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Brandi Worley Murdered Her 2 Children Over Fear Of Losing Them In A Divorce

Losing Your Children In Family Court Can Be Fatal

With the fear of a pending Family Court date that the mother felt she could lose Child Custody of her two young children, she takes their lives because she had an affair and felt that would jeopardize her chances of keeping Custody of them.

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This Mother Kills Her Children Out Of Fear Of Losing Them In Family Court

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Based On: Mirror Article

Good Parents Mediate, All Others Seek The Family Courts For Revenge

The distorted and well known fact that parents can seek revenge in The Family Court System was simply too much for Brandi Worley to take, yet it's something most Non-Custodial Parents deal with all the time. The act of murdering her children was an escape and not the reality of life, but that fact will have plenty of time for it to settle in as she lives the rest of her life a child murderer.

Brandi Worley And Her 2 Murdered Kids
Brandi Worley And Her Murdered Children
Charlee 3, Brandi 30, and Tyler 7 Worley Dead Nov. 17. 2016

This article originally posted from the UK but very relevant to my story and this website, as their Family Court System is almost identical to Canada. The mother Brandi Worley feared divorce in The Family Court System enough to kill her children and attempted to kill herself in fear of losing them to their father Jason Worley. He had just filed for divorce after her cheating on him.

When divorce these days most often is generous to the mother, if she had any reason to think she wouldn't get Full Custody, that fate was worst than death for her, and her children. That fate is the norm for fathers in many divorce through The Family Court System. That might support the argument of high suicide rates in divorced Non-Custodial Parents. It's worst than death.

Having your children forcibly removed from your life, your care and your love is very hard to accept. Brandi Worley couldn't even think of it, so murder-suicide was her solution. IF Mediation was Mandatory, no such fear would exist so figuratively you could say those children and their mother would still be alive today.

"Brandi Worley killed her seven-year-old son, Tyler, and three-year-old daughter, Charlee, just a day after her spouse, Jason, filed for divorce, police say. "

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Jason Worley With His 2 Murdered Kids
Jason Worley With His 2 Murdered Children
Jason Worley With His 2 Children That Brandi Worley Killed

Most murders want to hurt or inflict pain on their victims or similar reasons, but with a murder such as this, the murderer didn't want to harm the children, actually the opposite which is incredibly unique, but alarmingly similar to honour killings.

This child-murderer Brandi Worley indeed believed that murdering her own children was in the best for the children in her distorted mind but considering how hellish The Family Courts are, this appears to be that hell personified in real life consequences. Mediation would NOT solicit nor suggest this response or reaction. Mediation is a healthy comprimise and the best for all involved, especially the children. When bad parents don't choose it in divorce or separation involving children, it serves no good, and the children ALWAYS suffer the most.

This website proposes we Abolish The Family Court System in favour of Mandatory Mediation, and in this instance, it would've saved the lives of those children and their mother. The daunting hell of The Family Courts is enough to bring out the extreme in even the best parents.


Jason Worley's Heartbreaking Posts After Wife 'Stabbed Two Young Children To Death Over Divorce


Be Astonished By All I've Endured Just To Be A Parent

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