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Final Court Order For @TMDILH Making Dolores Alice Dukes guilty of Contempt of Court since Dec. 26, 2011 Hosted At
Feb. 26, 2009
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OCL Recommendations For @TMDILH Hosted At
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My Daughter And I Are Victims Of Parental Alienation In The Family Courts

The Nightmare Of Losing My Daughter To Her Mother Alice Dukes RMT And So Much More - Dedicated To Parents Everywhere

My name is @TMDILH, a social media acronym that stands for Tell My Daughter I Love Her which protects my identity and my daughter who shares my same last name.

Author of #SueUppi
Alice-Oils Dolores Alice Dukes Modelling Parenting Alienation Since Dec. 26, 2010
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The @TMDILH Recommendations are far gone since Dec. 26, 2011, the day the mother Dolores Alice Dukes completely alienated our daughter from having any contact, with anyone! That includes father, family, the mother's own family and all friends.

The Purpose Of This Website

Inform: the way divorce or separation involving children is now in The Family Court System.

Communicate: the huge problems and vicious symptoms affecting our children in Family Court.

Change: the laws involving children of divorce or separation, protecting them and their right to have both parents.

Do You Believe Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse? is my Question on Quora if you'd like to offer your voice.

Police Call About @TMDILH
My Ex-Wife #SheKnowsYouDo Mother Dolores Alice Dukes (@AliceDukesRMT) Police Complaint April 3 2018.

Welcome to my website dedicated to telling the harsh and ugly truth of what really happens to families in Family Court.

My divorce and most of the legal documents here are availble to view unedited, open to the public as case number 05 835. Anyone can book an appointment to see it.@TMDILH acts well within the law to publish all materials as evidence for public viewing.
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Written by >@TMDILH
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My 17 Year Old Alienated Daugther Wrote #SheKnowsYouDo And The Gamble Is Her Life

#SheKnowYouDoWebsite #sheknowsyoudo

#SheKnowsYouDo is Finally Having Confirmation My Daughter Is Alive

Dolores Alice Dukes 2018
Alice Dukes RMT Guilty Of Parental Alienation Since April 18, 2005 At Pickering Wellness Center
#SheKnowsYouDo @AliceDukesRMT Modelling Parental Alienation Since April 18, 2005 Pickering Wellness Center
@TMDILH Ransom Note Dec. 09, 2008 Mailed To Father And Family Pressuring To Sign Her Agreement
Random Note
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Part of me did not want to publish this letter I got in January from my 17 year old alienated daughter stolen by her mother Dec. 26 2011 and to whom I've not had any communication with since she was 10.

there are no protection concerns and that it will only further be a detriment to her if she is continued to be separated from her father. Click For CAS Section Of Evidence Section From 2005 @TMDILH

The CAS Report of Nov. 23, 2005 docuements the abuse I've taken from the mother with extremely false allegations against me in attempt to terminate my relationship with our daughter, all made public exposing the truth about the mother Dolores Alice Dukes.

Dolores Alice Dukes @AliceDukesRMT Mother Affidavit Against Her Daughter On
Mother's Mom
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I’ve learned I can trust Mike over my own daughter, and I believe him to be the better parent, and my only chance to see CHILD.. Click For The Alienated Family Section Of Evidence Section

The @TMDILH Final Court Order from Feb. 26, 2009 makes the mother Dolores Alice Dukes guilty of Contempt Of Court breaching my Final Court Order Feb. 26, 2009 from Justice Rowsell, read more about that on the Evidence Page under Family Court Orders.

However, after reading the #SheKnowsYouDo secret email a few times to let it sink in, I seriously believe the gamble that my smart daughter writes about 3 separate times in the one letter is a real threat to my daughter by her mother, and that threat is of my daughter's life being taken by her mother.

I'm Predicting Murder/Suicide With The Mother And Our Daughter

The Not Happy April 18, 2005 Parental Alienation Begins From
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an example must be made for child and I'm concerned she is not getting a good one Click For The Mother Alice Dukes Page Of The Evidence Section

I evidence other epic and fatal custody battles similar to mine in the Research Page of this webiste, so for more examples of horrific Family Court Custody Battles and Parental Alienation check out why I'm so afraid for my daughter's safety. There's very few that can help my daughter and I but if anyone can help, please contact me in any way.

#SheKnowsYouDo Matrimonial Home
Matrimonial Home #SheKnowsYouDo Parental Alienation Starts From
Our matrimonial home was over 150 years old, with our daughter having her own huge bedroom on a quiet dead end street, with a very big back yard that was in the best school district and all zoned Commercial/Residential with plans to work/live into retirement here and was paid for when we bought it.

The #SheKnowsYouDo letter is evidence of a system that created it, The Family Courts. My daughter and I are victims, as well as the so many others involved in my divorce that have also been alienated from any contact to my daughter, and all because of the mother @AliceDukesRMT on Instagram. Follow #AbolishFamilyCourt to follow and share if you care.

This website is the archive of @TMDILH divorce to Dolore sAlice Dukes.

