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Amber Lucius Lost Her Life To Laura Coward In The Family Courts

Based On: The Telegraph Article

Amber Lucius lost her life because her mother Laura Coward murdered Amber when the father Duane Lucius was awarded Sole Custody in The Family Courts. With the Adversarial nature of The Family Courts, when someone loses, they don't often take it well, even proving to be fatal for the children like Amber Lucius, as with this story and so many more involving divorce or separation in The Family Court System.

Amber Lucius Murdered By Her Mother
Amber Lucius Obituary Showing Everyone Effected By The Family Court System
Everyone effected by The Family Courts and the adversarial nature of parent vs. parent.

Feel free to read up about how the mother secretly took her own daughter away for the purpose of drugging and then murdering her as the result of a Family Court Custody Battle in The Telegraph

"At the time Ms Coward's divorce from Amber's father, Duane Lucius, had just been finalised. Mr Lucius was to take full custody of the child."

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As deliberately as lying in Family Court, the adversarial nature of The Family Courts and the winner takes all mentality creates people like the mother Laura Coward of Alberta Canada. When a parent kills their child for any reason, it has to be quantified as insane, because it goes against the very essense of parenthood. However, because The Family Court System is SO perversely one parent against the other, it creates THIS kind of dynamic: the mother would rather see the child dead than happy with the other parent.

No matter who says what about parents, a child needs both, equally and for completely different reasons.

Amber Lucius Murdered By Her Mother

Laura Coward Experienced Only What Most Fathers Do Every Day

Denying any child the right to have two parents SHOULD be a crime, because I believe denying a child a good parent is child abuse. But the best The Family Courts can do is pick a winner, so aren't THEY the child abuser?

"No sentence will do justice for what has happened to Amber. As a father, I have had to bury my child and nothing will bring her back. I can only hope that other children are not being used as bargaining chips in a divorce or used to hurt the other parent."

Click To See The Telegraph Article

I believe we need BETTER than The Family Court System, and believe we need Mandatory Mediation to ensure that all children of divorce or separation get Co-Parenting First And Foremost immediately upon divorce or separation. With this the civilized divorce is possible.

If you have never ever experienced the nightmare that is The Family Courts, then it might be hard to imagine the logic that rationalizes killing as an alternative, but The Family Courts isn't about what's right for the child, it's about all about the winner and can't be held accountable if either parent is insane. A Professional Mediator can.


Mother Drugged 9-Year-Old Daughter And Burnt Her To Death Amid Bitter Custody Battle


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