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The Truth About Children In Family Court

The Nightmare Of Losing Your Children And So Much More - Dedicated To Parents Everywhere

My name is @TMDILH, a social media acronym that protects my identity and my daughter who shares my same last name. Welcome to my website dedicated to telling the harsh and ugly truth what really happens to families in Family Court.


Parental Alienation Of My Daughter By Her Mother In Family Court

Parental Alienation Hurts Everyone

After 20 years together, our 5 year old daughter was kidnapped by her mother Dolores Alice Dukes from Our home.


Our 150 Year Old Home.

This very spacious open-concept 1800 sq. ft. 2 bedroom 2 bath old house also has a detached converted 750 sq. ft 1.5 car 2 story garage, and had once been the Post Office for the neighbouring community, but had since been renovated to be a beautiful board and batten with substantial detail for the curb appeal. Plus, it was close to one of the best schools in the district, with a quick bus ride to and from it and located on a very safe dead end street. Our daughter had a large bedroom on the main floor, with her own closet and secret passage that we found. Great for hide and seek.

My daughter and her frog friend at the new house
Daughter With Frog At New Home From Parental Alienation Website

I renovated and upgraded both the house and garage substantially even putting plumbing into the garage's upstairs studio space that attached to the house. Here's the MLS Listing used for selling it.

When I first bought it, the laundry room was in the low-ceiled dirt basement so I immediately redid the plumbing for a main floor laundry. I added a beautiful 3 piece bathroom with curved corner shower to the huge Master Bedroom which gave the house 2 bathrooms now. There was so much that I fixed up on the old place, because I loved doing it and was good at it. The 2 piece bath in the upstairs studio above the garage was just the first of many major renovations planned with that space.

Since I'm a general handyman, I knew I needed to fix the foundation, roof, learned how to get rid of the squirrels in the main house, and so much more. Squirrels are incredibly territorial, just so you know. I also gutted the entire garage and upper garage, added a decent sized work-shop, built a garbage/recycling space with it's own door to protect from bears, and again so much more. I did so many renovations, it's hard to note it all but that big beautiful house was a very affordable and incredibly comfortable, if not a very luxurious and proud place for our small family to live, and incredibly comfortable all year round with it's huge fireplace in the middle of the almost entirely open concept house.

An entertainer's heaven almost, the house's center was a Great Room upon entry that featured 18' high ceiling and skylight, with a large fireplace as the focus. The dining room alone held upwards to 20 people with windows all around for the incredible view for miles, which lead out to a huge deck overlooking the almost acre of land, the hundreds of acres beyond that of farmland rare for that area so close to a city. The house was situated on a dead-end street zoned commercial and or residential with plans for me to open an Apple Dealership and Post Production Studio in the detached garage second floor studio space. It was approximately 350 sq. ft, completely self-sufficient, many great ammenities close by and brightly lit with two gables and a balcony walkout that, on a clear day, shows you the CN Tower of downtown Toronto.

The property lot was 160' by 100'. which is quite large, had a little creek behind it and was always well taken care of. I added a huge open fire pit for great outdoor parties and built raised gardens for summer veggies and included a compost heap. I constructed a jungle gym out back, with plenty of room for slippy slide and a wading pool in the summer, for epic parties. There was also plenty of mature trees and greenery including a profitable huge very mature Black Walnut tree. The entire yard was fenced, the neighbourhood was safe and the traffic was minimal because of the dead end street. In fact, I could easily park more than 20 cars anywhere, and did with some of the parties we hosted, no problem at any time. My closest neighbours were right accross the street and were so friendly.

Learn about how I traded all of this for access to my daughter and so much more. Welcome.

The Matrimonial Home
Matrimonial Home Parental Alienation Starts From
Our matrimonial home was over 150 years old, with our daughter having her own huge bedroom on a quiet dead end street, with a very big back yard that was in the best school district and all zoned Commercial/Residential with plans to work/live into retirement here and was paid for when we bought it.
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My divorce in the The Family Court System started with a letter left for me on April 18 2005 and immediately my daughter was leveraged for revenge by the mother Dolores Alice Dukes, heartlessly and maliciously. This is so common for parents who love their children, for that love to be used against them as everyone knows all too well in The Family Court System. It's directly because The Family Court System is an adversarial system that pits parents vs. parent, and no one wins in the eyes of the children of Family Court. This is one parent's story but this could be any parent, we are all victims of this system that benefits no one but the lawyers and Judges. Abolish The Family Courts might seem extreme, but so is mandating that parents co-parents after divorce or separation involving children. Read on to know so much more this website offers, including a solution to Parental Alienation and The Family Court System.