Mediator Warren Briggs Report Sept. 20 2015 @TMDILH
Sept. 20, 2005
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I've since posted the #SheKnowsYouDo letter on social media to almost stunned silence and almost no reception or interaction, no reverberation at all.

very high level of conflict Click For Adversarial Incidents Page of the Evidence Section

It's as if the topic is too risque! I hope by hosting this evidence here, parents will somehow try to comprehend what this letter represents, and hopefully start to comment and introduce conversation around this topic, too taboo for most to talk about quite yet.

I can't prove anything I know about my life is true. Click For The Alienated Daughter Page Of The Evidence Section
#SheKnowsYouDo Secret Email Letter Jan. 8 2018 From Alienated Daughter Since 2011 To Her Father Hosted At
#SheKnowsYouDo Email From Alienated Daughter Posted On @TMDIH Facebook Page Mar. 28, 2018 To Father She Hasn't Seen Since 10 In A Gamble To Contact Her Father At 17 Under Mother's Rules On Mom's 50th Birthday. A Gift From My Daughter To Her Father.
This could very well be the worst decision of my life Click For #sheKnowsYouDo Email To @TMDILH

This Was Earth Shattering For Me To Receive

From The Onset
OCL Report Jan. 5, 2007 On Dolores Alice Dukes From The Onset Quote
Jan. 5, 2007
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I recognized the cadence in her writing plus she referred to a book I bought her for our last Christmas together so I knew it was from her and it was incredible to receive after not hearing from my daughter since the age of 11.

Ms. Mom presented throughout the investigation with a heightened level of anxiety regarding Mr. Dad's involvement with child and was dutifully unprepared to provide and leeway, forgiveness or attribute any competancy or positive influence (other than being fun for chid to be with) to Mr. Dad from the onset. Click For OCL Report Of Dolores Alice Dukes 'From the onset' Evaluation Jan. 5 2007

#SheKnowsYouDo is a symptom of the alienating mother completely alienated everyone from any contact to my daughter, so no family, friends or father, which has been hell on earth for everyone involved namely my daughter. But, my daughter is smart and resilient as this letter clearly assured me. I was more than elated when I received it. I was overjoyed.

Since April 18, 2005, The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Has Used Parental Alienation

The Escalating Allegations Quote From OCL Report Of
OCL Report
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Ms. Dukes has made escalating allegations against Mr. Dad in order to interfere with his access to Child Click To Open The Escalating Allegations Quote In The OCL Report jan. 5, 2007

Throughout this website is proof of the relationship @TMDILH has with his daughter, and that's never been in doubt. All the false allegations from the mother Dolores Alice Dukes are all archived perfectly in the Evidence Section of this website. I've been investigated thoroughly and cleared by everyone. I've been poked and prodded by every agency associated, and have recommendations from all of them to me having access to my daughter.

Dolores Alice Dukes Sister Crystal
Alienation Hurts Everyone With Daughter And Aunt Crystal Who Is Dolores Alice Dukes' Sister From
Dolores Alice Dukes' Sister Crystal With @TMDILH Daughter

The Proof Can Be Overwhelming But Provided To Prove The Validity Of This Website.

Dolores Alice Dukes Sister Crystal Affidavit Against Her Daughter In Favour Of @TMDILH Hosted At
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And, I believe Dolores is a flight risk, at risk of harming CHILD, and maybe at risk of harming herself. Click For The Alienated Family Page Of The Evidence Section For Sister Crystal's Affidavit

But read into my 17 and a half year old daughter's letter to her dad who has been alienated since she was 11 and it's disturbing right from the the beginning in how she themed the letter as a gamble which one must conclude is risk to her life

When Mike had access to CHILD, we had liberties and freedoms to see CHILD all we wanted. Then we’ve all seen our access and Mike’s access dwindle down to nothing. Click For Dolores Alice Dukes Sister Crystal Affidavit Against Her Sister

In the #SheKnowsYouDo Secret Email my daughter refers to the "gamble" distinctly 3 times which indicates the severity of the risk still! It clearly exihibits the current state of affairs at the household under her mother's roof that much is clear, and clearly demonstrates my daughter's doubt of the truth given by her mother because she's known no risk in trusting her father. Not evident with this letter is she wrote to me under an alias which I covered up to protect her, but a fact.

Dolores Alice Dukes #SueUppi
Learn About Parental Alienation And Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center At
Guilty of Contempt of Family Court Order in the complete Parental Alienation of my daughter by her mother Alice Dukes RMT at Pickering Wellness Ceneter who has alienated her only child from her father, her entire family and any friends since Dec. 26, 2011 but started April 18, 2004 in he separation of a 20 year relationship."
Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center Alice Dukes RMT Instagram Page Link Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center Facebook Page Alice Dukes RMT DoTerra Page Alice Dukes RMT Pinterest Link Alice Dukes RMT Phone Number 1  905 706 9082
Public Listings Of Dolores Alice Dukes Of Pickering ON Canada

Happy 50th Birthday To Alice Dukes RMT On Jan. 8 2018

Possibly, were both terrible people who blame others for our own faults, Or you're the only person who really understands how much she can hurt #SheKnowsYouDo Quote Click For Adversarial Incidents Page Of The Evidence Section

I also would have your attention alerted to my daughter describing the fighting between mother and isolated daughter who, upon finding this website.

