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Parental Alienation Hell In The Family Court System

The Adversarial Incidents#adversarial-incidents-proving-the-family-court-environment-that-it-creates

Seldomly Seen A Complete Hellish Divorce Documented In A Website

Alice Dukes aka Dolores "Dolly" Dukes
Alice Dukes has taken away her daughter's father, family and friends since Dec. 26 2011.

But there are seldom such bad parents as Dolores Alice Dukes, an RMT at Pickering Wellness Center.

It's quite personal to release intimate details of my divorce however it serves a purpose of exposing the atrocities of divorce in The Family Court System. None of these would have been allowed to happen in Mandatory Mediation which is the reason for this website.

But allow me to say, any anger or resentment any parent would have against another parent for inflicting such harm and duress on a child is directed towards The Family Courts for not being properly equiped to deal with someone so uncivilized as the mother in my divorce.

As you may not know, The Family Court System is a division of Civil law, with it's participants expected to obey the Court Orders at risk of punishment from The Family Courts. But in my case as is the usual case, The Family Courts rarely punish mothers because Judges believe a fine equals taking money away from the child, and jail time equals time away from the mother which leaves the only other option of reversal of custody. When The Family Court System runs it's system as such, we have a complete in-equality of the parenting, as displayed here in these incidents.

As outrageous as these may seem, the main reason you don't hear or read about these incidents is because most people are too private to expose this publically. I'm not. I believe the actions of the mother need to be publicized as much as possible. Our children are being exposed to the worst kind of behavior from people that we trust to protect these children. In The Family Court System, these children are NOT being protected against bad parents. Mandatory Mediation would.

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Stalking And Kidnapping Incident Conspired By Dolores Alice Dukes

Boxing Day 05 Incident#boxing-day-05-stalking-and-kidnapping-incident-involving-dolores-alice-dukes-and-marty-weeks

Dolores Alice Dukes and Marty Weeks

Dolores Alice Dukes And Marty Weeks Stalking And Kidnapping For The Holidays

The Office of the Children's Lawyer (OCL) Investigator Derek Forster interviewed all involved about the Dec.26 2005 incident and there are 3 different mentions of the event in the 34 page OCL Report he published regarding my divorce to Dolores Alice Dukes.

Unbelievable Stalking and Child Abduction Incident
"Ms. Mom maintained that she did not stalk Mr. Dad but rather, she happened upon his vehicle while searching for him."

Quote from the OCL Report description of the Boxing Day 05 Incident

Boxing Day 05
The Boxing Day 2005 Stalking And Kidnapping Incident

The Family Court System is completely at fault for making communication impossible, and co-parenting a low priority in the grand scheme of things.

There was no Court Order for holiday access and OCL Report on Boxing Day 05 Incident the part about the mother brokering a deal with my mother is a complete lie. My mother would never get involved in such a manner. This is the first of a series of displays of extremely bad parenting the mother would exhibit in our divorce.

"The parties confirmed that there were no agreed to provisions for the Christmas holidays with Child. Ms. Mom refused to give him access to Child on Decenber 23, 2005 as per his scheduled weekend."

Quote from the OCL Report introducing the Boxing Day 05 Incident

The crucial fact that there was NO agreed upon access for the Holidays which typically means that child access arrangements resort to normal access. That was my weekend, but I was denied 2 days of it, and allowed 24 hours Christmas holidays. Oh, and the Ms. Mom explained that this arrangement was brokered through Mr. Dad's mother is a complete lie. No such phone call happened.

The fact that her own daughter's health and well-being was at risk with this holiday incident, and the fact that the mother would sacrifice her daugther's own wishes and enjoyment, tells of an unreasonable mother, and for any parent to steal their child away from another parent is bad enough, but putting my daughter in great harm and danger to the point of very upset is not a solution to anything. This was entirely all for NO REASON. This was definitely not in our daughter's best interest.