Final Access
Final Family Court Access Order From Parental Alienation Awareness Website
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The Not Happy April 18, 2005 Parental Alienation Begins From
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My Final Access Order proves I still legally have access, but the mother, who now goes by the name Alice Dukes RMT, has made it clear that I, nor anyone, will EVER see my daughter again.

The Parental Alienation that happened to me, my family and even the mother's own family, all happened through The Family Court System and would have never happened if Mediation were mandatory. My many years in The Family Court System would not be wasted if we all can learn something from this hell I endure to this day.

My situation is unique in that the mother didn't just alienate me from seeing my daughter, Dolores Alice Dukes has allowed NO ONE to see my daughter since Dec. 26, 2011 and longer still for the mother's own family. This makes the mother guilty of Contempt of Court and essentially guilt of Child Abuse if you believe Parental Alienation IS Child Abuse. This is the dreaded divorce from hell for all involved everyone associated with Dolores Alice Dukes for no reason at all. What reason would a parent need to do this in Family Court? None. The mother simply wants to erase her past and intends to take our daughter with her with no regard for the consequences. This is deliberate, calculated and is now an extremely volitile situation, and very tramatic for everyone involved for years and years with no end in sight. This website is the result of one parent's complete disregard for the welfare of her own child, all allowed, endorsed and fostered in The Family Court System.

The Purpose Of This Website

Inform: the way divorce or separation involving children is now in The Family Court System.

Communicate: the huge problems and vicious symptoms affecting our children in Family Court.

Change: the laws involving children of divorce or separation, protecting them and their right to have both parents.

"an example must be made for Child and I'm concerned she is not getting a good one."

Click to see The Not Happy Letter left for me April 18, 2005

You need to see this. THIS is The Family Court System in action. One parent vs. the other parent. A war using children.

Parental Alienation in The Family Courts looks like this. My Family Court papers mean nothing when the mother Dolores Dolly Dukes won't obey them. Noteworthy is the new boyfriend Marty Weeks threatening my life while my child is being kidnapped. The is the Adversarial nature of The Family Court System.

The First Question Is Usually Why? Why Would Any Parent Do This?

Dolly's family in court supporting me
Both My Family And The Mother's Family In Family Court To Support Me
This is Dolores Alice Dukes' family with my mother in Family Court supporting me getting my child access because the mother has alienated her entire family from seeing our daughter.
Alice Dukes aka Dolores "Dolly" Dukes
Alice Dukes has taken away her daughter's father, family and friends.

This is not just happening to me. No one is allowed any contact with my daughter since Dec. 26 2011 incident. There are no parenting concerns regarding me as proven in this CAS Assessment of my parenting, even despite the many false allegations from the mother.

"it will only further be a detriment to her (my daughter) if she is continued to be separated from her father."

Click to see CAS Parental Assessment of me

I did nothing to deserve what Dolores Alice Dukes has done to me, nor does my daughter deserve being alienated from her entire family, extended family and all of her friends. Read all about what the Dolores Alice Dukes' family think of her on The Alienated Family page of the Evidence page.

"When Mike had access to CHILD, we had liberties and freedoms to see CHILD all we wanted. Then we've all seen our access and Mike's access dwindle down to nothing."

Click to see Dolly's sister Crystal's Affidavit

Some parents are so bad that The Family Court System really can't handle them. Dolores Alice Dukes is that parent.

My Alienated Daughter's Secret Phone Call To Her Father

Secret Call
Secret Daughter Phone Call To Her Dad From Parental Alienation Website
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"I'll try and talk to you as much as I can. I'm asking every day."

Click to see My Alienated Daughter's Secret Phone Call To Her Dad transcript

My 7 year old daughter secretly called her father, and it was such a surprise that I recorded the conversation. You can hear the fear in her voice at getting caught. In my entire divorce, my daughter has NEVER been allowed to call me, nor was she even allowed to talk or ask about her own father. Under the mother's roof, no presents, memorabilia, clothing, etc from me were allowed. My daughter, throughout the terribly stressful and scary time, had not seen me in a while with the mother just continually denying my access without reason, and in Contempt of a Family Court Order, so considering the circumstances, was in serious danger of being punished by her mother if caught talking to her dad.

Read more about my daughter in My Alienated Daughter page of this website.

Secret Phone Call From My Alienated Daughter Choose You Excerpt
More of this conversation on The Evidence Page
"If I had a choice to be with you or mom, I would definitely choose you."