It's so hard to explain what life with her is like. I don't think anyone has ever gotten it. I know you do. But I can't keep my head down and pretend you're not still out there #SheKnowsYouDo letter from @TMDILH daughter Jan. 8, 2018

My alienated daughter had to miss the rest of the school year possibly to comprehend the truth or the mother protecting her from the outside world or for any other reason but either way, losing that year of school because of it.

Deep down, receiving this letter warmed my heart and safisfied a part of me wanted to be a part of her life, and I was so elated to have her find me because I was always radiating my need to say I love you. My daughter addressing that love warmed my heart like only a father could feel.

Dec. 7 2007 Call With My Scared Daughter Taking A Gamble At 7 Years Old To Call Her Father

Occasionally, my daughter reaches out to me, to justify my continuing to be here for her. Every time my daughter does reach out to me it's under extreme punishment from the mother, as you can hear in the audio recording of the conversation. The transcript is highlighted with my concerns.

Secret Call
Secret Daughter Phone Call To Her Dad From Parental Alienation Website
Dec. 7, 2007
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I'll try and talk to you as much as I can. I'm asking every day Click For My Alienated Daughter Page Of The Evidence Section

The date that my alienated daughter sent me the secret email #SheKnowsYouDo is Jan. 08, 2018 and is quite significant because it's the mother's 50th birthday. An amazing surprise birthday gift, a massive and extremely important present for me on her special day. It suggests to me the oppression the mother is forcing on her is crushing in on my daughter and that tension led to this outreach to the only sanity in her life, her father. She could always trust me, and still does. I'm sure the mother's 50th birthday celebrations were less than satisfactory and my daughter was sufffering the circumstances and reached out. I'm so glad she did.

This could very well be the worst decsion of my life, but I guess for all your efort you deserve to know your daughter knows you love her Secret Email From @TMDILH Daughter Jan. 8, 2018 To Father @TMDILH
Dolores Alice Dukes New Boyfriend Abusing @TMDILH Daughter And CAS Involvement From OCL Report At
Marty Abuse
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Finally, my parenting skills paying off or risking her to danger?

What Kind Of Parent ALLOWS The New Boyfriend To Start Hitting Her Daughter?

Mr. Dad stated that approximately three months after the serparation, he was informed by Child that Mr. Weeks was spanking her for disciplinary purposes. Click For Dolores Alice Dukes Boyfriend Marty Weeks Page Of Evidence Section
I Love My Dad Car Song
@TMDILH Taking Daughter Back To School One Monday Morning After Our Weekend Together

We Would Sign I Love You To Each Other When The Mother Alice Dukes RMT Didn't Permit Us To Talk

so I guess anything I do is a gamble. I found the website a year ago. I missed the rest of the school year because I couldn't leave the house. #SheKnowsYoMDILH Secret Email From Alienated Daughter Jan. 8, 2018 To Father @TMDILH

I have to say the #SheKnowsYouDo secret email letter is a testiment to my parenting, and I'm proud of that, I was confident that my relationship with my daughter was solid but on Dec. 26, 2011, I had to have a talk with my daughter, in front of grandmother on the day after Christmas, and I explained that the mother @AliceDukesRMT was going to break us apart again and for a very long time. We both knew it was true and it happened. And my daughter has always been able to talk to me about anything and everything, as with the mother's new boyfriend abusing her, allowed by her mother Dolores Alice Dukes.

Secret Phone Call From My Alienated Daughter Choose You Excerpt

More of this conversation on My Alienated Daughter Page Of The The Evidence Section

If I had a choice to be with you or mom, I would definitely choose you Click to see My Alienated Daughter's Secret Phone Call To Her Dad transcript

I've prepared my daughter and I for this day since April 18, 2005 when the Parental Alienation started. Despite the OCL Recommendations for @TMDILH and daughter, we both just knew we were going to have to wait it out being separated, again, so we cried together. It was the hardest thing I'd ever done but my daughter and I have been dealing with this since she was 5 years old, since April 2005, the day Dolores Alice Dukes separated our 20 year relationship.

Update: Dolores Alice Dukes RMT No Longer Works At Pickering Wellness Center

This Is An Embed Of @TMDILH Facebook Posting From Pickering Wellness Center Informing Me Alice Dukes RMT No Longer Works There

I am not sure as to why @AliceDukesRMT no longer works at Pickering Wellness Center, but I intend to find out. I contacted them about the mother's Parental Alienation months ago with no response. At that time, I told them i'd be relentless in my quest to expose the mother for who she really is, but there was no reply from the Wellness Center. I will continue to expose them as having employed Alice Dukes RMT until I actually get a reply from them personally. I want to know if she was fired or quit and I'd like to know if public pressure forced the mother out of that profession.