Boyfriend Marty shows his skills

Marty is interviewed by the OCL for his involvement in this OCL Report on Marty's Boxing Day 05 where Marty adds his version of the incident, further incriminating himself and the mother. He states they were searching for me and lists the two probabe places to find me, only I WAS at my friends place, parked very visibly in front of his apartment ON his front lawn with my 4X4 truck. They found me because I wasn't hiding, nor was I hard to predict where I'd be, and both Marty and Dolly waited stalking the entire night waiting for their opportunity to act. They did when they followed my truck home from my daughter's visit to a friend's house, to the bank machine late at night. With the mother's copy of my truck's door and ignition key, the mother stole my truck with our daughter in it, frightened and placed in great danger as the mother drove off erratically and through a red light intersection throwing me off the side of the truck when I jumped on it.

With NO Court Order, the mother got away with stealing back our daughter for NO reason. None was given. They proceeded to further incriminate themselves by admitting they showed my daughter a Court Order, but none existed then.

"Mr. Weeks described Child as very upset over the incident and explained that he and Ms. Mom subsequently showed Child the court order and explained to her why she was not to stay with Mr. Dad."

Quote from the OCL Report description of the Boxing Day 05 Incident

There was no Court Order for holiday acces. They stalked me and stole my daughter away from her father to destroy my holidays at our daughter's expense.

"Ms. Mom countered that the door was open when she took Mr. Dad's truck with Child inside."

Quote from the OCL Report describing Boxing Day 05

I wanted what my daughter wanted and all my daughter wanted was reasonable amount of time with her other parent. The mother dictated the time she wanted our daughetr returned, no questions asked. When does a parent disregard their child's wishes at Christmas? My daughter only wanted to enjoy her holidays. The mother had nothing better planned for our daughter and no reason was ever given for this nonsense.

"CHILD stated that her mother stole her and her father's vehicle by taking out her key, unlocking the door and driving her away"

Quote from the OCL Report Child Interview Page 19

The mother did this with accomplice Marty Weeks of course, since he already had a Police Criminal Record of doing so. I have no Police Record.

The movie my daughter and I were watching was How The Grinch Stole Christmas


The Real Dolores Alice Dukes And Parental Alienation In A McDonalds

McDonalds Access Denial Incident#the-mcdonalds-access-denial-incident-involving-dolores-alice-dukes-and-my-mother

: Dolores Alice Dukes

Parental Alienation Drama Style In A McDonalds During Child Access Transfer

This is the OCL details regarding McDonalds Incident which was my first access to my daughter from being denied access by the mother, going to Family Court and finally getting my access from Family Court. I observed every details of the rules the mother stipulated she needed in order to feel safe delivering me our child, and this happens, which goes to truly show the character of Dolores Alice Dukes. Of course, the mother went to the Police to say I broke my Restraining Order, but the CAS defended me to the Police saying the mother shouldn't have stayed there, and warned her of filing False Claims. That's the only punishment the mother got, a CAS warning.

"At the first exchange in December 2005, an altercation ensued."

Quote from OCL description of the event

Yes, you read that correctly, the mother Dolores Alice Dukes tried to blackmail me with saying I uttered a death threat. A serious offense to which to went to the Police with, yet, no punishment for trying to file a False Allegation. I had approximately 20 witnesses to my story, and none supporting hers. The mother's mentality was seriously in question at that point. My mother was tramatized by the whole event.

"Ms. Mom reported that she told Mr. Dad that he had to leave and, as he picked up Child he told her that he was going to her kill her."

Quote from OCL description of the event

I purposely made a point of only looking and talking directly to my daughter throughout, locking eyes with her and never lost focus of what I wanted to have happen, and that's me safely removing my daughter from this turmoil. I easily recognized this entire incident as a Dolores Alice Dukes trap, easily recognizable by just how brazen she can be in her abuse of her Custodial Parent authority.

Missing from this description is my daughter's excitement of seeing me through the big windowpane after being denied access to me for months, she was repeatedly jumping up and down saying Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, for all to see. She didn't care how enthusiastic she was being, or how loud she was, her excitement was the reason I was not going to leave there without her, as Dolores Alice Dukes suggested I do.

"This is clearly a violation that ws preempted by Dolores and she was cautioned around this violation."

