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Each page has it's own subcatagories and is broken down in laymen speak so you do not have to be a lawyer to make sense of it. There are so many facets to my Parental Alienation with so many people, organizations and laws involved, making sense of this might be a challenge, but so is The Family Court System.

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High Conflict Divorces Use And Abuse The Children.

Denied Access By The Motherdenied-child-access-by-the-mother-dolores-alice-dukes

Children Used As Weapons And Leverage In A Parent Vs. Parent War

Alice Dukes aka Dolores "Dolly" Dukes
Alice Dukes has taken away her daughter's father, family and friends since Dec. 26 2011.

The main flaw of The Family Court System is it's adversarial nature of winner takes all environment. It's the complete opposite to what is best for the children because The Family Courts perpetuate this with terms like Custodial Parent and Non-Custodial Parent and the use of lawyers to leverage your winning capacity. The Family Courts create, foster, enable and encourage leveraging the children against the other parent. The most prevalent forms of leveraging in The Family Court System is the abuse of a Restraining Order, utter lies and deceit which then burden the other parent to prove it, and common-place use of the children as a tool to retain control over the other parent. These all was incredibly evident in my divorce. All of which Mandatory Mediation would solve if not make impossible to happen.

Here are just a few examples of the mother using access as a weapon in my divorce, with more evidence coming here soon.

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The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Offer To Settle

Mother's Offer To Settlethe-mother-dolores-alice-dukes-offer-to-settle

Oct. 06, 2005: Court Motion
Settle Offer
The Mother's Offer To Settle

Since my separation, the mother's number one weapon has been access control as exampled in this Offer To Settle and you can see how inconvenient the extra detail of me picking up my daughter NOT from the school. In such a high-conflict divorce, it made since that I get access to and from the school, making everything simple, easy and effortless. The mother faught from the beginning to deny me this.

And yes, you read that right, the mother wanted me to return my child to HER after my weekends at 6:30am. I lived approximately a half hour drive away, and getting a child up and ready for school in the morning takes times, so I estimate I would have to wake my daughter up at 5:00 for me to accomplish that. OR, wake up at a reasonable time and simply drop her off at her school. Oh, and yes, the pick up would be 7:00pm instead of from school at 3:20pm.

"varying the Respondent's every other weekend access to Friday at 7:00 p.m. to Monday mornings at 6:30 a.m."

Quote from the mother's Offer To Settle

Noteworthy is the third-party access person needed because of the Restraining Order, so this would involve my mother having to be there to accomodate any access exchange NOT at school. This Offer To Settle was in no one's best interest other than the controlling parent.

The common sense approach to child access would be for me to pick up and drop off our daughter from her school, especially in a high-conflict divorce such as mine. Except the mother refused to accept this option as it removed her control factor from the access equation, meaning she couldn't control the access. The mother fought vehemently throughout my entire separation to keep me from accessing our daughter from her school.


The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Ransom Note For The Holidays

Ransom Note From The Mother#ransom-note-for-the-holidays-from-dolores-alice-dukes-to-her-family-and-tmdilh

Dolly Dukes
Ransom Note
The Mother's Ransom Note For Christmas With Another Holiday Access Denied

Essentially, this is a Ransom Note, only instead of money, the mother wants power and control. It's written by the mother to very loosely appear as if her lawyer wrote it, yet no lawyer would ever consent to a letter of such, and of course there's simply no letterhead. But the mother still wrote as if in the third person referring to herself as Miss which often spells of a troubled mind. I received a copy of this in the mail, and 4 copies were hand-delivered to my mother, her mother Gogo, her sister Crystal and her brother Warren.

This is in reference to the Offer To Settel above, and this is the mother trying to play her own alienated family against me who were supporting me in Family Court against her. This ransom letter was sent to them, my mother and me on purpose since I, nor anyone in the family, had been allowed to see our daughter for quite some time, and there was a Family Court date to settle access on Jan. 7, 09 looming. This evidence shows the obvious pressure the mother used in our divorce for me to agree to whatever SHE wanted, no consideration for the child. This is the mother forging a legal document and trying to pursuade the family SHE alienated, as well as the child she alienated.

Since I didn't accept her Offer to Settle, it was just another Christmas holiday for my daughter to have to endure without the many other family and friends who want to enjoy it with her. That's low.

When I contacted her lawyer regarding this letter, the lawyer promptly dropped Dolly as a client. The mother then used the excuse of needing more time to acquire a new lawyer, so the case was adjourned for about a month and a half, if I recall.

Referring to your self in the third person narative is considered an indication of mental instability, as the mother writes throughout this document.

"Settling on this matter can avoid any further court time/costs and allow for Mr. Dad to re-establish a schedule with his daughter."

Quote from the mother's ransom note to me and her own family

This is clearly leveraging her child for the mother's own interests, NOT her child. Just another holiday without her father for my daughter. Wicked games in The Family Courts.