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Parental Alienation Drives One Father To Display Losing His Daughter In A Website

This Website Is Over A Decade Of Abuse By Dolores Alice Dukes Against Everyone Involved In My Divorce

Not Happy Letter
The Mother's Not Happy Letter Left For Me On April 18, 2005
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If any parent can imagine what hell on earth would be, it might be mourning and grieving the loss of a child who is very much still alive. Every day is a nightmare that doesn't end when you wake up. Every day you feel just how wrong the entire situation is. And every day you are unable to parent your child who needs you more than ever. This is Parental Alienation and when it's as bad as mine, you learn how to build websites to host the vast amount of evidence proving it.

The Amount Of BullShit I Deal With On A Daily Basis Would Astound You

What I've endured, not many parents come back from. They either lose their mind or lose their life. It's too absurd to even comprehend how bad The Family Courts can be to allow what this good parent has had to since April 18, 2005. The only way this parent can make sense of any of it to to publish the astounding proof I've compiled into this website and hopefully have the world be astounded too.

Police Call About @TMDILH
My Ex-Wife #SheKnowsYouDo Mother Dolores Alice Dukes (@AliceDukesRMT) Police Complaint April 3 2018.
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Written by >@TMDILH
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Who Displays Their Nasty Divorce In A Website?


My Family Court Nightmare Ending In Complete Parental Alienation

No good parent should ever have to ask a Judge for permission to parent, that's just wrong and that's why I built this website.

Daughter And Dad Boxing Day Skate
Daughter And Dad Skating During Our Limited Access Time
My friend does a Holiday Tradition every year and rents a rink for a free familly skate, and with my limited Holiday Access to my daughter, I was only able to do this annual event twice. This was the last time my daughter and I attended in 2009.
Parental Alienation Website Icon And Favicon

Hello, and welcome to the @TMDILH page, the profile name I use when promoting this website on social media. TMDILH is an acronym for the full title of, the website I founded, built and host completely of my own expense. I became a Web Developer at the age of 50 just to do this, and I built this website on my own VPS to host the massive amount of evidence I've compiled as a parent in Family Court.

The #SheKnowsYouDo letter is from my alienated daughter who's 17 and a half now but has not been allowed to contact me since Dec. 26, 2011 when her mother gave our daughter an ultimatum:Either he brings you back early or you'll never see him again and that happened on our Christmas Holidays. #Grinch.

#SheKnowsYouDo Alienated Since 11, A 17 Daughter 'Gamble' Writing Her Father Under @AliceDukesRMT Rules
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Manhatten Beach LA, 1998
@TMDILH Shark Pose On Los Angeles Beach While Swimming. author and @TNDILH actively on social media is posing here with a shark on a Los Angeles beach while swimming, and my pose beside it says everything you ever need to know about me, and that I'd pose with a shark.
It's so hard to explain what life with her is like. I don't think anyone has ever gotten it. I know you do. But I can't keep my head down and pretend you're not still out there

#SheKnowsYouDo alienated daughter letter to @TMDILH father Jan. 8, 2018

My situation is unique, as all are in divorce or separation, but in my case, I did absolutely nothing wrong and can prove it. I did absolutely nothing to deserve what has been done to me by the mother. In fact, my family doesn't deserve this, nor does the mother's own family, who haven't been in contact with my daughter for a lot longer. Yes, the mother alienated her entire own family and friends from seeing her daughter. Cut and dry, this is a black and white, right vs. wrong custody case. I still do have acccess custody by law, but the mother just doesn't care. The mother, Alice Dukes an RMT at Pickering Wellness Center, is in the belief that she has done and continues to do no wrong, and that's what is SO unique and precedent setting about my case, it's unbelievable.

What I've endured just to remain a parent to my only child in The Family Court System is almost unbelieveable, therefore I felt it needed to be witnessed to fully be believed. The Evidence Page hosts all my proof since the start of my separation April 18,2004, leading to today with absolutely no one having any contact with my daughter since Dec. 26, 2011. Complete alienation from anyone and everyone, not just me.

I have nothing to hide, am a proud parent and a decent karma loving person. I believe this is something I must do.

