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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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Contempt of Family Court Motions

Family Court Motions#family-court-motions-against-dolores-alice-dukes

The Complete Injustice Of The Family Courts

In The Family Court System, the vicitm must take the victimizer to Family Court to get your justice.

Parental Alienation Starts In Family Court

This is exactly the same as if your neighbour were violating your rights. You can call the police but they won't do anything unless there's a criminal, federal or provincial law broken, civil law is not enforceable by police.

The Family Laws are the exact same, and dealing with children in this sustem is something you can't REALLY comprehend until you're actually in it, and then it's the nightmare that never ends which always seems hopeless to the Non-Custodial Parent. The Family Court System is broken, and almost no one can deny that.

The adversarial system of the victim having to take the bully to court is NOT how we should be dealing with children, or any issues to do with children.

Because the only way to solve divorce or separation issues is in The Family Courts, our society has broken down to understand that Family Courts equals no where near the equality and Co-Parenting necessary to properly parent our children after divorce or separation, and since The Family Court are the only power that can endorse or honour a Fami ly Court Order, most Family Court Orders are worthless ourside of The Family Courts, un-enforceable by police and are not recognized by very few other places other than The Fa mily Court. In fact, even the Principals of ALL the schools I had to deal with in regards to denied access and my Family Court Orders, none of them knew a fake Family Court Or der from a real one. Imagine that for a few moments.

These are just a few pieces of evidence I have now, with more coming here soon.

8 Family Court Motions#8-contempt-of-court-motions-against-dolores-alice-dukes

Mother's Own Affidavit
My Motions
My Family Court Motions Against The Mother

Here's an affidavit from the mother detailing my attempts to get my Court Orders enforced. Note the date is exactly 1 year from the date the mother left me but the pattern of not obeying the law, Court Orders or common decency had started.

In the Family Court System, when one parent does something wrong like break a Court Order, the victim has to prove it by starting a Motion. The Motion can be about ONE thi ng, can take months, is expensive and is the only way to get any justice. Only in my case, as you can clearly see, I was to get none.

The fact that the loser is supposed to PAY for the bully's expenses is about the epitome of dysfunction. I went to The Family Court to fight for my daughter's right to hav e her father, which everyone agrees every child should have, and lost. And HOW did I lose when ALL the evidence PROVED the mother was obviously and undoubtably guilty? So, whe n I lose, so does the children, the Family Court System and Society as a whole, and WE'RE ALL supposed to keep paying for this?

Costly Failed Family Court Motion#costly-failed-family-court-motion

Justice Bryant
Failed Motion
My Costly Justice Bryant Failed Motion

Somewhere around the time my money was running out and me still having no luck getting my access from the mother, I had to learn how to file my own Motions which when you do it wrong is costly. This essentially means that any parent must be willing to learn how to do things only a lawyer knows how to do in The Family Courts simply to remain a parent to a child.

The motion process can take months, cost not only the court fees but everything to do with filing the paperwork. Serving the mother was always a challenge because of the Restraining Orders. I wasn't allowed to know the mother's address nor go anywhere near her, and of course I couldn't go anywhere near the school when I wasn't permitted to be there. All these factors mean that simply serving the mother Family Court papers was almost impossible to do. How is that anywhere near justice, civility or sane?

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