Quote from CAS report into this incidenty

Also not noted enough, was me outside in my truck, spending more than 15 minutes negotiating between my mother and my daughter's mother, who would simply not let go of my excited daughter's wrist in the middle of the McDonald's restaurant. The staff and all the people could do nothing but simply watch this whole thing go on.


False Criminal Charges From Dolores Alice Dukes Against @TMDILH

False Criminal Charges#false-criminal-allegations-from-dolores-alice-dukes-and-marty-weeks

My video recording

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Used Marty Weeks To Support False Criminal Charges

False Criminal Charge Video Proof
The mother transferring our daughter into the awaiting truck she lied in The Family Courts about not having.

Here's the Office of the Children's Lawyer (OCL) description of the false allegation charge against me.

The adversarial environment of The Family Courts pits good parents against each other in a battle of winner takes all so of course there's going to be all sorts of implications because of it. One of them is the victim must proves guilt in The Family Courts. The mother agreed to shared driving for access shared driving for access so when the mother continually lied in court saying she had no vehicle, or access to a vehicle for shared access driving, well I had to prove it.

"The parties will share the driving to faciliate each other's time with Child."

Quote from the my Fifth Court Order

Prior to this video, I had made every attempt to accomodate the mother's access wishes, but for this weekend, the mother requested the access be changed from the McDonals to within 500 meters of the matrimonial home thus making me breaking my restraining order. I agreed but knew the mother had access to the vehicle so because The Family Courts requires proof, I made a video of the mother and daughter getting into the boyfriend's truck, the same truck the mother has driven on many different occasions to access our child. This video of the mother getting caught, angered her so much she filed a Dangerous Driving against me. It was an obvious retaliation against me but for a criminal charge, there needs to be corroborate evidence, meaning someone else needs to varify their story, and that was Marty Weeks the mother's boyfriend and accomplice.

"Furthermore, they are both in the video tape and child is waving at her father, and Dolores does not have any apparent fear showing on her face."

Quote from The CAS Investigation Report regarding the false Dangerous Driving allegations

The CAS were involved because the mother used the false allegations to deny me yet more access with my daughter, and an investigation was launched into my case.CAS Investigation Report found the video tape all the evidence they needed to throw out the mother's allegations, yet no punishment or warning was issued to the mother essentially approving of such behavior.


False Criminal Charges From Dolores Alice Dukes Still Equals Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer Needed#dolores-alice-dukes-false-criminal-charges-meant-a-criminal-lawyer-for-tmdilh

David J Franklin
Criminal Lawyer
My Criminal Lawyer David J. Franklin

I had to pay a Criminal Lawyer $5000 just to defend myself against this false criminal allegation.

The mother said I attempted to run down my daughter and her with my truck. Of course, the video that I filmed of the entire event shows no such thing and was obvious to the Judge who threw out the charge if I agreed to do a Anger Management course, which I did, and he extended my Restraining Order for another year. the charge was so ridulous that one police officer asked whether I would charge her for false allegations but I had all the proof I needed, and didn't need to aggravate an already hostile person.

The seriousness of this point in my divorce had me questioning everything. Nothing seemed right any more, and there certainly was no co-parenting going on. I remember feeling like this was this opposite of how I imagined us separating or divorcing. I always thought we could be that couple that just stayed friendly and made co-parenting a priority but with the chaos that was my divorce at the time, it seems impossible to imagine right then and there. My ex-wife and the mother of my only child was no longer recognizable by me, family or friends any more. Even my daughter admitted to me that she missed the old mom she used to have.


The Parental Alienation Since Dec. 26, 2011 Incident By Dolores Alice Dukes

Parental Alienation Since Dec. 26, 2011#parental-alienation-since-boxing-day-2011-by-dolores-alice-dukes

The Mother Alice Dukes RMT Gave Our Child An Ultimatum To Give To Her Father

These pictures tell of a very sad Christmas holiday and what would be my very last access to my daughter.

"The respondent shall have access from December 25 at 12:00 noon to December 26 at 7:00 p.m."