Dolores Alice Dukes And @TMDILH Daughter Birth 2000
Parental Alienation Website Showing @TMDILH Handing Newborn Baby To
Parental Alienation Website is written by a passionate father who has suffered complete Parental Alienation from his daughter that he caught and handed to her mother, crying. @TMDILH has not been allowed any communication with his only child now since Dec. 26, 2011. This is is 2000 in Los Angeles hospital fully paid for by our health insurance policy with SAG. advocates we abolish The Family Court System and replace it with Mandatory Mediation and believes it offer the civilized divorce. After having my child stolen from me by her mother through The Family Courts,I learned for eight years just archaic our Family Court System is. And I'm here to tell you The Family Court System does NOT work. In fact, The Family Court System and the toxic adversarial nature it creates is victimizing the children of separation or divorce with the proof of this in my situation hosted on the Evidence page of this website.

I would have NEVER lost my daughter if Mandatory Mediation were mandated by law.

Can A Bad Parent's Actions Warrant A Precedent Setting Case.

I want this website to be an inspiration to what one parent endured for his child, and hopefully inspire the civilized divorce, where children actually are considered and coparenting is achievable in the midst of divorce. As we all know, equality, justice and civility are not available in The Family Court System and that is simply the WORST for the children. This website aims to be a resource and educational tool for dialogue and discussion with regards to changing the laws around divorce, and to hopefully abolish The Family Court System entirely. The mother acted SO apprehensible that it might just be convincing enough to Abolish The Family Court System.

Parental Alienation Website 2 Figures Promo Pic

The simple truth is, IF the mother in my divorce weren't as hellish as she was, I would NOT have a website nor would I advocate for this cause, but my life would be incredibly different, happy and I'd be Co-Parenting our child. But, since the mother, throughout our divorce, displayed the most deplorable behaviour of any parent, it might just be enough to get people to pay attention.

@TMDILH Catching Daughter
#SheKnowsYouDo Daughter Born With A Purple Head From Being Choked On The Umbilical Cord. @TMDILH caught her and cut the cord.
#SheKnowsYouDo Daughter Being Born With Purple Head And Screaming Crying Really Loud But Perfectly Healthy And Quite Happy Baby And Young Girl

I believe in fate. For whatever reason, my wife and partner of 20 years decides to go her own way. The divorce I could handle, because no one wants to force anyone else to live with them. Every documented piece of evidence on this website proves that I was always ok with the divorce and more than giving throughout the entire proceedings. Every time the mother lashed out at me with lies, deceit and even more, I didn't retaliate. I never would. I knew that's what the mother wanted, and I wasn't interested in a fight. So that's when the mother dealt out even more, and got nastier. More I didn't fight, the more she did. I wanted to mediate. I wanted what was best for our daughter. I was willing to compromise and willing to do anything I could to accomodate seeing our daughter and it's proven throughout with every document and action associated with my divorce. That's what makes my particular divorce so newsworthy, it's completely black and white. Everyone associated with my divorce supports me as the best parent EXCEPT The Family Court System.

If This Can Happen To Me, No Doubt It Can Happen To You

In my experienced opinion, having been through 8 years in The Family Courts, I truly believe making mediation mandatory is the civilized divorce and the only way to achieve what is really in the best interest of our children, parents, society and so much more. The Family Court System is a disgrace to society, parents and children. If you fundamentally believe that every child is entitled to both parents, then you might believe in Abolishing The Family Court System too. Please share if you care.

Please Share And Follow Me On Social Media @TMDIH

Feel Free To Help Me Get This Information Out To Those Need It

I've been hosting this website for years now and hope that parents everywhere can be truly informed on what The Family Courts are doing to us and our children. I've started the hashtag #AbolishFamilyCourt in an effort to start a coversation regarding how devastating The Family Court System can be.

Written by logo and favicon

Dolores Alice Dukes And @TMDILH Imagined Growing Old In This House Together

The Matrimonial Home/me#the-matrimonial-home

Our 5 year old daughter was stolen by her mother from This home.


Our 150 year old house.

This very spacious open-concept 1800 sq. ft. 2 bedroom 2 bath old house had once been the post-office for the neighbouring communities, but had since been renovated to be a beautiful board and batten with substantial detail for the curb appeal. Plus, it was close to one of the best schools in the district, with a quick bus ride to and from it. When I bought it, I had updated both the house and 700 sq. ft. detached garage substantially even putting plumbing into the upstairs studio space. Here's the MLS Listing used for selling it.

