fact that he'd had to spend over a million to get any victory, that's the real story..

Could you, as a parent, endure what this father did to remain a parent to his children? Do you think this is the best we can do as a society to separate and divide divorced families? Do you think the mom was enabled by The Family Courts to act as if she were above the law?

"there are some people - and I think some of them are suffering from personality disorders - who will not respond to therapy and will not respond to directions from judges."

Click To See The Toronto Star On Custody Reversal Article

The Family Courts breed contemptible parents with it's adversarial nature of winner-takes-all. Of course it pits one parent against the other. Of course it benefits no one but the judges and lawyers. And of course it's in the WORST interest of the children. We all know this to be a fact, but does it have to be this way? I say NO! The children deserve better.

Mandatory Mediation would never have allowed this situation to get as bad as it did for this parent. And if it could happen to him and myself, rest assured, no one is safe from this ever happening to them as long as The Family Courts exist.

Written by TMDILH

Be Astonished By All I've Endured Just To Be A Parent

Explore and Share/research#explore-and-share

This entire website is fact-based with all the Evidence always linked so as to keep you as informed as possible in the chaos that has been my daughter's life.

But don't miss the Research Page where I link all kinds of relevence, like other horror stories ending in the most horrific ways which are all linked to the Family Court System.

For a solution to The Family Court System, visit Mandatory Mediation

There is nothing included, if I can't substantiate it with fact.

I'm a father forever, even when denied the right to be.