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My Entire Separation and Divorce For The World To Witness

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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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Let's Hear From My Daughter

My Daughter#my-alienated-daughter-in-her-own-words

It's Almost Impossible To Understand How A Child Losing A Parent To The Other Parent Can Feel

My Daughter (Left) Alienated Since Dec. 26 2011
Children Of Family Court Parental Alienation And Other Abuse Against Children In The Family Court System

A child's own words and actions can help us understand them and so much more, that's why I include as much of my daughter's opinion, words and actions to prove that it's not just me that is suffering from Parental Alienation, it's unimaginable how much my daughter has gone through, and continues to endure today.

Throughout my separation and subsequent divorce, I always did what I believed was in the best interest of my daughter, ultimately admitting defeat and allowing the mother to win our child with the complete alienation of my daughter from her father, family and friends.

Parental Alienation is child abuse, and anyone who says otherwise is committing or consenting to the abuse. To know the heartache of being a parent separated from their child, try to connect with a child who is not allowed to have the other parent, and just imagine what does that does to the value of the child. Parental Alienation not only hurts the child and the alienated parent, that family is also alienated, as well as friends and whoever else the alienating parent decides. The Family Courts cannot contend with this kind of behaviour but worst still is The Family Court foster, endorse and empower the Custodial Parent to get away with such bad parenting. In fact, The Family Courts don't much endorse anything in the best interest of the children.

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Last Conversation With My Alienated Daughter At School

Last Conversation With My Daughter#last-conversation-with-my-alienated-child-at-school

Last Conversation With An Alienated Child

Last talk with child
Last Conversation With Alienated Daughter At School

Parental Alienation is tough to understand, but this was the last conversation with my daughter at her schoo, which had to be secretly arranged for me by the Principal who know the mother would never allow it. Any and all previous attempts were denied by the mother. This is that conversation.

Last Conversation With My Alienated Heartbroken Daughter At School

The OMG at the beginning is me seeing her for the first time in over 2 years, and me startled by my daughter's physical appearance. She was almost my height, but sloppy dressed, over-weight and her demeanor was very withdrawn and awkward especially for her size. She was NOT her normal happy self and we did NOT have the same relationship any more. Her mother had definitely seen to that.


The Secret Phone Call From My Daughter Alienated By Dolores Alice Dukes

Secret Phone Call From My Daughter#secret-phone-call-from-an-alienated-child

My daughter
Secret phone call
Secret Phone Calle From Alienated Daughter At Risk Of Getting Caught

Out of the blue one day, I surprisedly received a daring and secretive phone call from my daughter. Secret because it was clear and proven knowledge between my daughter and I that she was not ever allowed to contact me at any time for any reason, but she did. She also was not allowed any memorabilia or keepsakes from me under the mother's roof which meant that any written phone number of mine would be discarded by the mother immediately, so I made a personalized song out of my phone number so my daughter would never forget it and it worked, because it had been a while since we'd been together by this point. As far as my evidence goes, this audio conversation is the reason for this website.

"If I had a choice to be with you or mom, I would definitely choose you."

Quote From My Alienated Daughter's Secret Phone Call To Her Dad

If I Had A Choice Excerpt From Secret Phone Call From My Alienated Daughter

This phone call proved to me I was right to fight for my daughter, and indeed, it was a fight. Proven by the nature that the phone call itself had to be secret, but also by my daughter risking all to tell me her true feelings for me and what's she had to endure under her mother's roof.

This is

supporting this website.
"I wish you had full cusody of me instead of her."

Quote From Alienated Daughter's Secret Phone Call

I Wish You Had Full Custody Excerpt From Secret Phone Call From My Alienated Daughter.

This is my daughter and I and the way we can talk. Try to remember, she is 7 years old in this conversation. This was not our first separation, so we were kinda getting used to it by then.

"I can't wait till I get older, when I get old enough that I can live on my own. I wish I could just, like grow up really really fast so I can be with you."

Quote From Alienated Daughter's Secret Phone Call

Secret Phone Call From My Alienated Daughter Full Conversation

This phone call proved to me I was right to fight for my daughter, and indeed, it was a fight. Proven by the nature that the phone call itself had to be secret, but also by my daughter risking all to tell me her true feelings for me and what's she had to endure under her mother's roof.


Father Daughter Bonding Time With Our LOTR Parody

Father Daughter Bonding Time#father-daugther-bonding-in-our-lord-of-the-rings-parody

Allow me to present our version of Lords of the Rings, starring my daughter, my girlfriend and I.

Our Version Of Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Parody

This is parenting.

My daughter and I loved doing projects together, from building a dog house to producing our version of The Lord of the Rings, the whole Trilogy in under 12 minutes of pure fun. This is our sense of humour. She wrote the plot, the lines and chose the characters we should all play. I wasn't such a fan of the movies, but my girlfriend was so they produced most of it. When I only had accesss to her every other weekend with no communication between, it was a feat to plan and prepare this.

I made it a point to have my access time be amazing for my daughter, and it always was.

This video was filmed one of my access weekends in Oct. of 2011. My daughter was 11 and could not stop talking about this for months prior to us coming up with the idea. She loved the movies which we watched together and decided our version would be funny, cute and a great project. She became obsessed with it and that's the first sign that I knew something would come of this. The mother would have to put a stop to all the good times my daughter was having, because it made her look bad. My access was severed shortly after the making of this video, Boxing Day 2011,Boxing Day 2011 and I would never see her again.

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