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There's Just So Much Evidence In This Website

Written by >@TMDILH
Parental Alienation Website And @TMDILH Facebook Page Icon

#SueUppi Is The Mother Trolling #SheKnowsYouDo IMPERSONATING @TMDILH Daughter

#SueUppi ArticleWebsite #sueuppi

Since April 18, 2005 None Of This Is In Our Child's Best Interest

Since Dec. 26, 2010
Dolores Alice Dukes RMT Guilty Of Contempt Of Court Since Dec. 26, 2011 Proof On Evidence Page Of @TMDILH Website
Dolores Alice Dukes Guilty Since Dec. 26, 2011 Of Contempt Of Family Court Order
All His Fault
Dolores Alice Dukes Blames @TMDILH For Everything
Jan. 5, 2007
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Parental Alienation Website Icon And Favicon

As the anniversary of my separation approaches on April 18, 2018, I get this present from the mother Dolores Alice Dukes which is a message straight from the mind of extreme Parental Alienation. This mother gave her daughter an ultimatum: "on you'll never see your father again". This is THAT parent who has severed all contact and communication from our daughter since Dec. 26, 2011 and that applies to her father, family, extended family and friends or neighbours, etc.

the situation is Mr. Dad's fault and surrounds his issues Click For It's All His Fault Quote From OCL Report Jan. 5, 2007

No one has had ANY contact since Dec. 26, 2011. Dolores Alice Dukes is the Extreme Parental Alienation parent IMPERSONATING our daughter in a direct reply to my #SheKnowsYouDo @TMDILH posting..

Follow And Share As #SueUppi On Social Media

This Is A Comment On My @TMDILH Facebook Page From The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Posing As My Daughter. Hilarious.
#SheKnowsYouDo Reply From Dolores Alice Dukes As #SueUppi Hosted At
#SheKnowsYouDo Reply #SueUppi Written By Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Pretending To Be Her Daughter @TMDILH On Facebook, So Technically This Is The Last Conversation The Mother And I Have Had In Almost A Decade

Direct From The Mind Of A Parent Guilty Of Extreme Parental Alienation

Ransom Note
Dolores Alice Dukes Ransom Note Dec. 9, 2008 Mailed To Myself, My Mother And Her Family
Click Fullscreen
@TMDILH And Daughter On TTC
@TMDILH And Daughter Who Is Not Afraid Of Her Father Nor Would She Write The #SueUppi Replay To #SheKnowsYouDo Posting On Facebook At
Contrary To The #SueUppi Facebook Posting On @TMDILH Of The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Pretending To Be @TMDILH Daughter, This Picture Accurately Represents My Relationship With My Daughter In 2011
It is clearly in the child's best interest for this matter to be settled quickly as possible with Christmas fast approaching Click For Family Court Motions Page Of The Evidence Section

The mother knows no depth she won't sink to, because if you think this is bad, allow me to prove to you that Dolores Alice Dukes has tried to impersonate someone in our divorce. Check out the Ransom Note we all received in the mail Dec. 9, 2008 which essentially said agree to the mother's terms or have no holiday with my daughter extorting our child for her personal gain, not in our child's best interest.

And definitely check out the Facebook Hate Page where Dolores Alice Dukes impersonates @TMDILH writing as if she were me. The mother's decisions were seldom maternal.

"Comprises my safety" And "nusanse" And "harrass" And Other Presents From The Mother In #SueUppi

The writing style of the #SueUppi facebook posing, with it's the bad grammar and spelling mistakes, is typical of the mother, not @TMDILH's daughter. Since @TMDILH taught his daughter how to read and write among many other skills, the spelling mistakes alone are evidence of the mother's failed attempt at forgery, besides the hatred in the content not in parralel with our relationship. My daughter does not fear her father and never did, as proven in the message of #SheKnowsYouDo. I can only imagine the hatred my daughter will have against her mother for chosing her words too, the kind of hatred indicative of the mother expressed as fear by the #SheKnowsYouDo "gamble".

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Has Positioned Herself Above The Law

All His Fault
Dolores Alice Dukes Blames @TMDILH For Everything
Jan. 5, 2007
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The mother writing #SueUppi is the desperation for a parent doing the alienating to extort her needs, utilizing the child in a wicked way. Impersonting her child talking down to her father takes away that child's voice, and quite indicative of my daughter's living arrangement living with Dolores Alice Dukes, a situation with a boiling point that I predict is soon.

She added that the situation is textbook, that the situation is Mr. Dad's fault and surrounds his issues Click For OCL Report Quote of All Dad's Fault from Dolores Alice Dukes to @TMDILH
School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley Mack Truck Quote
Recording Of Durham District School Board Lawyer And @TMDILH In Private Meeting
Your ex-wife has brilliantly driven a Mack truck through the loophole. Click For School Alienation And More From School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley

The Mother Dolores Alice Dukes Utilized Daughter's School To Breach Court Order

Dolores Alice Dukes In Contempt Of Court
Parental Alienation in The Family Courts looks like this. My Family Court papers mean nothing when the mother Dolores Dolly Dukes won't obey them. Noteworthy is the new boyfriend Marty Weeks threatening my life while my child is being kidnapped. The is the Adversarial nature of The Family Court System.
Dolores Alice Dukes Admitting To Stalking @TMDILH 2005 From OCL Report At
Admits Stalking
Click Fullscreen
"Ms. Mom maintained that she did not stalk Mr. Dad but rather, she happened upon his vehicle while searching for him. Click For OCL Report Interview With Dolores Alice Dukes Admitting Stalking @TMDILH And Daughter Dec. 26, 2005

