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After The Father Gains Equal Custody Mother Commits Murder Suicide Of Their 5 Year Old Son

The Deadly Family Courts Strike Again

This story so closely resembles my story is ominous and on which @TMDILH bases this conclusion that the mother in my situation, Dolores Alice Dukes, resembles the thinking and logic displayed with Gina Summers in her bitter Custody Battle.

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Written by >@TMDILH
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Mothers Kill Their Children And The Family Courts Fosters This Environment

Even When Faced With Equal Custody, Losing Custodial Parent Status Was Too Much For This Mother

Based On: The StarTribune Article

An Orono mother Gina Ilene Summers 46, took the extreme measure of retaliation in Family Court by taking the life of the 5 year old Jude Sandberg whom she shared with estranged husband Jeff Sandburg after the father was award equal or joint/shared custody. She left a suicide note saying talked about prior domestic abuse and issues with the system and allowing a child to be ripped from his mother,” and it ended with, “Don’t let this happen to another child and mother.

Gina Summers With Jude Sandberg
Orono Murder Suicide With Gina Ilene Summers And Jude Sandberg 5

Gina and her estranged husband had been attending Family Court with Gina known for disrupting the father Jeff Sandberg's time and relationship with his son from the beginning, very similar to the @TMDILH divorce and Family Court visits. Except the father just recnetly was awarded Equal Custody which rarely happens in Family Court, and the mother's murder/suicide was an obviouc retaliation to the father being awarded equality. In the mother's sick mind, the child was better off dead than shared, a mentality fostered by the adversarial nature of The Family Court System.

since the onset of the case in January 2015 when she falsely accused the father of domestic abuse, never missed an opportunity to disrupt the established father-son relationship, both inside and outside of the Family Court paternity proceedings.

Click To StarTribune News Article On Gina Summers Of Orono

Gina Ilene Summers is a victim of The Family Court System, just like her innocent blonde haired 5 year old son Jude Sandberg was. Both were victims of a system that can't be counted on to help divide families. In fact Family Court destroys families and turns possibly good parents into vindictive enemies in an ultimate DO OR DIE battle and the prize is the children and the authority it weilds over the other. When that power is used and abused, no chil benefits. No child is safe.

No one wins in court, it's just a matter of who gets hurt worse

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This website TellMyDaughterILoveHercom advocates we abolish Family Court in favour of Mandatory Mediation, meaning no couple divorcing or separating involving children would ever step foot in a courtroom again, nor will a Family Lawyer ever be needed again. It means those parents mediate a co-parenting plan that works for everyone, and is flexible enough to adapt as the children grow. Mandatory Mediation means we hold parents accountable and provide a safe, comfortable and cost-effective way to divorce and know the children's best interest are always taken care of.

Written by >@TMDILH
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Be Astonished By All I've Endured Just To Be A Parent

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There is nothing included, if I can't substantiate it with fact.

This entire website is fact-based with all the Evidence always linked so as to keep you as informed as possible in the chaos that has been my daughter's life.

But don't miss the Home Page where I tell the world the story of Dolores Alice Dukes and the Extreme Parental Alienation I've endured since April 18, 2005.

For a solution to The Family Court System, visit Mandatory Mediation

I'm a father forever, even when denied the right to be.

Written by TMDILH
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