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Marty Weeks Was The Ultimate Accomplice With A History

Accomplice Marty Weeks#accomplice-marty-weeks-in-stalking-and-kidnapping-with-alice-dukes-rmt

The mother could NOT have done nearly as many things after our separation without Marty Weeks, and she knew it. She was unemployed, many thousands of dollars in debt that I didn't know about, and had just damaged her car to the point it needed work just to be safe to drive. She was desperate and when Marty showed up merely months after our separation, her accomplice was found. He had vehicles, a big old house nearby and potentially could be the cash cow and partner in crime she needed. Marty Weeks has no moral character and had no idea Dolores Alice Dukes was playing him.

On June 02, 2005, the mother Dolores Alice Dukes met and subsequesntly dated Marty Weeks, AND almost simultaneously started referring to him as her fiance on all paperwork, with Marty Weeks injecting himself into my divorce to the point of conversing with my lawyer and speaking on the mother's behalf. He benefit her greatly as his criminal mind assisted her on many occasions, and he insisted on inserting himself into my separation and divorce as much as he could. The mother definitely used the tactic of their relationship towards me in the worst ways, both of them. Each and every tactic they used on me was attempt to either make me do something I'd regret or the mother could capitalize on in The Family Courts.

I did no such thing. Instead, I merely documented every bad behavior the two of them got up to, and present it here.


The Mother Alice Dukes RMT Accomplice In Crime Marty Weeks

Alice Dukes RMT Accomplice Marty Weeks#the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes-accomplice-in-crime-marty-weeks

:OCL Report

Approximately 2 months into our separation the mother begins dating a new boyfriend. I'm not a jealous type and new my marriage was over so I didn't mind, in fact, things between Dolly and I became better at first. We talked a few times on the phone like civilized people for the first time since the separation. Things appeared good, but not for long.

"Ms. Mom reported that she met her new partner, Marty Weeks, in June 2005 through mutual friends and moved into his house in October 2005."

Quote from the OCL Report introducing Marty


Dolores Alice Dukes Chose Marty Weeks As Her Partner In Crime

Dolores Alice Dukes Crime Partner Marty Weeks#the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes-new-partner-in-crime-marty-weeks

: Police Report

Investigating The Police History Of Marty Weeks

Marty History
Boyfriend And Accomplice Marty Weeks Police History

OCL Investigator Derek Forster reports his findings on Dolly's new boyfriend/fiance. His skills are all utilized in my divorce by the mother against me including stalking, harassing, driving by randomly, threats, and other assorted antics, all at the mother's beckoning. I believed my ex-wife and mother of our child dated Marty Weeks, a person very well known to police, for his criminal mindset and skills to be used against me.

"On June 3, 2002 Mr. Weeks was initially arrested for Mischief to Property and was subsequently charged with Criminal Harassment."

Quote from the OCL Report on Marty's history


Office Of The Children's Lawyer Warning Alice Dukes RMT About Boyfriend Marty Weeks

The OCL Warning To Alice Dukes RMT#office-of-the-childrens-lawyer-warning-about-marty-weeks

Dolores Alice Dukes Showing No Regard For What Is In The Best Interest Of The Child

OCL Warns Dolly About Marty OCL Investigator Derek Forster brings his professional opinion into this. The mother would continue to live with Marty for approximately another year, claiming him to be her fiance..

"It would seem prudent to caution Ms. Mom that she is ultimately responsible for Child's well being and the direction of those adults in a care provideing position as to what is acceptable behaviour towards her."

Quote from the OCL Report warning mother of Marty

The mother would continue to live with Marty for approximately a year afterwards, referring to him often in paperwork as fiance.


The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Allowed Child Abuse From Marty Weeks

Alice Dukes RMT Allowed Child Abuse#the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes-allowed-marty-weeks-to-abuse-her-child

Our Child Had Never Been Hit Before

As a parent and when we were a family, physical discipline was never even considered. Our daughter was well mannered, well behaved, but allowed to be a child and encouraged to be as child-like in her enthusiasm as possible. There was a mutual respect established where if we needed her to do anything, she was more than willing to do this. We NEVER ever hit her. Well, that all changed when the mother started dating her new boyfriend Marty Weeks.

"Mr. Weeks is the only aduult recognized in this matter to have utilized physical punishment against Child for disciplinary purposes."

Quote from the OCL Report on Marty

I began hearing about the violence towards my daughter immediately after it happened on my next access visit with her. My daughter and I have an amazing communication level and she and I can talk about anything. She openly told me about Marty hitting her for playing in the house.