When I first bought it, the laundry was in the basement so I immediately redid the plumbiing for a main floor laundry. I eventually added a beautiful 3 piece bathroom with curved corner shower to the huge Master Bedroom. There was so much that I fixed up on the old place, because I loved doing it and was good at it. The 2 piece bath in the upstairs studio above the garage was just the first of many major renovations planned with that space.

Since I purchased the old place, I fixed the foundation, roof, and got rid of the squirrels in the main house. I also gutted the entire garage and upper garage, added a decent sized work-shop, and built a garbage/recycling space with it's own door. I did so many renovations, it's hard to note it all but it was a very affordable and comfortable, if not luxurious place to live, and incredibly comfortable all year round with it's huge fireplace in the middle of the almost entirely open concept house.

An entertainer's heaven with a Great Room that featured high ceiling and skylight, with a large fireplace as the focus. The dinig room held upwards to 20 people and lead out to a huge deck overlooking the almost acre of land, and hundreds of acres beyond that of farmland. The house was situated on a dead-end street zoned commercial/residential with plans for me to open a highly successful Apple Dealership and Post Production Studio in the detached 2 car garage. It was approximately 350 sq. ft, brightly lit with two gables and a balcony walkout that, on a clear day, you could see the CN Tower of downtown Toronto.

The yard was very large and well taken care of. I added a huge fire pit for great outdoor parties and built raised gardens including compost heap. There was plenty of mature trees and greenery including a profitable huge and very mature Black Walnut tree. The entire yard was fenced, the neighbourhood was safe and the traffic was minimal because of the dead end street. In fact, I could easily park more than 20 cars anywhere around my house no problem at any time. My closest neighbours were right accross the street and were so friendly.

Learn about how I traded this house for access to my daughter and so much more. Welcome.

Canadian House 2004
This is the Matrimonial Home the mother stole our child from.
Matrimonial Home was 1800 sq. ft with 800 sq ft master bedroom which I added a master en-suite 3 piece bathroom and major plumbing into the house from the garage being converted into a Post Production Studio Space.

If you like old homes, they don't get much older.

Built around 1840, it was the Original Post Office for the community, and had an open floor concept that involved only a few doors to the whole place. There were windows everywhere including a skylight in the Great Room, with an 18 foot ceiling and matching Fireplace. I upgraded many things since buying it which included a beautiful 3 Piece En-Suite Master Bathroom and so much more in the house. The 2 car garage was being renovated from the ground up complete with Workshop, Garbage/Recycling Room, and 2nd Floor 350 Sq.ft. Studio Suite which hosts a kitchette, bathroom and walk-out deck. The land lot was over 100' wide and 160' deep, on a dead-end street zoned commercial/residential, not to mention one of the best schools in the district just down the street; a short bus ride to be precise.

We weren't rich but we were finally well off. We had enjoyed some success in Los Angeles, and bought when was low and sold when the market was high. Our life moving to Canada was definitely looking up, and feeling positive. I was looking forward to being closer to friends and family. The mother was not looking forward to that at all. She never liked her family much.

The house was paid off so living was easy.

I loved this house and by all accounts @AliceDukesRMT loved it too. She had a huge garden to work on, plenty of flowers planted and often a project or two on the go. She did not need to work much, only pay her expenses as the house was essentially paid off, with a small mortgage that was less than most people's rent; everthing included was $500 a month, shared between the two of us.

Family Holiday 2004
@TMDIHL Family Portrait With The Women In My Life
A beautiful family portrait of very important women in my life at that time and my daughter in my arms to make it perfect. However, the woman on the left s Dolores Alice Dukes @AliceDukesRMT decided that none of the other women would ever be in her daughter's life again, causing unimaginable damage to each of the other women, my mother (in light blue cardigan) in particular..

The very large house was perfectly suited for large family occassions which I truly enjoyed hosting.

I was in heaven. My plan was to open an Apple Retail Store and Post Production Rental Studio from the renovated garage and earn money while living/working at home. I had a steady job a steady musician gig on the weekends and freelanced as a Audio/Video Producer as well. My life was going great until April 18, 2005, almost 20 years to the day I met Dolly, I arrived home from work to this letter.

