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Jessica Edens Murders Estranged Husband's Coworker And Her 2 Children And Self After Family Court Appearance

Family Court Motivated Killing Spree Killing So Many Innocent People To Shame Ex-Husband

Jessica Edens was about to appear in Family Court and supposedly worried about losing Child Custody and out of revenge, began a killing spree that showcases the mindset fostered directly by The Family Courts.

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Jessica Edens Is A Victim Of The Family Courts Creating Other Victims Out Of Fear

The Entitled Mindset Of Jessica Edens Is Very Similar To @TMDILH Ex-Wife

This horrific story involves yet another Family Court associated murder directly related to a Family Court appearance two days prior that upset one mother enough to murder her estranged husband'scoworked and suspected girlfriend and the young daughter they shared, but also killed the older son of a previous husband as well as herself in South Carolina

Jessica Edens Murder Suicide
South Carolina mother Jessica Edens 36 murdered her estranged husband's coworker and suspected girlfriend then killed their child along with a previous husband's child then killed herself after a Family Court appearance July 13, 2017
Meredith Leigh Rahme Killed July 13, 2017
South Carolina mother Jessica Edens 36 murdered Ben Eden's coworker and suspected girlfriend Meredith Leigh Rahme 28 on July 13, 2017 after Jessica and Ben's Family Court appearance July 11, 2017

Jessica Edens, a Photographer, revealed her deranged reasoning for murdering her two children, 9 year old son Hayden King and her 4 year old daughter Harper Edens, as well as murdering her estranged husband's coworker and suspected girlfriend and her own suicide in disturbing letters found at the murder/suicide site. The letters explain the twisted logic of a parent who kills their own children and thinks that's doing them a favour, which of course, is quite typical in the incredibly adversarial environment that The Family Court System creates and fosters. The results of this mother's pain and suffering was that Jessica Edens would ultimately make everyone else sufffer too.

"To Ben, you have caused me more pain than I've ever been in my life. You have caused my children pain. I hate you. I hope you rot one day for what you have done to me and my kids. You can no longer hurt us. We are at peace. I hope you live with pain and shame and guilt for the rest of your life."

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However, on her website she describes her husband Ben Edens as the most wonderful man. If you'd ever heard of the old saying beware of a woman scorn, this is proof that it can be deadly. This was always my personal fear in my divorce in The Family Courts.

What Pain Jessica Edens Experienced In Family Court Is What Most Father Endure Daily

After their separation, Jessica Edens filed for sole custody of their daughter, while Benjamin Edens asked for joint custody, court records show. The requests were filed on Tuesday, July 11, just two days before the deadly shootings.

Probably most disturbing besides Jessica Edens blaming her murdering on the pain that her estranged husband Ben Edens caused her in Family Court, is the fact that Jessica apologizes to her first husband Nate King for killing their 9 year old son Hayden King, who had nothing to do with her current situation. Murdering children is never understandable but revenge knows no boundaries with anyone very likely to be associated just by circumstance, for maximum effect.

"To Nate, I don't know what to say. You gave me my first child. I will forever be greatful (sic) because of you. I never meant to cause you as much pain as this. I am sorry."

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36 year old Jessica Edens deliberately murdering Ben Edens' mistress Meredith Leigh Rahme, 28 out of revenge against her husband's affairs is a definite sign of retaliation and revenge, as evidenced by Jessica calling up Ben as she'd murdered the mistress and children.

Everyone you love is gone. Do you hear me? I'm about to be gone too.

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Taking the life of the child of her first husband proves that no one is safe from The Family Court System's adversarial environment. When 2 parents are waging the ultimage Do Or Die war of winning or losing the children, everyone loses.

The Family Court System Made Jessica Edens This Way

Angela Farmer, the Deputy Director at Behavioral Heatlth Service of Pickens County noted the dangerous attitude Jessica had towards both her children.

"In her suicide note there was a lot of anger expressed, and one of the things that was noted was the delusional thinking that her children would be better off, her children would be at peace and no longer would be hurt if she committed the murder suicide."

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Farmer added that the sentiments expressed in the note aren't typical for a suicide: That's not common with just a person who is attempting suicide. That's way more pathological.

I believe Jessica Edens is a victim of The Family Courts along with all the other obvious victims in this murder/suicide. Jessica is one parent who could not handle the adversarial nature of The Family Court System. We are all victims until we can change the way people divorce or separate involving children. I propose we Abolish The Family Court System in favour of Mandatory Mediation meaning that couples like Jessica and Ben Edens would have a professional Mediator trained in situations like this, preventing more tragedies involving our children and innocent lives, as well as bring civility to divorce.

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Original Story By WAPT News Journalist Justine Palic on August 10, 2017

Authorities Release Suicide Notes Of Mother Who Killed Her Children, Woman


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