Quote by my Final Court Order

My Final Court Order clearly states the child access for my Christmas holidays. This Final Order was written entirely by the mother. These are HER demands and her dictating what access our daughter has to her father. I can't believe too many people would agree that 24 hour holiday access is enough. In fact, my normal weekend access is more than the Christmas access. The mother would always pick the holiday season to inflict maximum damage to me so denying holiday access was always her popular choice, right from the beginning with the Boxing Day 05 incident. In my Final Access, the mother succeeded in limiting my holiday access to a mere 31 hours, insisting that I bring our daughter back to her at 7pm boxing day. This is completely below the standard or common divorce custody arrangements of the non-custodial parent having 1 week uninterupted for the holiday access. The mother did not convey anything to me this holiday access would be any different, which is a very important fact.

"Mom said if you don't get me back to her by noon tomorrow, I'll never see you again."

Quote by my daughter from her mother to me

For the mother change the access return time to a mere 24 hours is extremely low and hard to do. For me to return my daughter takes about 2 hours with public transit and holiday transit schedules can make it longer some times. But it's undeniably cruel and inhuman and so bad for the child. My daugher always wants to spend time with me, and loved her weekends away from her mother AND quality time with her dad. My daughter definitely did not want to have less time with me for the holidays.

But it's unthinkable that one parent would give an ultimatum of that severity through the child. My child may NEVER get over this.

As the story went, my daughter was crying at my desk, dressed and ready to go back to her mother at 9am boxing day. She did not want breakfast, to play with her new Christmas presents nor could she do anything but sit and cry. She KNEW her mother was not lying about the threat. She also knew that I would NEVER want to give up my holiday time with my daughter so I would resist returning her for noon. I quickly did the math. I was not going to win this one. So, I got my daughter to call her mother to pick her up. And that was the last I'd ever see my daughter again.

Technically speaking, the mother got our daughter back for noon, but i didn't deliver her. THe mother had to pick her up so the ultimatum was carried out the exact same as if I returned her for 7pm.

As a parent, could you imagine a mother like that?

My Daughter Crying On Christmas Holidays
Siting and crying in my chair, since 9:30am Boxing Day. Hugging Grandma good-bye. The last time they saw each other. Hugging her father for the last time. We knew we wouldn't be seeing each other for a while after this. We both knew. When other children are allowed to enjoy Christmas, my daughter is allowed by her mother.

For the mother to do this to her daughter is not unusual. If you've read about a Random Note for Christmas, this kind of mental cruety is not beneath Dolly, and there's NOTHING I can do about it but publish this in a website and hope someone reads it.

When I got our daughter to call her mother to pick her up, I say my daughter down and had the most serious talk I'd ever had to have with her. My daughter and I were SO used to being separated by the mother, so it was not the first time my daughter and I had talked about this kind of stuff. I told my daughter at that moment that we were goign to separated again, and for a very long time this time. I knew how serious the mother was of denying my access permanently, and this was it. We cried together acknowledging the obvious, and accepting that there was nothing that either one of us could do about it. When my daughter left, we said our good-byes like it woule be our last.

I would attempt to call to talk my daughter, or ask when I will get access again but the mother would always say our daughter doesn't want to see me. I would never get to talk to her personally as the mother would always say she doesn't want to talk to you. My daughter was now in serious danger from her mother. I had to do something, but my only option was taking the mother BACK to The Family Court System, which failed me so miserably to not even be an option any more so... I decided to finally allow the mother to win for the safety of our daughter.

It was clear from the beginning of our separation with this letter that the mother was going to use our child as a means of retaliation, and I wos done seeing that happen to her. I gave up my right to be a parent to my daughter out of fear for her life and sanity, and also mine. I was never going to achieve what is right for our daughter and finally had to admit The Family Court System simply wasn't designed for a person like Dolly Dukes.

The Family Court System is a division of Civil Law albeit an adversarial system where the participants are in a battle of winner takes all YET expected to remain civil. I saw plenty that was adversarial but very little to do with civil in my experiences of ANYONE going through The Family Courts.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System?

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