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My Entire Separation and Divorce For The World To Witness

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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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Updated: 2017/03/09

Parental Alienation Proof In The Family Court System

Evidence Introduction/evidence#evidence-introduction

My Parental Alienation proof is all hosted on this page, collected from my divorce through The Family Court System.

Daughter And Dad At Matrimonial Home
Daughter And Dad Backyard Of Matrimonial Home

Good Parents Co-Parent

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Since the beginning of my separation and eventual divorce to Dolores Alice Dukes I was advised by the John Howard Society to document everything because of all of the lies and deceit associated with a high conflict divorce in Family Court, so I now have these webpages to display plenty of proof of just how bad one parent can be in The Family Court System, and legally there's nothing anyone can really do to stop her.

That's why advocates we Abolish The Family Courts in favour of Mandatory Mediation. This Evidence Page publically displays the evidence of the mother Alice Dukes showing how one parent can completely alienate a child from her father, family and friends since Dec. 26, 2011, and it all started at the beginning of me entering The Family Court System in April 2005. If mediation were mandatory in divorce or separation involving children, then none of what happens in most divorces in The Family Courts would ever happen. Mediation mandates a co-parenting plan immediately, instead of lawyering up. Take away The Family Courts and parents actually can co-parent after divorce or separation.

Not Happy Letter
The Mother's Not Happy Letter Left For Me On April 18, 2005

The amount of evidence I've compiled since April 18, 2004, the day my wife separated taking our child, is vast and needing multiple pages to display it all, but it is catagorized easily to make sense of just how complicated The Family Courts can be. My case is a public file and it's number is 05 835 and can be viewed by anyone with an appointment, so I am breaking no laws displaying it all for the world to see. I have nothing to hide.

Bad Parents Seek Revenge In The Famiy Courts

When reading this evidence, try to imagine two things: how any decent parent could do any of this to their own child AND how any of this could have happened using Mandatory Mediation.

The Family Court System cannot compare to having a Professional Mediator Service available 24/7 if necessary with regards to the health and well-being of the children or divorce or separation. Trusting that most parents actually care about their children equally and both want the best for the child, The Family Court System is the WORST for both children AND parents. Why are we still using this archaic form of dividing our families? The family structure is the root of most civilizations and is rooted in our history and ancestry yet we still treat divorce in The Family Courts like it's a communicable disease, until of course you're deep in it's hell and then we want to tell the world. The foundation of our society is the family structure, and with the modern divorce rate approximately 50%, shouldn't be doing something about this for all those children? .

The Family Courts
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The Children need better than The Family Court System and this website, especially this evidence page, easily proves it severely failed my daughter and I, as well as extended family, relatives and friends. My divorce was and continues to be horrific with my daughter now completely alienated from her father, and all the hellish nightmare of a battle I went through in The Family Courts to eventually lose her anyways. Essentially, it's every good parent's worst nightmare, and I live it daily. Time will tell how damaged my daughter is by the entire experience.

And let me set this fact straight: all it takes is one unreasonable parent to end up in The Family Court System. I wanted to mediate but it didn't matter.

Here's the true reality of The Family Court System: it's not meant to protect your Constitutional Rights, equality or even justice. If you deserved that, you would've mediated. The Family Court System is meant to pick a winner in the winner takes all contest. This system is an Adversarial System and proves itself to be so with Family Court documents all saying Kramer vs. Kramer, Applicant vs. Respondant or Mother vs. Father which ultimately means one parent "against" the other!

When The Family Courts divide families, it ultimately means one parent wins and one parent loses. While most people would agree that males, or fathers, lose out the most, I actually would like it to be known that ALL children lose out in The Family Courts.

As the laws are now, mediation is the first OPTION, and is NOT MANDATORY. A high conflict divorce (even with only one parent creating the conflict) involving children would surely not WANT to mediate and that's why divorces or separations involving children are so horrific these days. The Family Court System uses titles like Custodial Parent, which OBVIOUSLY is better than Non-Custodial Parent, and bad parents abuse this almost on a daily basis. If I were to have to go to court for every time the mother breached her Court Order, It would be more than a one person full time job. The Family Courts System is devised with terms used and abused against good parents, but the worst is probablly the use of the word visits when referring to parenting. That's probably every good parent's worst nightmare.

The Family Court System WAS NOT DESIGNED TO SEPARATE FAMILIES, it's only done so for decades now because we haven't YET come up with a better system. I have. It's called Mandatory Mediation, where one professional mediator negotiates the divorce or separation involving children, so couples separating or divorcing with children would ever step foot in a Courtroom ever again. Read all about this concept at the Mandatory Mediation Page

Mandatory Mediation establishes a co-parenting plan immediatedly and would prevent anyone leveraging children in divorce or separation, opposite of The Family Court System. The Family Court System does NOT endorse co-parenting, but merely allocates that one parent has visits with their children from now on, or just maybe not at all. How much of this could have been prevented using a Mediator?

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