Click to see My Alienated Daughter's Secret Phone Call To Her Dad transcript

This Website Is Vast! The Evidence Page Is Newly Updated

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There's Just So Much Evidence In This Website

Very seldom seen pure evidence of Parental Alienation and other Child Abuse in The Family Court System. Note, the School Alienation that an entire whole other form of Parental Alienation when the mother failed to get the results she wanted our of The Family Court System.

"We are more powerless to do anything than The Family Court System."
School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley More Powerless Quote
The Evidence Page hosts more much about Ted Bartley District School Board Lawyer

Also, note the Adversarial Incidents page that shows the true character of bad parents of The Family Court System. Check out the Marty Weeks page to be amused at just how the mother Dolores Alice Dukes used him to support her malicious ways. Of course, there's the Alienated Family page because The Family Courts do not contend for family, extended family, friends etc. To see how The Family Courts work, check out the Family Court Orders and Family Court Motions pages. The Office of the Children's Lawyer 34 page report is on The OCL page and Children's Aid Society reports on The CAS Reports page. For a complete list of all the evidence on the Evidence Section of this website, check out the Article List page.

And Then There's The Research Page Dedicated To Children Of Family Court

Patrick Desautels Ex-Husband Of Sonia Blanchette
Patrick Desautels, Father Of 3 Murdered Children By Sonia Blanchette
Patrick Desautels "The pain we are experiencing is inexplicable."

If you truly are concerned about children in Family Court, check out the Research Page where this website shows examples of Family Court destroying lives in the worst way. A warning, the stories are honest and upsetting, but they all involving children of The Family Courts and that's what this website is dedicated to. Very seldom do with discuss the inner workings of The Family Courts, but we need to, because it's at the root of a lot of evil, and it's effecting a lot of children, parents, families and our society. When the family unit is not cared for, then what does that say of our civilization?

If All THIS Could Happen To Me, THIS Could Happen To You!

I believe in fate, am generally an optimistic person and have the need to express the love for my child that does not diminish over time or the loss of my access to my daughter. I'm still a father even when denied the right to be by a bad mother. This website is a collection of all the evidence I've saved since the beginning of my separation and divorce proving what I had to do JUST to remain a parent, but ultimately, is ALSO a testiment to exactly how bad things are in The Family Courts.

Brad Pitt GQ Style May 2017 Interview
Brad Pitt Family Court Quote Meme From
Click To Visit the GQ Style Magazine Brad Pitt Interview with him talking publically for the first time since his divorce from Angelina Jolie

Summary Of This Introduction

The first step to change is accepting we have a problem.

Alice Dukes RMT
Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center

Rationally and factually displaying my hellish divorce as a website because the world needs to know what's happening to the children of divorce or separation in The Family Court System. We can start the process of change in the way we divorce or separate when there's children involved by showing the harm it's doing to our children. My daughter and I continue to needlessly suffer from one bad parent who DOES NOT have the best interest of her child in mind as I prove in this website. The Family Court System, which is under the Civil Law Act, simply are NOT designed to handle intolerantly bad parents. When being guilt of well over 8 Contempt Of Court charges STILL decides you're the best parent, I disagree. In fact, I disagree with the concept of any divorce or separation involving children to happen in a courtroom ever! I believe my hellish Family Court experience lends a unique view of The Family Courts for ALL to see, and without a doubt I believe we can do better, way better.

Alice Dukes LinkedIn Image
Alice Dukes LinkedIn Pic
Click To Visit the mother's new LinkedIn Page

Dolores Alice Dukes, my ex-wife and mother of my only child, has been getting away with Parental Alienation under the privacy of The Family Court System for too long. The Family Court System falls under the category of Civil Law which dictates anyone can look up my divorce file, it's 05-835 of The Family Court System. You can see it unedited, as I edit to protect my daughter here. Being that it's publically available and not against any law for me to publish my own file, I've designed the SEO of this website to follow the mother wherever she may go, for the rest of her life.

Every nasty thing the mother has done to me, my daughter, my family, her family, extended family and friends in our divorce is now not only publically displayed beautifully in the hand-crafted website, it's also digitally indexed forever on search engines throughout the internet.

The Family Court System is NOT accountable for what it's doing to our children. We NEED The Family Courts to be held accountable for the damage done to children everywhere.

Having your children legally stolen away is reason enough to seek change in the way we divorce or separate as a society. Anything would be better than The Family Court System, but I have a solution that I deem the civilized divorce and it would have never allowed me to lose my daughter like The Family Courts did.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System? I wouldn't have lost my daughter if Mediation were simply mandatory and would probably still own a house.

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