This is when nothing made sense any more, and my life went straight to hell

Written by logo and favicon

High School Sweet Hearts Together For 17 Years Before Our Daughter Was Born, Then It Changed

My Ex-Wife And I/me#my-exwife-and-i

THroughout Our Entire Relationship Dolores Alice Dukes Felt Empowered

Dolores Alice Dukes Grad
Dolores Alice Dukes Graduation Pic May 30 1986 Wearing A Tux and Tails.
When Dolores Alice Dukes and I were dating, I empowered her descisions and even helped her pick out the tux and tails for her date with me, aldo dressed in tux and tails btw.
@TMDILH And Dolores Dukes 1984
Dolores Alice Dukes and I Meeting Her Parents Awkwardness.
Dolores Alice Dukes introducing me to the parents and that awkwardness. I would end up staying friendly with my in-laws to this day where as Dolores Alice Dukes utilizes no contact with her family and friends to this day.

Dolores and I were together, straight out of high school, for over 20 years and we were never a typical couple nor did we want to be. We were ok with that.

I was a musician and she was a model, so we lived in different countries while remaining a couple for many years. Somehow, we always stayed together even though she always had the option to leave at any time. I never wanted her to stay if she were unhappy, and she knew that. That's somehow the magic of our relationship, the freedom. I encouraged and empowered her to be and enjoy many things, including her modeling career. I not only supported it I assisted in so many ways. She knew nothing but support, encouragement and empowerment, as I'm probably a feminist but I'd rather just prefer the company of smart intellegent and powerful women. That's what I like about women, and that's what I liked about Dolores, she was a very strong woman. Until our daughter was born, then she changed that strength into a weapon.

Now up until the birth of our daughter, our relationship was quite stellar and since we always had to option to leave, we both chose to stay for 17 years. We enjoyed ALL the happiness, joy, excitement, romance and wonder that bringing a newborn into the world for the first time brings. We had an amazing hospital, with a mid-wife pressent and our own private birthing suite complete with birthing tub. Dolly's water broke around midnight, but that night her and I enjoyed a romantic dinner at a beautiful restaurant. THe baby's room was finished and all the preparations were in in place. Everything was perfect and then less than 36 hours later, she would start to change.

Is This The Mother's Postpartum Depression?

Los Angeles House 1999
@TMDILH Los Angeles House Dining Room Overlooking Mount Washington
Our Los Angeles house and it's dining room view never got old and was an oasis in a huge city called Mount Washington and it's denizen were the creastives in the Hollywood Film Industy like the voice for Bart Simpson lives there.
Honeymoon In Cancun 1998
@TMDILH Kiss On The Cheek Possibly Involving Alcohol Good Times
A public display of affection from Dolores Alice Dukes when we were happily married and possibly drunk on vacation by the looks of my tan.

Most people are familiar with Postpartum Depression and so was I and was very patient with her, but after a year and a half of no intimacy I knew we needed to go to a Marriage Councellor. We argued, we bickered, we didn't communicate and there was a definite attitude from her that was never there before, blaming me for everything. It got better after the Marriage Councellor but was never the same. A pivotal moment was soon after the birth of our child and me being awake for 36 hours straight, we both agreed that I needed to go home and grab some sleep then bring the car seat and everything necessary to the hospital to bring our baby home. When I was driving home, she called me begging me to come back because she needed me. She was perfectly fine, so I explained it was important I get some sleep but she insisted I come back. In Marriage Councelling a year and a half later, she'd admit her opinion of me changed at that precise moment, never to love me the same again.

My Life Was On Par With Where I Wanted To Be When My Divorce Happened

The Not Happy April 18, 2005 Parental Alienation Begins From
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I knew Dolores was unhappy before she left me The Not Happy Letter. dated Apri 18, 2005. We talked openly about in the months prior. We both knew she needed something, but she had everything.

Sister's Wedding Vancouver 2002
@TMDILH Kiss On The Cheek Possibly Involving Alcohol Good Times
@TMDILH Father Dancing With #SheKnowsYouDo Daughter Alienated Now From Age 11 but Secretly Emailed Her Father In A 'Gamble' Against Her Life Under @AliceDukesRMT Guilty Of Contempt Of Court Since Dec. 26, 2011 And Guilty Of Child Abuse.

