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Michael Watter Parental Abduction Of His Daughters By Cassie Watter

Parental Abduction Is The Children Abducted By One Parent AWAY From The Other Parent.

Custody Battles in Family Court are never good and the results can be terrifying for a parent. This story is actually one with a happy ending.

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The Family Courts Again Failing The Children In Custody Battle Gone Wrong

Parental Abduction/michael-watter#parental-abduction

Based On: ABC News Article

Custody Reversal Is Upheaval In Family And Children's Lives And Is Seldom Good

Michael Watter And Daughters
Michael Watter And His Two Daughters
Michael Watter and his twin daughters Isabella (Left) and Bronte who were abducted by their mother Cassie Watter soon after the dad was awarded Full Custody of the girls.

Of course, unlike most if not all other abductions, the children are taken in the belief that this is the best for the children however it is NEVER in the best interest so it's still abduction and it's quite a volatile situation for everyone involved. The police are usually not as inclined to take the matter AS serious as if it were a stranger abduction however it's usually breaching a Family Court Order as was the case with this story.

"Their disappearance occurred several months after Mr Watter was granted full custody of the girls."

Click To See The ABC News Webpage On The Michael Watter Article

Although this story is out of Australia, their Family Court System is almost the same.

Michael Watter has experienced Parental Abduction worst than many but the abuse of The Family Court System and the helplessness that follows is the exact same for any parent, regardless of gender. If one parent decides to do bad things to the children, in The Family Court System, the other parent is simply left defenseless. That's merely inherent in the nature of Civil Law, for which The Family Courts fall under. Civil Law expects the parties involved to observe the Court Orders or suffer the consequence, only the consequence is ONLY resolvable in The Family Courts. What do you do when you can't take the other party to Family Court? Exactly HOW difficult is life when the other parent doesn't want to play nice? The answer is hellish. Life if hellish.

The Flight Risk Factor In The Family Court System Is Very Real

Crystal Affidavit
The Mother's Sister's Affidavit Supporting Me

When the mother first left me on April 18, 2005 she could've went anywhere, but went to my sister's for a few days. I did not know where my daughter was and my sister did not call me to confirm that she was OK. That essentially made the mother a flight risk because disappearing with my daughter became a pattern as well as an attitude, as exampled in the way she left Marty Weeks and the way she handled important matters so flippantly throughout our divorce. She avoided any and all communication AND used Restraining Orders to enforse her attitude, not out of fear as is the meaning of a Restraining Order.

Essentially, I KNEW the mother was a flight risk and so did the mother's sister Crystal and said so in her Sworn Affidavit against her own sister Dolly.

"I believe Dolores is a flight risk, at risk of harming CHILD. (although not intentionally) and maybe at risk of harming herself."

Click To See The Mother's Sister's Sworn Affidavit

The characteristic of flight rather than deal with the issues was dominant in the mother's attitude towards EVERYTHING in our divorce, which now manifested in the complete Alienation of my child from me, her friends AND family.

I believed the mother Dolly could have taken flight with my daughter at any time, and still can to this day. It's essentially why I had to give up fighting for my daughter. It's THAT influential in my decision making.

Mandatory Mediation would never have allowed this situation to get as bad as it did for this parent. And if it could happen to him and myself, rest assured, no one is safe from this ever happening to them as long as The Family Courts exist.


Parental Abduction 'A Growing Trend', Authorities Say Many Children End Up Overseas


Be Astonished By All I've Endured Just To Be A Parent

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There is nothing included, if I can't substantiate it with fact.

This entire website is fact-based with all the Evidence always linked so as to keep you as informed as possible in the chaos that has been my daughter's life.

But don't miss the Home Page where I tell the world the story of Dolores Alice Dukes and the Extreme Parental Alienation I've endured since April 18, 2005.

For a solution to The Family Court System, visit Mandatory Mediation

I'm a father forever, even when denied the right to be.

Written by TMDILH
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