"He (Dad) explained that Child continued to tell him that Mr. Weeks was hitting her so he reported the situation to the Durham Children's Aid Society, who intervened and the use of corporal punishment by Mr. Weeks stopped."

Quote from the OCL Report on Marty

When I asked my daughter where the mother was when Marty was hitting her in the matrimonial home, she told me the mother watched. I knew right then the mother's intentions were NOT in the child's best interest. I now believed this was conspired to make me react negatively and do something drastic, however I had already concluded the mother was not doing what was right for our child. This is just another example of the mother's character which cannot be undone to our child.

My daughter also told me she caught the mother and Marty in bed together, of course in the martimonial home. I cannot prove this, however this kind of conduct would not surprise anyone familiar with the mother in my divorce. Noted, this kind of conduct NEVER happened as a family.


Stalking And Kidnapping Involving Dolores Alice Dukes And Marty Weeks Dec. 26, 2005

Alice Dukes RMT Stalking And Kidnapping#boxing-day-05-stalking-and-kidnapping-incident-involving-dolores-alice-dukes-and-marty-weeks

OCL Report

The Family Court System is completely at fault for making communication impossible, and co-parenting a low priority in the grand scheme of things.

There was no Court Order for holiday access and OCL Report on Boxing Day 05 Incident the part about the mother brokering a deal with my mother is a complete lie. My mother would never get involved in such a manner. This is the first of a series of displays of extremely bad parenting the mother would exhibit in our divorce.

"The parties confirmed that there were no agreed to provisions for the Christmas holidays with Child. Ms. Mom refused to give him access to Child on Decenber 23, 2005 as per his scheduled weekend."

Quote from the OCL Report on Marty about the Boxing Day 05 Incident

The OCL Report description of the Boxing Day 05 Incident tells of a very determined mother to steal her away from the father, putting my daughter in great harm and making her very upset all for NO REASON. This was definitely not in our daughter's best interest.

The OCL Report on Marty's Boxing Day 05 input adds his thoughts to the incident, further incriminating himself and the mother. He states they were searching for me and lists the two probabe places to find me, only I was at my friends. place, parked very visibly in front of his apartment. They found me, and stalked me waiting to enter the bank machine, with the mother's copy of my truck's door and ignition key. But with no Court Order, as the mother declares at the top of Boxing Day 05, what did they show my daughter? And what were they going to do when they found me?

"Mr. Weeks described Child as very upset over the incident and explained that he and Ms. Mom subsequently showed Child the court order and explained to her why she was not to stay with Mr. Dad."

Quote from the OCL Report description of the Boxing Day 05 Incident

There was no Court Order for holiday acces. They stalked me and stole my daughter away from her father to destroy her holidays.

"Ms. Mom maintained that she did not stalk Mr. Dad but rather, she happened upon his vehicle while searching for him."

Quote from the OCL Report description of the Boxing Day 05 Incident

The movie my daughter and I were watching was How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Dolores Alice Dukes Leaves Marty Weeks

Alice Dukes RMT Leaves Marty Weeks#dolores-alice-dukes-leaves-marty-weeks

Dolores Alice Dukes Leaves Marty Weeks Similar To Me

In Dolly's Brother Warren's Affidavit you can read that Dolly broke up with Marty the exact same way she did with me, with or without the letter, and Marty came running to Warren. He called her sick.

"Marty, after Dolores left him, wisited me. I wouldn't let him in the house. He asked if I would contact Dolores for him, or help Dolores because he said she was sick."

Quote from Dolly's brother Warren's affidavit

Also noteworthy is Dolly's mother's affidavit stating that Dolly allegedly broke back into Marty's house to steal the ownership of the car the Marty bought her.

"Dolores' ex-fiance told me some incredible stories like Dolores breaking back into his house to steal the ownership of the car he had bought for her."

Quote from Dolly's mother Gogo's affidavit


Marty Weeks Calls Me After Dolores Alice Dukes Leaves Him

Marty Weeks Calls Me#arty-weeks-calls-me-concerned-about-dolores-alice-dukes-and-child"

Marty Weeks Once Threatened My Life But Now Concerned About Child

Then there was this phone call from Marty. I had heard from Warren that Marty was upset and concerned for Dolores after she left him.

Marty Phone Call To Me

He called me actualy out of concern for my child. I didn't call him back. I knew the concerns for my child already, and he was gladly not one of them anymore.

" some concerns about CHILD and stuff and you should be aware of it."

Quote from Marty Weeks phone call to me

Marty Weeks is the same man who was recorded threatening to kill me on the opening page video of this website.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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