The entire School Board have been involved in @TMDILH being denied child access, in Contempt of a Court Order, including 4 separate Principals, 3 different schools, 2 separate School Board Lawyers with the same Superintendent all involved in Dolores Alice Dukes' choice to utilize our daughter's schools for her Parental Alienation, with a long manipulative history of Dolores Alice Dukes doing so. In a meeting with the School Board Lawyer Ted Bartley and @TMDILH, Ted's acknowledgement of the mother Dolores Alice Dukes breaching my Family Court Order and clearly there was nothing the School Board could do to stop the mother from breaching my Family Court Order on their property, just because she is the Custodial Parent.

Ransom Note
The Facebook Hate Page Made By Dolores Alice Dukes Against @TMDILH Using My Full Name Plus Deadbeat Dad
Fb Hate Page
Click Fullscreen
To neglect a child is wrong regardless of any frustration with the legal system or ones ex Click For The Mother Alice Dukes Page Of The Evidence Section Including Facebook Hate Page

In #SueUppi, Dolores Alice Dukes is trying to apply a similar tactic of utilizing the child against me though social media, which is not hard to do. Impersonating people is not the mother's greatest strength, as both the ransom note and #SueUppi are weak attempts to trying to convince the audience. In the Sue Uppi reply, using spell-check would have greatly impersonated my daughter, because her spelling is quite good and wouldn't allow the spelling and grammar mistakes in #SueUppi. What little effort extra that was needed was too much effort for the mother. Both are see-through in their scam and deceit.

@TMDILH Daughter Beach Art Collection
Beach Art That @TMDILH And I Used To Do Together On Our Weekends Before We Were Alienated By Dolores Alice Dukes, The Subject Of Parental Alienation Website and @TMDILH on Facebook and Twitter.
@TMDILH Daughter And I Enjoyed Doing Art Together But This Was Mostly Her Work Displayed On A Driftwood Oar From The Beach Nov. 2011

The Childhood My Daughter Has Been Denied Plus The Lies And Deceit To Do It

Christmas Holidays 2010
Alienation Hurts Everyone With Daughter Alienated From Great Friends From
@TMDILH Daughter & Girlfriend Viki

If I could gleem some good out of the #SueUppi @TMDILH reply it was the last paragraph of the posting, in trying to verify who the posting is from, the mother also confirms the good times my daughter and I shared together on our weekends. To me, the highlight of #SueUppi responding as my daughter to my real daughter's letter #SheKnowsYouDo.

Instead of validating of any credibility in Dolores Alice Dukes pretending to be my daughter, the last paragraph instead showcases my parenting while reminding me of the awesome good times my daughter and I used to have doing art together and I'd always sign mine DaD with the second d reversed, I forgot all about that, it's been so long.

You signed DaD with the second D backwards, I had a purple skull piggy bank, and we made jewelry from seaglass we found at the beach Click For #SueUppi Response Impersonating My Daughter To #SheKnowsYouDo Secret Email For The Father @TMDILH

And oh how she loved that piggy bank, the fact that it was a skull did something for her and I thought that was funny. And so sweet of the mother to remind me of my daughter and I making jewelry from beach things that we collected together and having the best time 'sploring, something that my daughter and my girlfriend used to always enjoy doing as well.

My daughter and Viki could spend hours togehter, laughing and bonding. I really thought they were aweseome best friends the way they hung out so well together, as displayed in the LOTR Parody Video. Ah... good times. But maybe too good for the mother Dolores Alice Dukes to allow her daughter to enjoy.

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Written by @TMDILH
Parental Alienation Website And @TMDILH Facebook Page Icon

#SheKnowsYouDoReply Father @TMDILH Reply Warning Of 'Gamble'

#SheKnowsYouDoReplyWebsite #sheknowsyoudoreply

#SheKnowsYouDoReply From @TMDILH Father But Be Warned It's intense

Father And Daughter As Family
@TMDILH and daughter after cutting down a christmas tree together
As a family, so for 5 years, my daughter always knew us to do things together, with her and I often having many projects that we're working on together. Cutting down our Christmas tree was celebrated as an event when we moved to Canada from Los Angeles. This was going to be a tradition. My daughter and I just loved doing things together.
JHS Letter
My John Howard Society Endorcement Letter
Sept. 22 2005
Parental Alienation Website Icon And Favicon

What I know about high conflict divorces in The Family Court System is one thing: beware when the Child Custody shifts.

As a result of Mr. Dad's effective communication skills and positive perspective utilized within the group Quote From JHS Letter And More At The Father @TMDILH Page Of The Evidence Section

Some Parents Refuse To Lose.

Be careful when you win is what I learned from the D.A.D.S of Durham Divorced Dads support group that I attended May 02, 2005 merely weeks into my separation and child custody denial, an amazing groupd of dads who's children were all denied to them, graciously sponsored by John Howard Society.