I then encouraged her to join a Theatre Group, because she'd only just talked about it before, and she did. The month commitment to rehearsals were supported by me. I picked up the extra baby-sitting with my mother even helping out, and she was the star. The entire week the play debuted she was estatic and we had AMAZING intimacy that weekend. That was also the weekend I made her promise to go to Marriage Concouselling with me, to keep that energy, she refused but I persisted. I knew she wasn't going to stay happy so I wouldn't drop the topic until she reluctantly agreed, but I just knew she was lying.

Alice Dukes RMT Blames Her Unhappiness On Everyone But Herself And Is Not Likely To Change Willingly

I soon knew our marriage was done but I can't remember shedding a tear for my marriage. I never wanted my partner to keep living with me if that's not what they want. People change. I get that. I understood and accepted it. What I DID need was to be with my daughter at this crisis time but I wasn't given a chance to comfort her and be a parent to her, plus I needed to know she was alright which was never a guarantee, ever.

4x4ing In Los Angeles
@TMDILH At River In Los Angeles County Near Where They Filmed MASH, Our Family Getaway Where The Dogs Roam Free And No One Bothers Us Playing In The The River
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Family 4x4ing With Daughter 2002
@TMDILH At River In Los Angeles County 4x4 Area Very Private Where Our Family Getaway Where The Dogs Roam Free And No One Bothers Us Playing In The The River
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After The First Family Court Date All I Really Knew Was That I Was In Trouble. I Did Not Recognize My Wife Any More.

My partner of 20 years Dolores Alice Dukes now had eyes that were dead to me. She had changed completely, so immediately I joined D.A.D.S of Durham, a Divorced Father's Group funded by The John Howard Society. An Amazing Support Group that enlightened me so much to what I was to expect. I learned then, to document everything, and did so ever since, and it's all here for everyone to witness. I remember it being SO bad that I kept every receipt to document where and when I was places, protecting myself from her lies.

Written by logo and favicon

Even At My Lowest, I Was Always So Happy To See My Daughter.

My Daughter And I/me#my-daughter-and-1

Having My Daughter Made Me Happier Than Any Parent Could Be, And The Mother Knew That

@TMDILH, Daughter And Girlfriend Oct. 2010
I'm THIS kind of father to my daughter. #SheKnowsYouDo and @TMDILH made this together just before she got taken away from me by her mother.

It might be strange to say this, but my daughter and I were like best friends. We both shared an eagerness to do stuff, and whatever I did, I enjoyed it more with her. We even had plans to build a tree-house together. She helped me with the projects I was doing around the house, and we had the best fun. I'd involve her as much as I could. We painted our names on the inside of the stairs closet so every time you opened that closet, you saw dad loves "her name" in bright bold paint. We just did stuff like that, all the time.

@TMDILH Reteaching Daughter To Dive 2007
My daughter had forgotten how to dive having been away from me for so long.

Even at the lowest points of my divorce, when I lost so much of my access to her mother, I made every attempt for us to have an awesome time. She didn't need to suffer my misery. She missed me so much between visits, and especially during extended periods of time apart, that I made sure WE always had fun. We both couldn't imagine not being together.

I was so lucky to have a daddy's girl. That's why it hurts SO much to not have her in my life.

But as you might guess being separated from each other for large gaps of time, all at the doing of the mother, was extremely hard on our relationship. But throughout everything, when we'd get back together, it wouldn't be long before if felt like we were never apart. I could SEE her so grown up since the last time and be such as different personality without me in her life. I can even prove it with the swimming video. I'd already taught her how to dive, but a year and a half is a VERY long time to a child without her father, I've seen some drastic and sad changes to our daughter, which are more evident when I have large gaps in her life.

If I Were To Insist On Never Seeing My Daughter Again, I Can Imagine The Mother Forcing Custody On Me

I need to post so much more video of my daughter and I doing amazing things together, and I will soon. We always had the best times.

How can the mother truly believe she's doing the right thing? Bad parents do bad things all the time, especially in The Family Court System.

Written by logo and favicon

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This entire website is completely fact-based with all the Evidence always linked so as to keep you as informed as possible in the chaos that has been my daughter's life.

But don't miss the Research Page where I link all kinds of relevence, like other horror stories ending in the most horrific ways which are all linked to the Family Court System.

For a solution to The Family Court System, visit Mandatory Mediation

There Is Nothing Included, If I Can't Substantiate It With Fact.

I'm a father forever, even when denied the right to be.

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