This Divorced Dads Support Group taught me so much about the adversarial Moms vs. Dads mentality of the Family Court Custody Battle, preparing me to never fall victim to the system. The one on one counseling the JHS provided there for me early on in my child access denial prepared me for the years ahead. Without their assistance, I don't know where @TMDILH would be today.

Not Many Men Make It Out Alive From Where @TMDILH Has Been

Hearing from you is earth-shattering and I'm so happy that you found the courage to do this. I've had dreams of this day. @TMDILH father to alienated #SheKnowsYouDo daughter reply jan 8, 2018

The fact is The Family Courts uniquely creates an environment that skews parent's thinking in deciding they would rather kill their children in murder/suicide than lose them in a Family Court Child Custody Battle. It's happened more than you think, and other dire consequences, all uniquely Family Courts and all not possible in Mediation which is entirely lost on a lot of people.

#SheKnowsYouDoReply @TMDILH Father To Alienated #SheKnowsYouDo Daughter Since 2010

#SheKnowsYouDoReply @TMDILH Father Replies To #SheKnowsYouDo Alienated Daughter Jan. 8, 2018 Letter Website For Victims Of Family Court
#SheKnowsYouDoReply Father @TMDILH Replies Jan. 8, 2018 To 17 Year Old Alienated Daughter #SheKnowsYouDo With A Warning About The 'Gamble' Being Her Life And Call 911
I know who your mother is and she is completely predictabe and I predict she would rather kill you than ever lose you, she's that sick Click For ="#SheKnowsYouDoReply To #SheKnowsYouDo Secret Email Jan. 8, 2018 To 17 Year Old Alienated @TMDILH Daughter

Fathers typically know all about Parental Alienation and live with this fact every day in Family Court. So when Custodial Parents, who are empowered with so much authority, have that authority taken away, sadly that which the Family Courts uniquely crafted is enough of a trigger as you're ever going to experience as a parent. This explains when parents snap. And the mother Dolores Alice Dukes, to whom this website is essentially based on, is exactly that kind of parent, and who has singlehandedly created this precise toxic do-or-die situation with my daughter.

If you read any of the fatalities associated with Family Court such as what's on the Research Page of this website, you'll soon realize that the Family Court create a war of moms vs. dads in the ultimate battle of winner takes all and loser PAYS for eveerything, and when parents are faced with this fact, it can easily only lead to too much to handle.

Daughter and Grandma
Alienation Hurts Everyone With Daughter Missing Grandma And Her Missing Grand-Daughter From
10 Year Old @TMDILH Daughter Taller Than Grandma

Losing Your Children Is Never The Right Answer In Divorce Or Separation But It's All The Family Court Does!

The Family Courts make winners and losers out of good parents, and that fact alone explains the rage associated with entire The Family Court System, and the children lose every time. I spent almost 8 years in it with no money or custody to prove it.

When I received the above #SheKnowsYouDo letter from my daughter, it first confirmed she was still alive which I wasn't sure of, and it confirmed exactly how toxic an evironment my daughter continues to endure to this day. This initially started April 18, 2004 in my separation to Dolores Alice Dukes. That day, the mother left me handwritten letter saying an example must be made for our child to the complete alienation Dec. 26, 2011, and it's obvious with the #SheKnowsYouDo letter that the mother Alice Dukes RMT and does not show any signs of letting up. But my daughter reaching out to me finally gave me an email address that I could now hopefully contact my daughter, which I might have only one opportinity before her mother found it.

The gamble my daughter describes in her letter to her father is very real, it could be fatal but it's predictable. The mother is very much in complete control as she has been for many years now, and for her to lose it, which will happen the moment my daughter is brave enough to step out her front door, my daughter's life is in danger. The mother has created such a do or die scenario, which is impossible to establish using Mediation but exactly the environment The Family Courts foster.

legally right now she can't stop you from leaving, seeking shelter away from her is available by calling 911 ANY TIME @TMDILH reply to #SheKnowsYouDo Jan. 8, 2018

Read my reply letter to my daughter knowing that my 20 years of knowing the mother before our divorce added to the hellish 14 years since have taught me one thing about Alice Dukes RMT, she's completely predictable. She will try to kill our daughter before my daughter could ever have a relationship with her father. I guarantee it. So... I wrote my daughter having to tell her this. And I did not mince words.

LOTR Parody Video We All Produced Together Proving @TMDILH And Daughter Relationship Nov. 2011 Just Two Months Before The Mother Terminated Our Relationship. My Daughter Never Got To See It.

Do you enjoy laughter and joking around? Well, not everyone does but I do and so does my daughter. We've always been able to talk to each other which means she's always been able to talk to me, about anything at any time. There's much proof of our relationship and the bond we share together throughout this website. At her birth, I not only videotaped the entire thing, daddy caught his gooey screaming purple-faced daughter as she was being born, coming out crying and quite purple from the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, but moments later she surpisingly opened her eyes to the sound of my voice, and that's when those big blue eyes looked directly up at me and stopped crying. She's been a daddy's girl ever since.

My daughter's character is very much in sync with mine, and I think the mother always hated that. I taught my daughter her alphabet, words, songs, jokes, swimming, laughing, painting, toboganning, skating, morals, kindness and even sign language, which we used on a few occasions when the mother would tease us with child access, then take my daughter away at the last minute. Yes, that kind of stuff happened, and when it did, both my daughter used sign language to talk to each other.

I was just as important to my daughter being raised as her mother and did equal child duties as well as made many of the meals, did most of the cleaning and of course, changed the diapers at all hours.

As much as any father could, I was there for my daughter. My complete parental alienation happened Dec. 26, 2011, two months after making that video. I bring out the best in my daughter, and that pisses off the mother. That's why my daughter has to suffer such a horrible lifestyle, and of course, why everyone else must suffer being erased from her life.

you're the only one who can stop your mother. You're the only one who can save yourself, but you have to be brave and trust the truth. @TMDILH to alienated #SheKnowsYou Do daughter Jan. 8, 2018

With her mother, my daughter turns shy, introverted and awkward, plus she's also become overweight, gets unhealthy and is made to act like a child, which is called infantalizing.

In an attempt to save my daughter's life, I decided this needed to be made public. The mother has to know that killing her daughter is exactly what we all think she'll try to do, that's when the Dolores Alice Dukes will have to deviate from her plan. Everyone knows that at the age of 18, my daughter can go where she pleases and the mother will have no authority to stop her. This could be a trigger or motivation for the mother to do something drastic, and my reply letter back to my daughter basically says her mother could potentially be a killer. Call 911 if you ever feel threatened or afraid and told her to plan her escape.

The Reality Of Parental Alienation Is It's Side Effects Are Fatal

Taking you away from me and everyone has always been her game, so how far would she we willing to go to do so? @TMDILH #SheKnowsYouDo Reply to daughter Jan. 8, 2018
May 30, 1986
Dolores Alice Dukes Graduation Pic May 30 1986 Wearing A Tux and Tails.
When Dolores Alice Dukes and I were dating, I empowered her descisions and even helped her pick out the tux and tails for her date with me, also dressed in tux and tails btw.

Perhaps breaking up a 20 year relationship out of high school wasn't what would make the mother happier, like she wanted, but I guess she hasn't realized that no one can make anyone happy yet here we are 14 years later and still no letting up from the mother. It seems to me the more the mother continuely proves to be miserable to her own daughter, the more she's seemingly holding onto the past she's desperately trying to erase. @AliceDukesRMT once promised to set a good example for our child an example must be made for our child and I'm concerned she is not getting a good one. How true the mother was and still is.

Give It Up Dolores Alice Dukes. Say You're Sorry And Let's Talk About Co-Parenting

I've never done this before, but here goes: if the mother of my alienated daughter (Alice Dukes RMT or @AliceDukesRMT born Dolores Alice Dukes) and potential child killer wants to talk about anything, or discuss your concerns regarding anything or simply wants to allow my daughter to have any contact with her father, family and friends who haven't heard from her since Dec. 26, 2011 or more, let's talk.

@TMDILH Is Willing To Forgive Dolores Alice Dukes!

I'm willing to forgive the person who essentially hasn't treated anyone nice in a long time. If you were to just be rational and stop thinking everyone is against you, that would be nice. You've been unhappy for quite some time now, isn't it time to give that up? Your old plan was keeping your daughter away from everyone, and yes, you did that very well, but are going to keep your daughter locked in her room forever, is that it? She's almost 18, give it up. She needs her life.

Dolores Alice Dukes Was 'Not Happy' April 18 2005, Was Certainly Not Happy Dec. 26, 2010 and Is Not Happy April 4, 2018.

@TMDILH Family Portrait
@TMDIHL Family Portrait With The Women In My Life
A beautiful family portrait of very important women in my life at that time and my daughter in my arms to make it perfect. However, the woman on the left s Dolores Alice Dukes @AliceDukesRMT decided that none of the other women would ever be in her daughter's life again, causing unimaginable damage to each of the other women, my mother (in light blue cardigan) in particular.

@AliceDukesRMT Please Allow Your #SheKnowsYouDo Alienated Child To Live And Let Our Daughter Go.


Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center Alice Dukes RMT Instagram Page Link Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center Facebook Page Alice Dukes RMT DoTerra Page Alice Dukes RMT Pinterest Link Alice Dukes RMT Phone Number 1 905 706 9082 Pickering Ontario Canada
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Patrick Desautels Ex-Husband Of Sonia Blanchette
Patrick Desautels, Father Of 3 Murdered Children By Sonia Blanchette
Click Pic For the Research Page Hosting Tragic Victims Of Family Court Stories Like Patrick Desautels "The pain we are experiencing is inexplicable."

#SheKnowsYouDo refers to my daughter's letter to this alienated father saying she knows I love her and in direct response to name of this website, Tell My Daughter I Love It's @TMDILH on Facebook and @TMDILH on Twitter and for everyone's convenience, I'm listing all forms of contact for Dolores Alice Dukes here in case you have extra time to talk about her not killing her daughter, that'd be nice.

Check out my theory behind #AbolishFamilyCourt at the Mediation Page

And Then There's The Research Page Dedicated To Children Of Family Court

And if you haven't already, explore my Research Page hosting famous Family Court related divorce horror stories and the fatalities directly relating to the adversarial nature of the The Family Court System. The Family Courts support a mom vs. dad winner-take-all epic custody battles environment bringing out the worst in parents and everyone associated with it. Custody battles never end well because when the winner literally takes all, most times it includes the children, but in extreme cases such as mine... sometimes it can be dead or alive. The Family Courts are NEVER in the best interest of the children.

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And to know more about me, visit the @TMDILH Page

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Modelling Parental Alienation Since Dec. 26, 2011 Is Alice Dukes RMT At Pickering Wellness Center

Alice Dukes RMTWebsite #alicedukesrmt

The First Step To Change Is Accepting We Have A Problem.

Alice Dukes RMT 2018
Pickering Wellness Center 2018 RMT Alice Dukes Guilty Of Parental Alienation Since Dec. 26 2011
Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center
Alice Dukes RMT
#SheKnowsYouDo mother Alice Dukes RMT Parental Alienation Since Dec. 26, 2011 Pickering Wellness Center

A Parent's Hell On Earth Is Losing A Child That Is Still Alive

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Do something for me... look directly into the eyes of a parent who alienates not only her child but her entire past, erasing everyone who ever knew her or her child, as she has done since Dec. 26, 2011 BUT who started April 18, 2004. It's been 14 years of hell on earth for everyone dealing with Dolores Alice Dukes RMT at Pickering Wellness Center

Follow my social media @TMDILH on Twitter" and @TMDILH on Facebook to enjoy one father rationally and factually display my hellish divorce in a website because the world needs to know what's happening to the children of divorce or separation in The Family Court System. The Family Courts fostered and encouraged this behaviour in the mother and my divorce in The Family Court System is proof that The Family Courts foster Parental Alienation. THat's why this website advocates we #AbolishFamilyCourt and encourage you to follow and share.

We can start the process of change in the way we divorce or separate when we admit there's a problem. In divorce or separation involving children, the children are often used as waapons and leverage, with both sides equal of wanting more of something. which is pathetic at dividing families and I'm showing the harm it's doing to our children. My daughter and I continue to needlessly suffer from one bad parent who DOES NOT have the best interest of her child and is guilty of Contempt of Court since Dec. 26, 2011 as I prove in this website.

Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center Alice Dukes RMT Instagram Page Link Alice Dukes RMT Pickering Wellness Center Facebook Page Alice Dukes RMT DoTerra Page Alice Dukes RMT Pinterest Link Alice Dukes RMT Phone Number 1 905 706 9082 Pickering Ontario Canada
Public Listings Of Dolores Alice Dukes Of Pickering ON Canada

The Family Court System, which is under the Civil Law Act, simply is NOT designed to handle dividing or separating families with children. When my ex-wife was guilt of well over 8 Contempt Of Court charges but Family Court STILL decides she's the best parent, I disagree.

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I also disagree with the concept of any divorce or separation involving children happening in a courtroom with a Judge and Lawyer ever! That's an Adversarial System that pits moms vs. dads in the ultimate custody battle of win or lose, and that's simply the opposite way to doing it. We need to focus on the children and coparent on an amicable level through mediation and make that mandatory. This would eliminate the need for Family Court so we could Abolish Family Court for good. I believe my hellish Family Court experience lends a unique view of The Family Courts for ALL to see, and without a doubt I believe we can do better, way better.

#AbolishFamilyCourt Is The Hashtag To Follow As We Disrupt The System

Dolores Alice Dukes, my ex-wife and mother of my only child, has been getting away with Parental Alienation under the privacy of The Family Court System for too long. The Family Court System falls under the category of Civil Law which dictates anyone can look up my divorce file, it's 05-835 of The Family Court System. You can see it unedited, as I edit to protect my daughter here. Being that it's publically available and not against any law for me to publish my own file, I've designed the SEO of this website to follow the mother wherever she may go, for the rest of her life.

Every nasty thing the mother has done to me, my daughter, my family, her family, extended family and friends in our divorce is now not only publically displayed beautifully in the hand-crafted website, it's also digitally indexed forever on search engines throughout the internet.

How to drink more water - Alice's oils doterra
Guilty Of Parental Alienation And Contempt Of Court Since Dec. 26 2011, Dolores Alice Dukes Has Alienated Her Only Daughter From Having Any Contact To Father, Family And Friends But It All Started April 18 2005 In Her Divorce To Her Husband And Partner For 20 Years.

The Family Court System is NOT accountable for what it's doing to our children. We NEED The Family Courts to be held accountable for the damage done to children everywhere.

Brad Pitt GQ Style May 2017 Interview
Brad Pitt Family Court Quote Meme From
Click To Visit the GQ Style Magazine Brad Pitt Interview with him talking publically for the first time since his divorce from Angelina Jolie

Having your children legally stolen away is reason enough to seek change in the way we divorce or separate as a society. Anything would be better than The Family Court System, but I have a solution that I deem the civilized divorce and it would have never allowed me to lose my daughter like The Family Courts did.

Mandatory Mediation makes so much sense compared to The Family Courts, so why are we still using The Family Court System? I wouldn't have lost my daughter if Mediation were simply mandatory and would probably still own a house.

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